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ADHD disorder: home, natural treatments and remedies

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ADHD disorder: home, natural treatments and remedies

Impediments like ADHD have been a part of humanity for ages. They may have gone by different names and ascribed to the supernatural but were identifiable and classifiable as mental illness.

ADHD disorder may have been among the oldest diagnosis, however, documented cases can be traced back to the 18th century. So how did they treat ADHD in those times? Is there anything we can borrow and use today?

ADHD disorder still has no cure. Most prescription medication has stimulants. They have side effects that intimidate you into looking for optional ameliorates. These embrace homeopathic, herbal and natural remedies for ADHD. We shall interrogate these further. The sweetener to these alternatives is that they can be a part of your home treatment for ADHD.

Did you know ADHD is assuming the form of a lifestyle illness?

ADHDLifestyles that can cause mood disorders and ADHD. New research propounds that poor lifestyle could occasion mood and ADHD disorder in kids. Some of the offending contemporary etiquettes are:

  • bondage to technology – causing anxiety and compulsive actions
  • irregular exiguous sleep
  • skipping meals and taking food with little nutrient value, low blood sugar, hence low energy and mood swings
  • binging and caffeine use – high sugar, and sodium.
  • disorganization and spontaneity

Symptoms showing you need home remedies for ADHD

Conventional therapy looks at ADHD as simple bio-neurological discord caused by biological agents. A more holistic view informed by French psychiatry is a psycho-social illness with situational causatives.
The latter opinion gives the environmental agents preeminence pointing to the home as a pivotal point in executing and reinforcing the remedial measures. Combined with the above causal lifestyle indisciplines, the following symptoms are resultant:

  • Absentmindedness – easily sidetracked, weakened concentration on tasks, miss important facts, incomplete work.
  • Hyperactivity – apprehensive, disrupting others, fidgety, making careless mistakes, talking too much
  • Impulsivity – act before thinking through, interrupt, impatient, have emotional eruptions and moodiness, hot-tempered, messy.

ADHD overwhelms both the sufferer and their caregivers. Thankfully, home treatment for ADHD can be trained to anyone and has documented positive results.

How to Treat ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatments, for the most part, have been stimulants. Their resultant ramifications are a deterrent to many. Hence the acclaim of less volatile countermeasures.

Natural remedies for ADHD

Natural remedies for ADHD ADHD natural treatment has been proven to be as effective as stimulants and without the discouraging side effects. They range from herbs, diet and lifestyle changes and are touted to have longer-term results. They are definitely worth a try especially with the little danger they accrue. They are:


This calls for the inculcation of better culinary habits and kicking out the offending feeds. Let’s begin with what you need to eliminate:

  • Sodium – too much salt is not good. Sodium Benzoate, a preservative in many processed foods is an activator for ADHD. Make it habitual to read nutrition information on all labels.
  • Flavors and dyes are also culprits. They include MSG, HVP, and yeast.
  • Caffeine – It is a stimulant, has side effects and could interact with some other medications. If you have ADHD, it may be a good idea to distance yourself from that tempting coffee maker.
  • Sugar and synthetic sweeteners – they have been found to aggravate ADHD symptoms

As much as possible, shun processed foods, here is what you need to add to your diet:

  • Add protein to your diet. They break into amino acids, the building blocks of neurotransmitters.
  • Find out if you are intolerant to food additives and cut them out
  • Eat at least three balanced meals a day to avoid low blood sugar
  • If you have to snack, have healthy bites like veggies or fruit

Herbal remedies for ADHD

Herbal remedies for ADHDBased on clinical trials, these ancient medicinal herbs have emerged as plausible counteragents:

  • Ginseng – curbing inattention and hyperaction
  • Bacopa – reduces apprehension bringing calm and control
  • Ningdong – helps focus


Despite its infamy and contradictions in other remedies, it is a formidable ADHD counter that is customized to target a patients symptoms. It is, however, not guaranteed that the specific treatment will work for the patient and is very much a gamble. Associated risks are far lesser than stimulant medicine.

If you consider these option, consult a certified homeopath. Some common remedies use plant-based extracts of Coffee cruda, Stramonium, Synaptol, and Verta alb.

Supplements as natural remedies for ADHD in kids

Supplements are a key component of natural remedies. The following are recommended:

  • Fish Oil – Omega 3 is essential for brain function and anti-inflammation. Using fish oil as a supplement has been known to improve learning in ADHD patients.
  • Vitamin B-complex helps with the formation of Serotonin which moderates impetuousness and aggression.
  • Magnesium low levels cause problems similar to ADHD, such as reduced attention and irritability.
  • Supplemented together with B6 helps manage ADHD symptoms.
  • Zinc and Iron regulate dopamine. Deficiency may contribute to further ADHD pronouncement.

Taking a combined or multi-mineral supplement is more advantageous in the production of chemicals that optimize brain function. Consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changesThese shifts should work in parallel with other home treatment for ADHD. These situational parameters create opportunities for creativity and affirmation of the patient. They spur learning and behavioral training for both adults and children.

Lifestyle changes for children:

  • Showing and asking for affection — reassure the child that he is not bad. Complement positive actions while holding them accountable for bad behavior.
  • Avail opportunities for success – engage the child in opportunities that allow them to make progress within their short attention span. These include painting, sketching
  • Increase physical exercise and outdoor playtime – this helps burn excess energy and regulate hormones
  • Establish healthy sleep patterns/schedules – this will help the child wind down, get enough slumber, recuperation and banish emotional exhaustion from low energy.

Lifestyle treatment for adults:

  • Find and commit to an organizational system that works for you – this kills capriciousness and procrastination
  • Employ strict scheduling and prioritizing to prevent hopping between activities
  • Keep fit
  • Get more sleep

Final thoughts

The natural home remedies for ADHD demand a paradigm shift to dietary and lifestyle changes coupled with the use of supplements and herbs. This comprehensive weaponry is understood to be the most effective treatment for ADHD.

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