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Best over the counter energy pills on the market that work.

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Best over the counter energy pills on the market that work. Smart Pill Wiki 6

Life is stressful, school is inundated with self-studies, assignments, exams, and extra-curricular pursuits. Work is, even more, demanding with rivalries, targets, deadlines, and juggling between that tricky thing described as work and life balance.

The advent of quick energy boosters is deemed an enabler, a catalyst if you will, to sail through the labyrinth of clashing priorities and with a semblance of sanity. They are designed to refresh the body computer system, give you that punch to keep vigilant and invigorated longer to accomplish more. Like powering your smartphone battery so that it stays on.

Pills for energy and focus

energy and focus

Where did science go to inquire about these brainpower energy pills that work? They went to the known solutions for mental disorders—stimulants. These tested medicines could be used in therapeutic doses among normal people to launch the right amount of stimuli to power up dulling wits like windup toys.

Chief among these is Adderall, the undisputed champion in recognition and sleep defect remedies. It has the power to give you unmatched mental and physical stimulus. It is the most sought-after cognition enhancer on the market.

It is, however, far from perfect having possible adverse effects that are a tad bit scary like getting hooked, brain and cardiovascular complications. Adderall is controlled and must be sold accompanied by a hand-signed prescript. Doctors prescribing it are normally guided by the opinion that the benefits accruing from use far dwarf the risks associated.

Consequently, these phobias have become a pseudo-deterrent. Rather, they have provoked enthusiasts to go on a sojourn soliciting after alternatives with similar cognitive benefits but far less threatening. Oh yes, add to that something that can be procured without a doctor’s signature, over the counter.

Are there any worthy substitute OTC energy pills that work like Adderall?

energy pills

  • Caveat
  • There are many products out there. So many we cannot count them. Some are good others not so good. It is important to read on them before settling to consume. Even as you find ways to increase energy have a chat with your doctor. Discuss the ramifications and relationships with medication and other related factors.

    Moving on swiftly let’s look and see who make the list of best over-the-counter pills that give you energy.

  • Auragin
  • This is vintage red Korean ginseng herb that has been used for centuries in eastern health practice. It is derived from the roots containing very high quantities of the active ingredient ginsenocides. Auragin is grown for 6 years to reach full maturity after which it is put through an ancient practice of alternate steaming and drying to fortify the amount of ginsenocides.

    The roots are ground into powder and put into capsules without extra preservatives, or any other additives. Pure ginseng with 8% ginsenocides. Benefits include boosted, immunity, improved mental activity and mood, high drive and less fatigue and stress

  • Nutratech Ampedrin
  • This one comes with 100% customer satisfaction commitment complemented by a 30 – day money back assurance. Not bad for starters. It promises 6 hour power up with a mix of caffeine, L-theanine, CDP choline, and DMAE among other elements.

    These bad boys enhance the oxygenation of blood into your brain exciting its neurons and improving mental form. It helps you concentrate and feel energized and is ideal for athletes, elderly, busy people and as a legal study aid.

  • Leanbean
  • This one is for the girls. It is a fat burner for women athletes with an added power burst bonus. It contains extracts from green coffee and tea, turmeric, and Garcinia Cambogia. This alliance gives stimuli and reduces appetite for optimal lean results. It should be taken with food.

  • Solaray
  • This is a one a day multivitamin. It packs vitamins A, B, and E plus many minerals and whey protein. Not only does it give you a kick, but it also adds cardiovascular, muscular and neuro functions.

    The icing is the ‘Green Screened’ mark of quality that guarantees you the components used are free from pesticides, herbicides, and any microbes.

  • Vintage Blast
  • This is a two-stage energizer. It gives you continuous power, clarity, endurance with a climactic finish. No dull moments. It includes tiredness fighting micronutrients and electrolytes like citrulline malate and carnitine. It has no artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Megafood Daily Energy
  • Can be a used as a snack or a meal substitute because it is a whole meal supplement. It is made of B12, chromium, eleuthero, beet root, ashwagandha, and bacopa giving sustained stamina through the day.

    It breaks your food down into fuel sugars, fatty and amino acids culminating into less waste and high efficiency. The herbs mix reduces nervousness and sharpens your senses.

Motivation Herbal Caffeine & Energy Supplement

It is safe to say that we all love caffeine right? Well, there are healthy caffeinated natural energy boosters. This one is right on top of the pile. It is made in a GMP certified facility with natural caffeine (not cheap supplements) from guarana seeds then blended with ginseng, rhodiola, green tea, vitamin B. Your metabolism will thank you for this.


healthy path

If you are looking for how to increase energy, the best place to begin is by eating right, drinking enough water, sleeping well and exercising. This is the natural way. There are foods that increase energy. Unprocessed, fresh and organic meals kick-start the body mechanism and energy rhythms. But this is an oversimplification. Reality is quite different.

The cares and responsibilities of many have brought a huge imbalance in their lives leaving them tired and inefficient. They have sought for quick fixes to keep on keeping one because the vicious cycle is nonstop. Nootropics have changed the playing field allowing us to revive our energy and output.

Sadly, most of the good ones are chemicals. The problem of increasing human energy chemically is the associated repercussions which could be dire.

Thankfully, there are many natural herbal energy pills to revitalize ourselves like the ones listed above. Research and review your energy enhancers. Check user feedback and be safe. Lastly, let your doctor know your intentions and discuss your reasons and health responses. All the best.

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