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Alpha Brain (Onnit) Supplement: Benefits, Ingredients And Reviews

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Alpha Brain (Onnit) supplement: benefits, ingredients and reviews. Smart Pill Wiki 2

What if your brain could be fine-tuned to higher horsepower? Alpha Brain reviews backed by facts claim it improves focus and memory. Numbers don’t lie, but this is still a controversial topic. The brain is the most intricate hardware known. Any claim to alter function let alone improve it in healthy people is greeted with infamy and skepticism.

There are many brain conditions and cognitive disorders that all but cripple mental ability. So what can we do to such paucities? The reparatory measures that have helped many mentally convalescent and have themselves mutated into smart drugs.

Heralded in the sixties and christened nootropics, they are brain support inducements which act like upgrades to a normal automobile to transform it into a formula-one juggernaut. This is an Onnit Alpha Brain review, a nootropic which is marketed under the brand Alpha Brain Instant.

What is Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain

This brain enhancing was hatched in 2010 and has etched a name among natural stimulants, especially after several successful media endorsements. It promises to optimize you using naturally cultivated fuel and is among the few distinguished nootropic stacks that have carried out clinical trials. The results indicate that indeed, it underpins memory and precision.

Onnit alpha brain boldly boasts these perks:

  • Speeded up reaction time for sportspersons
  • Energy and focus on work projects and at leisure events
  • Actuating recollection of nitty-gritty like names of people, places and things
  • To bolster credibility, it has third-party certification as ‘drug-free’ by the Banned Substances Control Group.
    It contains no gluten, or any stimulants, but animates neurotransmitters achieving similar stimulating results minus the side effects.

What are the main Alpha Brain ingredients?

main Alpha Brain ingredients

The more the merrier is an apt analogy of the Alpha Brain ingredients. That they are green sweetens the deal further. The following organics which have centuries of recorded historical uses to man make up Alpha Brain.

Cat’s Claw

This is a wonder herb found only in the Amazon. Onnit is the only corporation with legal right to glean essence from Cat’s Claw for making brain enhancers. It contains a substance called AC-11 which is an antioxidant, immunity shield, repairs DNA and has anti-aging bonuses.

Oat Straw

Used since the middle ages to fight neurological stress and fatigue, it gives cognitive refurbishment to healthy users. It also lowers the risk of heart disease, lessens anxiety, boosts physical vitality and has been touted to revamp sexual virility.

Huperzia Serrata

This moss is native to India and parts of Southeast Asia. It restrains an enzyme called AChE which normally divides the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into choline and acetate. Acetylcholine is key to working memory. Huperzia protects this neurotransmitter from degradation thus powering the memory database.


This been used in Ayurvedic healing for learning disorders, sedation, and epilepsy treatments. It and has antioxidants and adaptogens that help ease memory loss.

Others include L-Thiamine, Vitamin B6, amino acids and L-Tyrosine

How does Alpha Brain supplement work in a human body?

The supplement stirs up neurotransmitters which are used to imprint memories. At the same time, it guards them against being broken down so they are healthy and active. With antioxidants, it guards your body against cell damage and also catalyzes salutary blood circulation.

The end game, crisper memory, better concentration, and intenser rest. It can be used with coffee without the aftershocks if you like, but it works fine solo.

Good results are expected to be more pronounced among unhealthy people because of the healthy composition. However, similarly, great reviews among healthy active users are filed on their website.

Alpha Brain side effects

side effects

It would be nice to have Alpha Brain free trials to see how well it works before committing. Onnit regularly makes such offers which are a badge of confidence in their product. It is considered fairly safe as the chemical components are all classified as innocuous and none is habit-forming.

However, there have been reports of headaches and painful jaws which can be attributed to the concentration of acetylcholine in an individual’s brain. Another more common one is vivid dreams and nightmares

Speak to your doctor before supplementing.

What are the alternatives to the Alpha Brain?

There are a couple of competitors who are very alike. They are:

Mind Lab Pro who are very close but not quite as popular
Qualia, a 42 stack powerhouse.
Others in the line-up would be Modafinil, which is the most popular booster and its cousin Armodafinil which works very well, Phenibut and Nero-peak. Onnit Alpha Brain reviews score a high 4.2 stars on its website which is a very good score.

Where to Buy Alpha Brain

Want some? You can purchase it from Onnit’s website or any of their authorized retailers like Amazon. They have many physical and online vendors. You can find the nearest one to you using their store locator. Chose a store with a good reputation. And no, It is not available on GNC at the moment.

Final words

Nootropic stacks are becoming commonplace. With more influencers indulging in them and endorsing their benefits, this nascent industry is jostling for space among economic future giants.

A good example is Alpha Brain reviews by famous people and the media. This credibility has propelled its wide acceptance and adoption as a brain booster. Alpha Brain’s is also among the elite few who are daring enough to do clinical trials and give free samples.

This boldness attests to the trust the manufacturers have on their product. They use tried and tested herbs and hi-tech formulas to create brain energizers that work beyond expectation.

The brain health supplements market was valued at USD 2.3 billion in 2015 and is projected to hit USD 11.6 billion in 2024. At this rate, even narcotics are taking notice. Their market is getting disrupted

Alpha Brain is currently among the top dogs in this market and set to reap big if they keep the current standards. They tick all the right boxes and espouse transparency to boot. From a good brand name, what they call their earth-grown recipe, researched and proven effectiveness, external evaluations, and certification, to full disclosure of composition.

With relatively few hostile effects and near ubiquity in stores for purchase, it is one popular cat. There are too many good reasons why one would want to buy this supplement.

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