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Centrophenoxine Capsules – Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects.

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Centrophenoxine Capsules – Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 6

Centrophenoxine is available in other brand names such as Acephen and Lucidril. It mainly consist of two active chemicals, acetic acid and an ethyl group.

This brain booster drug is advertised as an anti-aging drug as well as a memory booster. Very significant improvements have been recorded in patients struggling with memory loss especially due to dementia. This is a common condition in older people. In fact, the drug was initially produced as a treatment option for memory loss.

Centrophenoxine can be used as a brain enhancer on its own or be stacked with other pills such as Adrafinil or the racetams. This is because it acts as a choline source. As you may already know, choline boosts acetylcholine, a body chemical that controls learning.

Centrophenoxine capsules benefits

Memory loss is almost a universal experience in later years of development. Although it is hard to actually determine when memory loss and impairment starts, we can for one all agree that memory is an important factor in learning. An enhanced memory makes it easy for an individual to make quick logical decisions, which is the foundation of cognition. This form of intelligence doesn’t depend on prior acquired knowledge which is referred to as fluid intelligence.

This is what centrophenoxine targets. Consistent users of the right centrophenoxine dosage experience a larger capacity of brain process and coordination. In fact, if used with other nootropics such as N-Acetyl-Cysteine supplement and related supplements, neuro growth can be achieved.

Another of the most notable benefits of centrophenoxine revolves around its anti-aging properties. As evidence has it, confusion related to memory loss is usually inevitable in older people. This is attributed to death of neurons and accumulation of potassium ions in the brain.

Centrophenoxine is able to promote regeneration of neurons with time. It also combines with potassium ions to clear them from the brain hence more brain output.
It has also been shown that centrophenoxine capsules can actually aid in removing dark spots that appear on the skins of older people. It has anti-oxidation properties which remove blood toxins out of the body.

The correct centrophenoxine dosage for best experience

What is the correct centrophenoxine dosage?

Unlike drugs such as Adrafinil, the correct centrophenoxine dosage is not fixed. However, there are recommendations based on user experiences.

For a healthy individual, the starting dosage should revolve around 200-300mg per day. As experience on the use of the drug increases, the frequency of taking the drug can be increased from once to twice a day.

Ensure that you analyze the effects of the drug on you to help you set the right dosage. It should all the same fall somewhere between 300mg and 1000mg. Note that a doctor’s advice is essential when treating memory loss due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease with centrophenoxine.

Centrophenoxine dosage experience

Centrophenoxine dosageNo records of harmful effects exist related to centrophenoxine use. Almost anyone healthy enough to take nootropics supplements can enjoy the benefits of centrophenoxine without much concern. It however is always good to get your doctor’s take on such matters.

In terms of legality and availability, centrophenoxine is available over the counter as a dietary supplement. No notable state or nation has illegalized its sale and access within their borders.

Users have reported much better experience after using centrophenoxine in combination with other nootropics. For example, nootropics in the racetam family which always call for a choline source can be used with centrophenoxine for better experience. Herbal supplements such as mucuna pruriens extract can also prove a good choice.

Benefits of Stacking centrophenoxine capsules

Stacking centrophenoxine capsulesCentrophenoxine makes a great stacking option especially with nootropics in the racetam family. Specifically, piracetam produces excellent results when used with centrophenoxine. You find that racetams need a choline source to prevent headaches and make the absorption process more efficient. As it happens, centrophenoxine is a good choline source.

When stacking centrophenoxine with piracetam, use the ratio of 5:1. That is; for every five parts of piracetam, include 1 part of centrophenoxine. If for example your piracetam dosage is set at 2 grams, use 400 milligrams of centrophenoxine.

When stacking, it is advised that you reduce the dosages recommended for individual nootropics that you have included in your stack.

Better guidelines on creating a good nootropics stack and some ideas on which supplements to include are available online especially on nootropics wikis. As you will find out, stacking makes some great combinations which may prove a better option for you.

Centrophenoxine dosage side effects

Centrophenoxine side effects are minimal and rare. Most users will tolerate them with ease or not even notice their occurrence at all.

The potential side effects of centrophenoxine include headaches and gastric issues such as heart burns and nausea. Diarrhea can also occur but only when large doses of centrophenoxine have been used. The side effects can be minimized by using the recommended dosage or adjusting the current one. A better approach is to start with a low dosage and work your way up.

Where to buy centrophenoxine capsules

You can buy centrophenoxine capsules from retailers such as Amazon.com or vendors such as Nootropics Depot. Both the use and purchase of the capsules is legal even when done over the counter.

It is best that you buy from a vendor that sells other nootropics or one that can advise you on other nootropics. For instance, you can find L-Dopa a good supplement to combine with centrophenoxine, while another user will find piracetam as a better stacking option.

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