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Brain Pills – Best Supplements To Boost Your Brain Health

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Brain Pills – Best Supplements To Boost Your Brain Health

Age is not just a number. It only happens to be represented by one. As you get old, your brain’s cognitive ability decreases. However, in recent years after vast research, scientists have developed brain pills that aim to increase people’s overall thinking capacity.

What are brain pills?

What are brain pillsBrain pills refer to any substance in the form of a tablet or capsule that is either synthetic or natural that one takes to fortify intellect. As much as many would like to believe we all have the same thinking capacities, we do not. Although geniuses do not exist in the real world, some people have higher than normal capacities than others. This is what usually makes them think they are clever enough to be a genius. Different types of pills target to refine different brain properties. Some have been designed to help in retaining information that you have already learned while others aim at refining your ability to stay focused. A good number of people are using pills today to rise their efficiency.

Types of brain supplements

They are commonly known as nootropics. It is not only the elderly who need to the brain power pills, a lot of nowadays, university classmans and even scholars, are using them. It is no surprise considering all the stress of living and all the information the organ is supposed to process and store each day. The nootropics can either be natural or synthetic.

  • Synthetic supplements: Are those that are human-made and are often named smart drugs. Although no kind of pill can turn you into a genius overnight, these usually act faster than the natural ones; hence are more preferred by those looking for a quick fix. Scientists have yet to prove the safety of using most of them in the long-term therefore one should be prudent when taking them. Examples are aniracetam, piracetam, and modafinil. Nonetheless, many synthetic supplements usually are some herbs and vitamins as ingredients during their making.
  • Natural supplements: Natural herbs as well as other substances such as vitamins that assist you to reach your mental potential without the risk of some of the adverse effects associated with synthetic ones. Although they act slower than synthetic ones, they make your brain smarter and healthier with no chance of harm.

Do they work?

Heaps of research done on the human cerebellum have had scientists concluding that humans only use 10% of their mind. The accuracy of that statement is still under discussion, but it can not be too far from the truth. The intent of taking these pills is to rise the potential of your mind, allowing you to have better-thinking abilities that enable you not to be too far from the genius mark.

Brain pills do work. You will sometimes hear somebody who tried brain smart pills that could even be the top on the market but ended up disappointed. Guess why? For any pill to be effective one has to set a clear coveted result and the situations have to be right as well. For example, you cannot expect the supplements you take to magically grant you knowledge and answers to an exam that you did not learn for. You have to grind away for the exam so that the power pill does its work and fortify your memory making it possible for you to recall what you learned.

Also, if you want the pill to work for you, you need to identify what you want to attain by its usage. There are different products for different cognitive powers. You must make the choice of the best supplements for brain health. You could consult a health care provider or check out various brain pill reviews online to know which one serves you best. There are many counterfeit products out there that ensure to give you the results you would have gotten from the genuine one, thus take care when purchasing.

What are the best brain pills and how do they work?

As much as you want to growth your mentality, your brain health comes first; thus you should use only those products that will not have adverse impacts on your mental wellness. Some of the super brain pills for expanding thinking capabilities and are considered dependable to use include:

Creatinine – to increase brain power by promoting memory, intellect and the brain’s processing speed. It is often considered the ‘intelligence pill.’

Omega-3 fatty acids– obtained from fish oils, it contains two amino acids, DHA, to maintain brain functioning, and EPA, for reducing inflammation, a major cause of premature aging of the organ.
Bacopa Monnieri – for sharpening functions. It is often incorporated as an ingredient in many concentration pills.

Acetyl-l-carnitine(ALCAR) – improves clarity and the processing speed of your mind. ALCAR, unlike other types of carnitine such as L-carnitine, can cross from the bloodstream to enter the organ thus helping to boost your power of retaining information.

Modafinil – assists in gaining performance in sleep-deprived adults by reducing fatigue. It also enhances efficiency.

The dosage of various brain supplements

The brain stimulation pills work in different ways hence have different dosage. Nootropics should be taken responsibly, and one should avoid continuous intake of high doses as this may result in addiction and hence withdrawals when they are unavailable.

  • Creatine – up to 5g per day
  • Bacopa monnieri – 300 to 600 mg for half a year
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine -1 to 3g per day for three months

Potential side effects

brain pills side effectsUnfortunately, despite all the benefits these brain health supplements have, they also have a few downsides on those who use them. For example, during uptake Modafinil competes with other neurotransmitters hence can cause the depletion of nutrients elsewhere. Ones who take Piracetam have reported that they endure migraines after use. Acetyl-l-carnitine is classified safe and has no known side effects. Although Bacopa Monnieri is likely secure for consumption, those who used it reported unusual bowel movements, cramps, and mouth dryness. Many natural and synthetic pills have been proven to be safe for human use with no adverse effects being reported.

How and where to buy

The availability of these brain pills varies from country to country. The legal status of particular drugs varies in the same manner. Some such as piracetam are illegal in the US and are not ordered as treatment by health care providers. Many of them can be purchased directly online or on owner’s websites. However, for some such as modafinil is prescribed by a doctor. Consult a doctor before starting on a supplement regimen to get the best advice. If you want to boost your thinking abilities, you need to buy these brain supplements for better health.

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