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Safe and New Alternatives to Adderall – Over the Counter Drugs.

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Best alternatives to Adderall: legal substitutes & over the counter drugs. Smart Pill Wiki 2

It is easy to become number one, the challenge is to persevere as number one. This saying is a certainty in our competitive world. From sports, brands, businesses to economies, name it. It extrapolates the necessary resolve needed to remain on top once you get there if you do.

The pharma and wellness realm is not isolated from this truth. So-called wonder drugs come and go. Great scholarship and thoroughness go into conceiving the best medicines. Some stand the test of time while the most flounder along the way. There really is no outlier, not for a long at least. There are copycats and simulacrums, followers and adopters. In the information age, someone is always after your market share, and they use your information to devise a replica or new derivative.

Such is the case that Adderall finds itself in. It is the pacesetter for ADHD and cognitive therapy, boasting market leadership and improving in fame. But it has rivals. Adderall alternative prescription medication or better yet OTC herbal alternatives.

New Adderall alternatives

Adderall alternatives

Adderall’s efficacy is unrivaled and hence its pervasiveness and the lion’s share of the market. This pedigree comes at a price, associated perils that cause chills to many would-be users. It is monitored and cannot be legitimately traded without a bona fide signed doctor’s advice. Just imagine this, healthy and safe natural alternatives to Adderall for ADHD.

And that’s the window for opportunists to vend their legal substitutes. Over the counter natural stimulants like Adderall that capitalize on the perceived dread of Adderall’s side effects to the brain and its high proclivity to dependence. They put their unique concoctions and qualities against other market entrants a slice of this pie. People looking for something different. Let us see a few good ones.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

One of the best alternatives to Adderall for adults, from Onnit Labs who are seasoned in this supplements sector. It asserts to boost acetylcholine facilitating learning, concentration, and recall. It gets an A+ for mental elucidation but scores low on energy

There is a delayed period before you can feel the full action. You need to keep taking it to get optimal results. When you quit using, your output dips rapidly.



This could probably be the quintessential natural alternative to Adderall. With Vitamin B, caffeine and taurine, it gives energy equivalent to that of energy drinks minus the sugars and accompanying crashing. These clean energy sources mean that you won’t lose any sleep even after taking it in the evening.

It has real nootropics and actually boosts energy and alertness. It has some extended payoffs and days without taking Profiderall do not leave you drained and weak. It is only available online on Amazon in a bottle having 74 capsules. The dosage recommendation is 2 pills every day.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are very important components in healthy fetal brain growth. The Fetus brain size and neuropathways grow in size as the baby develops. Our brains don’t grow indefinitely, they stop when we become adults. But we keep learning new things making new connections and building memories.

Omega-3 and fatty acids strengthen brain nerves and give overall brain health in adults. Research has proved that coconut oil Omega-3 ameliorates brain regression among Alzheimer’s patients. Other benefits are lowering tensions, lifting moods and enhancing attentiveness.

These supplements are easily available local pharmacies. Check the composition as some are made from fish and some people are allergic to fish.



Science cannot decipher the workings of this mineral. We know, though, that it is very important. Human brain zinc reserves account for nearly half the zinc in our bodies. Being deficient in this mineral affects learning and results in ADHD, mental retardation and lethargic tendencies.

Additionally, it lowers blood-brain barrier shields allowing toxins to enter the brain. Zinc supplementation has helped cognition in persons suffering from dementia, brain injuries and Alzheimer’s.
Zinc is essential in vivifying sexual vitality for men. Men release almost 3 mg of zinc after sexual intercourse. Thus, reserves need to be replenished as it is an important compadre to raise your energy and sexual stamina.



Extracted from the French Maritime tree bark, it has a powerful brew of bioflavaniods, organic acids, and procyanidins. These maximize blood flow all over your body. It is more popular in Europe as available research on it is in French. It promotes alertness and focus. It is not an OTC remedy because it is controlled.

Final words

Perhaps the best Adderall alternative would be to consult a dietitian. Go as natural as possible. Get organic foods and adopt a new healthy lifestyle. Get with the cliché programme. Watch what you eat, have an exercise routine and drink enough water.

If your body has a deficiency in some area, start pacifying it with natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Resist the temptation to buy prescription drugs without one. The desire for nootropics is becoming a craze. Before swimming with the current, listen to counsel from your doctor.

Adderall is a tough act to follow whether for medical or nootropic use. But thanks to the baggage of control, risk factors and effects, it has opened doors for other less powerful but similarly less risky variants. You can now find a natural substitute for Adderall that works. Some have been highlighted above.

There are many other contestant drugs like Adderall in this game. So many that they have crafted underhanded ways of promotion to sway buyers. Some tout that their products are banned in certain geographies, or are controlled. Others are acclaimed as having nootropic content, etc. They do this to give the notion of potency. Some people have fallen prey to this marketing treachery.

Not all that glitters is gold. Be wary. This industry has an enthusiastic community who freely and willingly share pertinent information that is helpful and mostly reliable. Get in there, teach yourself how to get credible answers, by listening to their stories. You’ll learn something.

The tolerance quotients of different people are as varied as they themselves. One size will never fit all. Whatever you do, discuss your intentions with a qualified medic and heed instructions.

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