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Centrophenoxine(DMAE) – Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Posted by admin in Supplements Category. Reviewed and Updated: 21 November, 2018
Centrophenoxine(DMAE) – Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Do you know that cognitive ability diminishes as one grows old? That’s why seniors easily forget things most times. It does take place occasionally. The fact is aging can make waste-products to build up in the cerebrum. But that’s no longer a challenge when you start using centrophenoxine. This pill can influence your cognitive ability, reverse these ugly aging sign and offer several other benefits.

Centrophenoxine review is one most talked about subject in the nootropic community owing to its actions and outcome. Here are the definition, benefits and other things you need to know concerning this smart pill.

What is Centrophenoxine?

What is Centrophenoxine?On a daily basis, tons of individuals search for substances that improve memory, and one’s overall mental health. However, the market is saturated with diverse products claiming to offer a miracle, so one can easily get confused. Centrophenoxine reverses aging signs, which if not addressed can cause cognitive decline. Centrophenoxine can also recover one’s mood too.

The Centrophenoxine brain hurt reversal is what fascinates many about this nootropic. One of the reasons is that this thinking decline happens naturally at an old age. But the nootropic has a unique way of securing nerve cells from toxin exposure, oxidative decay or even stroke, thus ensuring that you have improved brain health.

Lucidril or Meclofenoxate is another name for Centrophenoxine. And analysis concerning the potency of Centrophenoxine has been ongoing for long. So the additive is no new to the smart drug community.

This nootropic came into existence since the year 1959 and was used on patients with a brain disorder, such as Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia. Those without any condition still benefit from Centrophenoxine, as it causes memory improvement.

What is DMAE?

What is DMAE?DMAE (Dimethyl-aminoethanol) is one of the components in Centrophenoxine. Plus it is a natural substance and the purpose individuals that prefer natural products are drawn to this additive. Centrophenoxine, of course, is an all natural product combined with pure constituents that do no harm. DMAE also occurs in seafood.

DMAE is also present in the brain but in a minute amount. It also a major sources of choline that assists with brain stimulation. DMAE is the most active ingredient that Centrophenoxine has. Interestingly, it can also pass through the blood-brain barrier and find its way into the cerebellum area effortlessly.

After taking the Centrophenoxine, your body will absorb it. But that’s not all. Part of it breaks down into parachlorphenoxyacetic acid (pCPA) and DMAE in the liver. And from there, the DMAE is converted to choline, allowing the other constituents of the medication to circulate in the system.

How does Centrophenoxine function?

How does Centrophenoxine function?Naturally, this subjective booster helps to maintain brain health. It also functions in different ways. It can increase the volume of acetylcholine, which is a vital neurotransmitter in the brain for learning and formation of memory. Acetylcholine helps with the regulation of one’s endocrine system, including pain sensation and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep cycles.

Again, Centrophenoxine also prevents the accumulation of waste products in the cells. An example of such waste is lipofuscin, which builds up as one age and is responsible for the brown liver spot, a condition that reveals itself on the skin.

Centrophenoxine also shields neurons from oxidative stress, which is something that can disparage them severely. In short, antioxidant defenses will increase when you take this supplement. On the other hand, it can also make one’s brain to function optimally by enhancing glucose uptake and blood flow.

Incredible DMAE benefits

Centrophenoxine offers numerous pluses. It is not only useful for seniors or people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone, except women expecting child or females planning to become a mother, can take this medication to enhance mental health. Most of the benefits include:

    1. Improves mood
      DMAE, the active ingredient in the smart drug enhances one’s mood. In an investigation conducted on rats, the researchers recorded a significant reduction in anxiety after the rats were subjected to strain and given centrophenoxine. For humans, when administered to over 80 healthy participants for three months, they did not only record improved wellbeing. Their energy also skyrocketed.
    2. Highly neuroprotective
      Stroke and exposure to toxins can cause an oxidative destruction of nerve cells. But centrophenoxine can anticipate such. The activities of glutathione and superoxide in the brain will increase whenever the additive is in action.

Health benefits of glutathione:

  • Lowers oxidative stress
  • Enhances insulin resistance in the elderly
  • Fight to block autoimmune disease
  • Can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  • Improves mobility for those suffering from peripheral artery disease

Other advantages of Centrophenoxine capsules include:

  • Can improve the result of those undergoing treatment for cancer. In other words, it will make some of the cancer medications more effective for destroying cancerous cells.
  • Prevents neurodegenerative diseases hence it increases lifespan.
  • Improves memory and learning the skill in elderly people. You are likely going to appreciate better cerebral alertness and long-term memories when you take this product.

Must-know DMAE side effects

Most if not all pills have their side effects, no matter their impact on one’s health. But Centrophenoxine is quite different. It contains essential ingredients and safe and to use. However, most of the mild aftereffects reported are restlessness, sleeplessness, and dizziness. But not everyone will experience them with this product.

On the other hand, females who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should bypass this prescription, the reason being that it can cause defects in children when taken in such infirmity.

Centrophenoxine dosage: How to use the brain supplement

Incredible DMAE benefitsYour DMAE dosage will depend on factors such as your targeted goals and age. That means seniors who are looking for neuroprotective and therapeutic gains can aim for 3 to 6 doses. But know that each of the supplements contains 250 mg. Young adults eager to enhance cognitive ability might undergo a stunning outcome with 1 to 3 doses.


If you are looking to advance your psychic health and hinder other age-related diseases that affect the brain, then buy Centrophenoxine. But it is best to purchase the drug from a reputable vendor that will assure you of quality. Understand that there are many out there who are ready to take advantage of the increased popularity of this smart drug to enrich their pocket by providing inferior tablet. Take the original centrophenoxine and relish the incredible mental improvement.

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