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Causes of Absent-Mindedness – Loss of Motivation Is One of the Main Contributors.

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Causes of Absent-Mindedness – Loss of Motivation Is One of the Main Contributors. Smart Pill Wiki 5

It happened that some people cannot trace car keys, phones, eyeglasses, remotes, and even forget to do definite important errands. Absent-mindedness keeps on putting people into lots of trouble moments at work or home.

Absent mindedness definition – a mental condition in which a person becomes incognizant of the encircling things and people. The person forgets some things, inattentive and easily distracted. In such exemplification, people find themselves in treacherous situations and interminable nuisances with their folks and colleagues. Subdued, an incalculable number of people do not espy the seriousness of the condition. The precariousness of their mind sometimes stays unheeded for a long time, which may end deplorably.

In fact, a majority do not surmise that it requires medical care. Oftentimes, people don’t consider their vagueness as an issue, and it becomes a frustrating theme. Parked a Benz in the parking lot and after an hour cannot recollect where it is parked? Seems unwieldy, but such are some consequences of absent-mindedness.

People struggling with scatty have come up with variegated strategies to stir memory such as simplifying their lives, resting well, keeping a programme of per diem endeavour. Yet, the interrogation in many minds – is one blameworthy for heedless?

Causes of Absent Mindedness

Causes of Absent MindednessAlthough blithe or inattentiveness is a quotidian position that is striking a number of individuals, it is known a dainty information what causes this unswerving disease. Many conjecture that genes are behind the condition and that it is hereditary. Despite that being unerring, there are other biological and behavioral factors which account for the problem such as strain, children born by mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy, diet, etc.

Additionally, some social theories have also revolved around absentmindedness like growing in a necessitous background or being brought up by absent-minded parents and guardians. Such mistimed situations make the kid to bloom reverie habits and later absent mindedness. The following are some causes of inattentiveness;

  • Loss of stimulus

Loss of motivation, stimulus or inspiration makes a person lose concentration on what is happening around. Motivation is the proclivity or evasiveness in doing a task. It is the ebullient will that pushes a person to hound grails at work, family, or life in general.

Nonetheless, most of the times people meagerness needed will and end up pretermitting what ought to be done. Besides, some have the gladden to take an exertion but miserly the intramural gaiety deny doing it.

Motivation is lost due to a number of vindications such as doubting knacks, the fear of non-success, timidity of what people around would say, vacillation, languor, among others. Most of the reasons are from within and are just but palliates. The only panacea is to avow the feelings and comprehending that are in mindsets. However, no matter the kind of a person, there are times a person loses motivation and thus attentiveness.

People lacking ingenuity also lack concentration and could easily be absent-minded. To have a better life, a person must learn how to stir the savvy and ambitions within.

Pensiveness is another cause of absentmindedness. Depressed individuals or people going through emotional pandemonium will faintly concentrate on what assignments being undertaken. Oftentimes, the minds are elsewhere.

In psychology, scientists argue that depression is a mental condition that not only impacts the mental health of a person but also physical and general well-being. It is okay to feel anxious or stressed at times. It is normal, but if such feelings are experienced for long periods, it is termed as depression.

People who are depressed experience a sense of guilty and hopelessness in life. Such feelings make it almost impossible to be attentive. It becomes very hard to stick to a normal schedule or attend to obligations when a person is depressed. This is because of the loss of memory, concentration problems, and challenges in making important decisions in life.

Children born to depressed mothers suffer from absent-mindedness and other psychological complications.

  • Age

Some brain changes such as memory lapses are unavoidable when it comes to aging. As people get older, confusion and forgetfulness come along. Most aged people find themselves not being able to remember important appointments, children’s names etc.

However, there is a difference between age-related absentmindedness and signs of a cognitive problem. Absent-mindedness is a common problem of aged people. Loss of memory is frustrating, but for aged people, it does not necessarily raise an alarm.

Absent-mindedness could also be a sign of hormonal imbalance. Memory issues due to hormonal imbalance come in various ways such as foggy thinking. Hormonal imbalance impacts on neurotransmitters that are involved in the transmission of signals from the brain. Due to that, the neurotransmitters start to malfunction and thus cause memory lapses.

  • Lack of Enough Sleep and Poor Health Lifestyles

Getting enough rest has been known to be a crucial healthy habit. Lack of enough rest makes not only the body to be tired but also the mind. This greatly results in absent-mindedness. Also, poor feeding habits and failure to do physical exercises are other known sources of inattentiveness.

Consequences of Absent-Mindedness

Absent-minded people have concentration issues and perform badly at school or at work. Others are not even able to manage easy house chores such as dishwashing, shopping etc. Effects of absent-mindedness include lack of consistency, coherence, and instability in thoughts. Ironically, some researchers claim that being forgetful is good as absent mindedness and intelligence are linked. They argued that brains of absent-minded people are only focussed on crucial things only.

How to Reduce Absent Mindedness

How to Reduce Absent MindednessThere is no need to have sleepless nights, anything can be amended including absent-mindedness. There is a number of things a person can do to prevent absent mindedness.

In the first instance – preparation and self-motivation. They aid in keeping the mind focused and mentally ready for the task. Focus on what a person is doing than a routine helps in boosting concentration. Other things include eschewing multitasking, engaging in physical exercises, getting enough sleep, and keeping simple syllabus.


Absent mindedness or lack of concentration is a mental disorder that affects a person’s daily life. It can be inherited, or caused by other motives like depression, lack of motivation, dissatisfactory rest, etc.
Inadvertence has various consequences such as lack of consistency, coherence, frustration, and loss of self-esteem. Nonetheless, it is managed by getting enough sleep, feeding on the right diet, physical exercise, and memorizing new assignments, making schedules, among others.

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