Home Enhancement Best Sources of Brain Energy – How to Keep Your Intelligence and Memory From Failing.

Best Sources of Brain Energy – How to Keep Your Intelligence and Memory From Failing.

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All conscious and sub-conscious activities that your body performsBest sources of brain energy are dependent on your brain. While you can take a spoonful of glucose to see you through a physically demanding task, your brain needs more than that to stay healthy and active.

Best sources of brain energy

  • Brain cells are very sensitive. They cannot go for long periods of time without the right amount of oxygen or energy. When starved, it has been said that brain cells start breaking down some of the less vital parts of the brain for energy. This means that such periods will continuously lead to deterioration of brain capabilities.
  • Carbohydrates are responsible for maintenance of the right blood sugar balance in your body. Without it, it would be impossible for your heart to pump blood to the brain. For this reason, always ensure that your body is never deprived of this. Lean more towards unprocessed carbohydrates like whole grains and cereals.
  • The right coordination of the brain is dependent on how much the body is able to replace any worn out cells and nerves. This directly calls for inclusion of important proteins in your diets. There are 20 amino acids altogether. The problem is that only plants contain all the amino acids. For this reason, ensure that your diets are inclusive of both plants and animal sources of proteins. For this case, eat more of white meat and nuts.
  • The other very important source of brain energy is vitamins and mineral salts. It is in exchange for these that electrical signals are relayed from one nerve cell to another. Specifically, vitamin K, zinc and magnesium are very essential. The best sources of these elements are pumpkin seeds, broccoli and kales.
  • Other than that, the following foods are really essential in maintaining brain power; avocados, tea and coffee, nut oils, black chocolate, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes and green vegetables.

Natural ways to maintain brain energy

Maintain brain energyKeeping yourself physically fit is one of the easiest and most strategic ways of maintaining brain power. The level of how active your brain is depends on how well it can be provisioned with nutrients. It also depends on how well all the waste products can be carried away from the brain cells.
Take part in various physical activities like walks, yoga and gym training. This helps break down any cholesterol that may be accumulating in the blood vessels that supplies nutrients to the brain.

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