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Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) – Effective Supplements And Treatment

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What is cognition? It is the power behind awe-inspiring discoveries. We have vanquished the atmosphere, cosmos, and waters, by devising contrivances that cancel gravity, geography, weather, and distance. We are better today because of the drive to enhance mind IQ, beat odds and elevate the bar.

Superior cognitive ability is the differentiator, the x-factor. The insignia that separates the best from the rest. Experts posit that the brain is like a muscle. You can bulk it up to improve cognitive function.

Cognitive impairment robs people of brain-power. They become pale shadows of their true selves. Thankfully, there are remediation actions that can help reverse some of the damage. One of these is cognitive enhancement therapy (CET).

What is cognitive enhancement therapy?


Like all body parts, the brain is susceptible to accidents, wear, injury and aging. Unfortunately, most cognitive impairment is incurable. The brain should be tended and protected from vulnerabilities to polish gumption for uttermost knack and avoid brain disorder.

CET is an empirically proven tool originally intended for Schizophrenia restoration. It uses computer-aided learning and group gatherings to train nuances and clues, improve attention time, streamline the thought process and memory.

It adopts a gamified training course method with over 48 weekly sessions run by CET coaches. They surveil neuro-cognitive computer exercises, devised to better social cognition, lead groups ranging between 8 to 12 people and undertake one-on-one coaching.

On what does CET Focus?

The core of these training activities is to recondition traits like memory, problem-solving and social awareness. It gives the patients flexibility, empathy, and a deeper accommodating of others’ views. Participants attend interactive discussions and do mind exercises in pairs. They also have personal homework.

Any conundrums and ambiguity arising from the assignment are reviewed during the individualized coaching sessions. These sessions are aimed at combining and synthesizing the acquired skills and translating them into real-life scenarios.

What makes CET unique?


The methodology of CET is one of a kind. One must meet certain eligibility criteria like an IQ of more than 80. The therapists stimulate intellectual and emotional scenarios that are un-choreographed. Homework presentations are done in plenary and participants give feedback to each other.

It boasts a mean of 87% successful attendances across all active sites and 85% graduations.
It can work harmoniously with natural cognitive enhancers
. Some doctors combine vitamins for cognitive enhancement as part of a rehabilitation course.

Benefits of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy


Most studies have examined the outcomes for people with Schizophrenia and autism. Primary benefits are pragmatic growth in neuro and social cognition. Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence that individuals treated with CET are able to re-integrate into competitive employment, work satisfactorily and maintain their jobs. It is used in vocational therapy.
Due to the social dimension of CET, it has also emerged as a contributor to higher emotional quotient and better relationships.

Here are more riders:

  • Sharpness and memory
  • Self-motivation
  • Vocational dependability
  • Social effectiveness
  • Dependability
  • Foresight and perspective
  • Improved mental grit

What cognitive supplements can be effective in the treatment?


The war against cognitive impairments is galactic. There are no known cures for them. Therefore, therapies have expanded to include cognitive enhancing supplements.
Made from natural cognitive enhancers, they have become quite popular. The popularity is large because of their famed use over generations, anecdotal evidence and use by some medics.

They vary from herbs, minerals, amino acids, certain types of mushrooms and vitamins for cognitive enhancement. Some of the most popular include:

– Ginkgo Biloba
Possibly the most popular herbal supplement, it is used for Alzheimer’s to treat memory loss. It thins blood improving flow to the brain and oxygenation. The brain is a greedy consumer of oxygen for many processes. It has both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

– Bacopa Monnieri
With a rich heritage spanning more than 3 millennia, it redeems focus and learning by regulating neurotransmitters as required in the brain.

Gotu Kola
Another wonder herb, it stimulates neuromodulation and transmission by increasing acetylcholine which facilitates arousal, memory, and motivation. This herb fixes injured brain cells, increases blood circulation to the brain and memory.

– American Ginseng
Another traditional herb that enhances learning and recalling.
The use of these supplements is not limited to curative reasons only. The desire and demand for top-notch performance take a toll on our time and mental energy. Brain powering among healthy active individuals for that extended productivity boost has skyrocketed in recent times. These same supplements have been used to create herbal nootropics for cognitive enhancement.

The web is full of reviews from enthusiasts who swear by them. They work in many cases and their market is ballooning. Research is still incongruent as to their efficacy. Their popularity, nonetheless, is mammoth due to their natural extracts and the fewer attendant negative consequences as opposed to their chemical cousins. They also have far less regulation.

Being made from natural herbs, they are generally slower in their working and sometimes people needing immediacy to seek even more potent artificial boosters.

Cognitive enhancing drugs list

Apart from natural therapy, there are medicinal cognition treatments as well. These are mainly stimulant pills that act on the central nervous system to influence certain chemicals whose quantities affect cognition.
Some of these are:

  • Modafinil
  • Сaffeine
  • Adderall
  • Nicotine

These are potent compounds with near instant effects on healthy persons. They are fraught with potential side effects which include dependence. They are highly controlled and must only be taken with doctor’s permissions.

Last Words

Cognitive decline is unavoidable as we age. The body is designed to begin slowly, peak and slow down again before expiring. The mental burden placed on many in capitalism is way beyond their capacity and has led to burnout and associated lowered acuity. Medical, traditional and alternative therapies have been employed to tackle these mental challenges and boost brain power to over-the-top performance.

CET is one powerful, tried and tested way that has consistently helped mentally impaired individuals live a better social life. Supplements are another way whose benefits accrue from nature’s abundance and goodness. Synthetic power-packed enhancers are the other option, efficient but with many hidden dangers.
There you have it, three choices to pick from. What ails you? Before you pick on any, ask your doctor.

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