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Brain Energy Source – How to Boost Memory and Intelligence Naturally?

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Intelligence quotient and memory boosting supplements abound in pharmaceutical offices, chemists, grocery stores and even the seven eleven. We pop these pills as, if not more, often than takeaway breakfasts, lunches and suppers. Their aftereffects have been proven, but the true power of increasing the primary energy source for the brain is best appreciated in unification with superlative diet and corporeal fitness. If a bucket becomes the synonym for the human body, slipshod health is represented by dirty water, and meritorious well-being clean, it is easy to imagine why brain energy boosters work best for 24-carat haleness. A pailful of the dirty liquid has no space over for clean. Adding clean will force some filthy fluid to flow out or mitigate its grubbiness. But the pure water will become clouded and corrupt. A much more petite quantity of dirty H20 means more spaciousness for the unpolluted water which equals a perceptible burgeoning of brain energy.

Where Can I Find The Most Useful Definition Of Brain Energy?

Best sources of brain energy

Energizing the central nervous system, in particular, the cells of the cerebellum, brainstem and cerebrum, requires extreme spatiotemporal (over space and time) regulation. The sheer speed of this anatomy and unimaginable workload together with the incalculable firing (and misfiring) of millions of neurons controlling voluntary and involuntary actions is impossible to comprehend.

Exactly how much energy does the brain use? Total brain adenosine triphosphate (ATP) consumption in cortical gray and white matter distributes 77% ATP molecules to the gray matter. Around 96% of this comprises neuronal cell bodies, neuropil (the cloak term for dendrites and axons), oligodendrocytes and astrocytes (glial cells), synaptic gaps, and single-cell layered capillaries which import nutrients and export waste. A single cortical neuron needs roughly 4.7 billion ATPs per second in a resting human brain. One molecule of ATP produces just under 1 x 10-23 kcal. So how much glucose does the brain use? Theoretically, one glucose molecule will react with six oxygen molecules through oxidative metabolism and form 36 ATP molecules.

The average brain requires approximately 120 grams of glucose every 24 hours. This is not uniform but also does not overly fluctuate in increased workload through thought, movement, illness or other positive and negative stressors. What this tells us is that the brain insists upon a continuous and similar supply of energy that, while it might decrease with age together with general metabolic rates, this is not by a large amount.
One can see what happens when the brain does not receive this quantity of energy through glucose by observing a hypoglycemic event in diabetics.

Symptoms often begin with a lightheaded feeling and blurred vision. To change behavior, the brain sends hunger signals. If these are ignored, lower glucose levels in the brain then create mild tremor, irritability and inability to think things through. Untreated, this develops into slow movement, sleepiness, muteness and eventually coma and death. Brain energy consumption is constant and critical. So why on earth should we need to supplement this?

Brain Energy Source: What Does The Brain Use For Energy To Function?

Maintain brain energy

Even though the brain is only about 2% of the average body mass, it expects ten times that percentage of our energy output. The best source of energy for the brain, in fact, the primary energy source of the brain is glucose. What does the brain use for fuel when glucose is in short supply such as during starvation, intensive marathon or triathlon-like tasks, or in a hypoglycemic state? It will use ketone bodies or lactate although these require additional metabolic phases and are nowhere near as efficient. Metabolic intermediates of glucose breakdown such as pyruvate, glutamate, or acetate may also be used. Most energy is used by regulation of glutamatergic synaptic potentials, followed by action potentials and neurotransmitter recycling and uptake. Cerebral metabolic needs are on the whole attained through nonoxidative glycolytic processes and lesser oxidative ones.

Do Memory And Intelligence Benefit From Energizing Nootropics?

Products must, therefore, work in a way not unlike the digital Avast memory boost software for laptops, desktops and handheld devices. Going back to the bucket analogy but from a different angle where the mucky water stands for oxidative stress which soaks up the transparency of this time pure glucose and oxygen-laden fluid. Junk in the brain is toxic and although the amount of energy used in the gray matter is the same, this energy cannot only feed the positive effects of neurotransmitter regulation and synaptic transmission optimization but the clearance of waste. By using brain boosters (Avast application equivalent) which increase blood flow through cerebral capillary networks toxins are removed more quickly and the brain in its detoxified state can then continue with more helpful operations.

How To Improve Memory And Concentration

Creating a brain memory power boost effect works best when health and fitness levels are as optimal as they can be. In the brain, memory power boost medication won’t offer a satisfactory result is oxygen saturation levels are low, as in cases of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high carbon monoxide air pollution, cardiovascular disorders and the plethora of respiratory gas diffusion obstructing illnesses and environments. To improve memory and intelligence via increased cerebral access to energy sources, we must ameliorate blood supply. Meditation for brain power, for example, is not a hyped-up fad. This relaxation therapy singularly heightens oxygen uptake through deep breathing.

Diseases which impair glucose synthesis, uptake and absorption are usually metabolic. The most famous of these are diabetes mellitus (type two diabetes or non-insulin-dependent) and insulin-dependent diabetes or type one diabetes which has a variety of genetic forms such as mature onset diabetes in the youth or MODY. To improve memory and concentration HbA1C serum measurements should be as low as possible as hyperglycemia is as damaging to the brain as hypoglycemia.

How To Increase Intelligence, Brain Power, And Memory Naturally

Having reaped the rewards of the above-mentioned knowledge, knowing how to boost intelligence, how to boost brain power and memory naturally, and how to improve your IQ is easy.

  • Habitual changes to increase oxygen saturation and release from heme molecules in the blood. These include deep breathing exercises, cigarette stop, CPAP, playing the clarinet or saxophone (this creates positive end-expiratory pressure in the lungs opening the alveoli and preventing atelectasis), taking up sports such as jogging, aerobics, swimming and horse-riding. Plus, aadopting dietary recommendations to prevent atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries and veins.
  • Environmental adaptations to lower air pollutants through planting of trees and shrubs in the vicinity of residential, commercial and industrial areas, house plants and office greenery, bicycle and electric car use instead of petroleum vehicles, countryside living, air purifiers and humidifiers, protective mask wearing when handling dusty materials like asbestos and fiberglass insulation.
  • Treatment of metabolic and other disorders which prevent proper glucose metabolism.
  • As an additional measure and not as a stand-alone therapy, use of natural brain boosting supplements which open the capillaries in the brain and often include an antioxidant effect removing toxins more effectively.
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