Home Enhancement Brain Fog: Symptoms and Causes + Right Treatment Procedures to Fix it.

Brain Fog: Symptoms and Causes + Right Treatment Procedures to Fix it.

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It commences with things that are deft can be imagined. A person leaves a car in the parking lot and unanticipated, cannot remember where. Was holding a stapler or a pen a few minutes ago and when a clientele comes in cannot interpret where it is. Such occurrences unfortunately inescapable for manifold people who thole such ignominious moments day to day.

No big deal, it just happened. Until the evening comes and the realization that it was not only the stapler that could not be found, but even street names were on the tip of your tongue but you couldn’t remember. And the day was repleted with such events. Here is time for the awareness of brain decrepitude. It is analogous if a person was working on a preponderant project to make an invention in a smoke-filled room.

What is Brain Fog?

It is not a mental condition as innumerous people descry. It is also known as brain fatigue or ‘foggy head’ and is a cognitive bug. The condition is characterized by focus blurriness, muddled and impaired concentration appropriacy, elusive thoughts, exiguity of mental intelligibility, and difficulty in comprehending even simple tasks. Brain fog might be dire or clement and might influence a person’s daily life such as school or work if left unaddressed.

What does Brain Fog feel like?

Once brain fatigue overtakes a person, it intuits that the prior ably running brain is filled with smog or clouds which quells the predilection to wit palpably. In fact, it can be very flustering to be powerless to ruminate duly during an exam or doing a task that entails the need of unexpurgated concentration. People who agonize from brain fog state that it is debilitating task.

Sporadically, a person is sharp while in other minor episodes feels lacking a brain or not being in touch with the actuality. Other patients aver that feels like in absentia.

How long does Brain Fog last?

How long a brain fog lasts fluctuates among individuals. However, it strikes and disappears. When the condition hits a person as occasional annoyance it can stay for hours and can keep on doing that for weeks or months. The continuance of the brain fog depends on the severity of the underlying condition and it disappears when the condition is medically addressed.

Brain Fog Symptoms

Brain Fog Symptoms

Most of the signs of brain fog are easily ignored or associated with age, stress, or fatigue. However, it is prudent to know the symptoms and how it feels like. Ideally, many people know when brain fog starts. The feeling is quite unpleasing. Although a person may notice the symptoms, there is no need to leap into a conclusion.
Seek medical attention and expound every feeling as there might exist various factors that result in the foggy head. Below is a list of brain fog symptoms;

  • Amnesia or forgetfulness
  • Loss of intellectual lucidity
  • A feeling of emptiness in mind or the ineptitude to reason precisely
  • Feeling that there exists a cloud or smoke in a person’s head
  • Hiccups in engrossment and deprivation of spatial awareness
  • Hardship in thinking, concentrating, forming thoughts
  • Usual intellectual tasks seem much more intricate

Brain Fog Causes

Brain fog and fatigue is a warning sign of a health issue. So what is behind it? Some individuals deem being inattentive and feelings of disorganizations as part of life. But, if it persists for weeks then there must be a cause. Some of them are:

  • Stress and depression
    Stress results in hypertension, lowers a human’s immunity, and later leads to depression. Worst, due to constant thoughts stress as well as depression leads to brain fatigue. It might be difficult for a tired brain to work properly and hence reduced focus and mental clarity. Additionally, anxiety also affects reminiscence, attentiveness, and can cause brain fog anxiety.
  • Insufficient sleep
    Not having adequate rest physically also denotes that a person’s brain has not had enough rest it requires. This causes poor attention and slowed judgment.
  • Diet
    Not feeding on a well-balanced and sufficient diet deprives an individual’s brain essential nutrients as well as the needed energy for proper functioning. Deficiency in Vitamin B12 accounts for the condition since it plays an important role in the healthy working of a human brain.
  • Other health complications

As stated earlier, brain fog is an indication of various health problems. Medical issues which result in hormonal imbalances, inflammation or affect blood sugar levels might cause brain fog. The medical conditions include:

  • Lupus, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis
  • PMS, Sjogren’s syndrome, and menopause
  • Migraines and Alzheimer’s ailment
  • Hypothyroidism or brain fog thyroid

Brain Fog Treatment

Brain Fog Treatment

Luckily, an issue has a cure. For brain fog fix person should seek aid from a doctor if mental clarity persists or worsens. Since condition is an alert for an underlying condition, the doctor does a brain fog test which includes a physical as well as psychological examination.
The treatment depends on the cause. For example, if it is caused by hormonal imbalances, medications to control the hormones should be prescribed.

How to Get Rid of Brain Fog

Besides, other home remedies exist that help in getting rid of brain fog and include;

  • Sleeping for eight to nine hours,
  • Physical exercises and engaging in enjoyable activities,
  • Meditation, yoga, and managing stress
  • Feeding on more proteins, fruits, and healthy fats. Some recommended foods that help reduce the condition are oregano, cacao, walnuts, turmeric, and spinach. Such foods are rich in vitamins for brain fog such as vitamin B6 and B12.
  • Nutritional supplements and to be specific brain fog supplements like Phosphatidylserine, essential fatty acids, and magnesium.

How to Clear Brain Fog Quickly

The health issue is a exasperating experience and most people who have gone through it ask; How to clear it instantly. The first thing is to take a nap. Overworking the already tired brain only worsens the problem. Also, grab a glass of water to hydrate the body and go for a walk. Brain fog medications are also prescribed, but often they are drugs for treating the underlying condition.


The health problem is a sickening mental experience which reduces concentration and memory. Its symptoms are easily ignored despite the truth that there exist alerts for the underlying health conditions. Nevertheless, it is curable through home remedies, supplements, and medications for treating the underlying condition.

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