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Boron Supplement – Cognitive Abilities Benefits, Dosage and Its Side Effects.

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Boron Supplement – Cognitive Abilities Benefits, Dosage and Its Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 5

Boron is one of the many naturally occurring minerals. It can also be sourced from plants and food products.

As a supplement, it is mainly extracted in a bit complex process that involves the breakdown or generation of a new nucleus from neutrons and protons. It is used for denser bones buildup, treatment option for a strain of arthritis, muscle movements and as a nootropic.

There are several medical applications of boron. It can be used as an antifungal and antivirus. As an antifungal, its pellets are inserted into the vagina to fight yeast infections. It is also used to protect from skin and eyes contaminations. Its earliest applications saw it serve in the food preservative area until the 1920s.

Alternatives to boron supplement without side effects

Boron is one of the minerals known as trace minerals. They are important but are not required in large amounts in the body. In fact, being present in large amounts will be of more harm that it will be beneficial.

Foods such as beans, whole grains, nuts and most fruits do contain some boron in them. It also dissolves in water, but the same is not a dependable source of the mineral. The list of boron-containing foods is a long one. In fact, better results will be gotten if you can search for detailed information on how much boron a certain food is estimated to have and the recommended amount in diets and so on.

The same boric acid used to kill yeast infections is the same we get from plants. The exact way that this mineral works especially as a nootropic is still to be sufficiently studied.

Boron uses as a nootropic

Boron uses as a nootropic includes memory enhancement, alertness and general brain health. In one study, the effects of low boron levels to the brain were studied, rather than the effects of more boron levels to the brain.

It was reported that deficiencies in the mineral produced a slower rate of learning, poor development of cognitive abilities as well as poor retention of memories. There was also slower motor response time and difficulties in paying attention.

Other studies have also linked boron deficiency to low electric stimulations in the brain. As you may already know, the brain simply works by sending low volt electric signals to the neurons. In the absence of minerals including boron and magnesium, this process will be slowed and greatly affected in terms efficiency.

Other benefits of boron supplement

Other boron supplement uses include:

Treatment for arthritis
Boron is thought to aid in the uptake of calcium into the body system. Calcium on the other hand will promote joints health and protect from more arthritis spread.

Improves muscle build up
Many benefits of boron are associated to its ability to provide a kind of balance to body minerals. Its effects are more secondary, just like choline benefits. It is the same case with improved muscle buildup. Additionally, the mineral is associated with more testosterone which in turn translates into more muscle mass.

Treats yeast infections and skin infections
Boron is a very potent antifungal when in form of boric acid. Instead of OTC creams with no assurance on effectiveness, boron can be used to kill off yeasts infections. It is also safe and quick.

Promotes bone density and strength
Boron is popularly being used in bodybuilding. This is associated with its aid in the absorption of both calcium and vitamin D. A deficiency in this mineral and vitamin will almost certainly lead to weak bones and rickets. Again, boron acts as a facilitator.

Plays a role in the balancing of hormones
In fact, this is one of the main boron uses. It is associated with increased estrogen in both male and female. Estrogen is particularly important for women who are past menopause. The hormone is also linked to increased mental capabilities. Its benefits have been listed to include erectile dysfunction treatment. However, unlike Ashwagandha benefits and such more aphrodisiac supplements, boron cannot be depended much on to treat ED.

Can be used as a management option for diabetes

Some studies have associated boron with better sugar management and metabolism. This is usually the biggest problem with diabetics. As a hormone modulator, some effects have been shown in regulation of insulin using boron supplement.

The recommended boron supplement dosage

As said earlier in this article, boron citrate and other trace minerals should never exceed a certain amount naturally balanced by the body.

When treating arthritis, a maximum dosage of 6 mg should not be exceeded. Users can take as low as 2.5mg and still achieve the desired results.

Sudden increase of boron dosage to say, 15g can result in acute death in healthy adults. 6g can prove fatal to kids.

Unlike supplements such as L-Tryptophan supplement which you can take on your own, it is recommended that you get the directions of a doctor before using boron supplement.

Potential side effects of boron citrate

There is no consistency in the side effects of boron supplement as experienced by different users. All the same, the expected ones include:

  • Gastric related issues such as nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inconsistency in heart beat rates
  • Skin rashes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Blood clotting difficulties

As you can see, there are more potential side effects of boron than another nootropic such as hydergine. Users are therefore advised to be careful with the dosage information. If you are having any doubt on what the right dosage should be, consult your doctor or just don’t take the boron supplement at all.