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ADHD disorder : home, natural, homeopatic and herbal remedies.

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ADHD disorder : home, natural, homeopatic and herbal remedies. Smart Pill Wiki 2

A good significant number of people are suffering from ADHD meaning attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a condition that affects the brain where the patient will have both neurological and behavioral problems. A person who is suffering from this problem will surely have a hard time in controlling his/her concentration and impulsiveness.

Even though this is a problem that has caused challenges to many specialists and also resulted in an increasing number of people who are suffering from this problem. There has been a high concern that this increase of ADHD can be due to changing of lifestyle that many people are living today. From the way we eat to the way we do our daily routine, it’s clear that there is a paradigm shift which has been experienced. This problem can start manifesting in childhood especially from the age of 6-7 years and it can go on till adulthood. What is important is to make sure that you get proper treatment that can help you to get well. There are several causes that have been linked to this problem in people which are caused by lifestyle.

Lifestyles that can cause mood disorders and ADHD

There are some links that have been seen to be the cause of this problem in many people such as:

  • Environmental factors – it have been contributing to this problem where the pollution of the environment with chemicals has really affected our general health. Increase in the use of herbicides and other toxic chemicals have led to an increase of these problems.
  • The effect of chemicals in agriculture is something that can be a cause of this problem. Many farmers are no longer using organic methods in growing their plants and this has an effect on consumers of these products.
  • There is also a culture of alcoholism among many people including women who are pregnant. When you drink alcohol while pregnant you are mostly endangering the development of the baby in the womb and this can lead to ADHD.
  • Also, smoking cigarettes can also be a cause of why we have been seeing the rise of this problem in recent times. Women who are pregnant are not supposed to smoke or use other forms of drugs that can lead to this problem.
  • Increase in usage of refined sugar and artificial sugar is another reason why there is a high number of people who are suffering from this problem.
  • There have also been a rise in usage of food chemicals such as additives and preservatives that have also played a huge role when it comes to this problem.

Those are some of the lifestyle changes that have caused the development of this problem. You can avoid any problems when it comes to this disorder as trying to minimize interaction with dangerous chemicals as well as processed products are not fully in line with health requirements.

What are some of the symptoms that show you need home remedies for ADHD

When you want to know someone with ADHD then it is important that you know the symptoms to check. These symptoms are clear indication that you can use to tell that it’s time to use herbal remedies for ADHD. Here are some of the main things that you should look out for in a person with this problem:


  • A person who has this problem will have inattention symptoms which include inability to listen properly
  • A person with this problem will not easily follow instructions given
  • You will find a person with this problem losing things often
  • Another sign is where you find a person having a difficult time in being silent
  • Another sign is that you will discover that the patient will be easily bored
  • Organizing work or activity can be a hard thing for a person with this problem
  • You will realize a person with this disorder will be easily distracted by unnecessary things when doing something
  • A person with this problem will have a hard time concentrating on anything and as well as focusing on something
  • Hyperactivity symptoms such as excessive urge to play. This is most common in children and if you see this then you should try to find natural remedies for children
  • It is also common to find a person with this problem will be acting without thinking
  • You will also notice that a person will not have a sense of danger when they have this problem
  • People with this condition will not wait for their turn to talk or do something
  • They also have a tendency to disrupt others while talking
  • People with this condition will have unstable relation
  • They are prone to anger as well as they may be hot-tempered
  • Mood swings is also another symptom that you can see in patient with this problem

Once you see a loved one has this problem and you confirm with seeing these symptoms then you should take that person to see a doctor. If that person is diagnosed with ADHD then the doctor will recommend proper treatment to be used for this medication.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment that you can find

  • Treatment using home remedies – this is where the patient is required to take some of the home known reliever. These can include the use of diets that are known to contain the effects of mental disorder or even use herbal remedies for ADHD. What are some of the ways that you can handle this problem?
  • Food – this is where you will use food to contain the problem that you have. It includes eating of unprocessed food. When you eat processed food then that food is likely to be contaminated with chemicals such as additives and preservatives that can make this situation to be worse in a patient. As a patient, you are required to eat meals such as poultry that has amino acids that help the body to produce serotonin which is very useful in the brain. This element is useful when it comes to impulse control as well as emotional moods. Therefore, you can use this natural remedies for children who have this problem.
  • A meal that have a high content of vitamin B as well can be used in the treatment of this problem. These vitamins are useful in the formation of brain chemicals such as norepinephrine, dopamine as well as serotonin. These elements can be got from green vegetables which contain vitamins in plenty that can act as natural remedies for kids.
  • Another diet that you can use to reduce the effects of this problem is salmon and Tuna fish. These fish contain important elements such as omega 3 fatty acids and also Vitamin Bs 1-6. Therefore, you can see how this food is appropriate for brain development.
  • Another way you can get treatment for mood disorders is through natural remedies for ADHD such as the use of herbs that are grown in the home. These are also used traditionally by many people to contain these brain-related problems. Ginseng extract, for instance, is one of a long time herb that has become popular as a brain disorder treatment in many parts of the world. It contains essential vitamins that help to increase the amount of brain chemicals that are responsible for control of functions of the brain. There are other types of native remedies that have been used in this treatment and almost every part of the world has its own natural remedy they use for this such as turmeric extract.
  • Supplements – there are many supplements that are sold in shops that can be used to help in improving your brain performance. Nootropics products are used for this treatment and even if they are not available in your area then you can buy nootropics online and have it shipped to you, an example of a good supplement include Metadata ER.
  • Pills and medication have also been the popular way of treating this problem. It is one of the most effective ways that you can address this problem and even if you are using natural remedies for an adult then you should also use this medication. These medicines are not sold over the counter and it’s a strict and regulated drug that is sold only on prescription. These drugs are very strong and it is important that you realize that with this medication, you may need to be very careful when using these drugs through the dosage that you are asked to take.

Example of the drugs that are used in the treatment of this problem include:

These drugs may also have side effects and this is one of the reasons why people prefer using homeopathic remedies for ADHD since they do not have those severe side effects that may be uncomfortable for many. Some of the side effects that are experienced are quite dangerous and if you ever see these side effects then it’s important that you stop using the drugs and seek medical advice. Sometimes, the doctor will give you an alternative drug that you can use and this problem will be gone.

  • Therapy – this is also another form of treatment that you can use in the treatment of mood disorder at home and in hospitals. The doctors will be more responsible for psychological therapy while family therapy and support can be provided at home. This treatment is done to help the patient to accept this condition and learn how to live with it as well as trying to show that they can make it. It is important to note that the patient still has to use medication given while under this treatment and it’s done to complement the medical assistance that has been given by the doctor.
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