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Common Diseases That Affect the Brain – Be On the Lookout for the Following Ailments.

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Common Diseases That Affect the Brain – Be On the Lookout for the Following Ailments. Smart Pill Wiki 4

Diseases may directly affect the brain or passively attain the same. There is a long list of such diseases and conditions that have been studied so far. The most common ones include;

Common diseases that affect the brain

  • Tumors – They may be cancerous or non-cancerous. They usually cause a blockage in the blood vessels taking nourishment to the brain.
  • Mental breakdown – This can be temporary or permanent. It leads to complete or trivial changes in lifestyles. In adverse cases, patients totally become strangers to their earlier identities.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – Of all causes of dementia, it is most common. It is progressive in nature. It leads to impairment of cognitive abilities. Most of the reported adverse cases of this disease are related to the fact that most patients fail to seek medical attention. Although the disease cannot be cured, medical pills can be taken to slow down its progress.
  • Parkinson’s disease – It attacks the part of the brain responsible for coordinating movements. It starts by showing symptoms of shaking in the limbs. In later stages, patients are unable to move any of their body parts especially the limbs.
  • Meningitis – It is a popularly known disease. It is very fatal. Without right treatment, it kills its victims within few hours. It occurs when inflammations occur in the brain or spinal sections. It starts by causing stiffness in the neck regions.

Treating common brain diseases

Most of the diseases that have been said to be progressive are not curable. The available medications aim to slow down their progression. This doesn’t mean that patients should not get medical attention the moment they are diagnosed with them. In fact, the earlier medications are administered, the better chance of managing the diseases an individual has.

Other diseases like meningitis can be clinically treated. However, it needs that medical attention be sought immediately the first symptoms are noticed. Meningitis is popularly known from the fact that it kills within few hours.

Tumors and physical injuries can be treated surgically. For example, a blood clot in the brain will lead to possible stroke or death if left untreated. With the right medical attention, however, the same can be safely removed without much damage to the brain.

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