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The Difference Between Concerta vs Vyvanse Psychostimulants

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The Difference Between Concerta vs Vyvanse Psychostimulants

Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, Concerta, and other excitants are used to cure ADHD. In this article, we will cover the details of these both medications and will let you know about their key differences, their prices, and we will try to find an answer to the question that which of these two are more powerful in comparison, as both of these stimulants are psychostimulants. So Concerta or Vyvanse which is better?

FDA in 2000 licensed the drug named Concentra and Vyvanse was legalized by the FDA in 2007 and recommended for adults and children. So you can say that Vyvanse is a proportionately a new drug.

Concerta Versus Vyvanse?

Concerta Versus VyvanseMemory loss – when you start seeing that you frequently experience memory loss without any illness then this is an indication that chemicals in the brain are not functioning as required. Both these drugs are members of a crew of drugs called amphetamines. These types of drugs work similarly and are often used to treat similar circumstances. Difference between Concerta and Vyvanse is small but still momentous.

Concerta’s effect lasts up to 12 hours, almost all day. This indicates that one dose a day in the morning with breakfast is enough to cover a full day of normal work. There is a fundamental advantage of the Concerta over the other brands of methylphenidate, and that is the threshold of the effect.

To achieve that threshold, Concerta has a medication liberation system called OROS. This system is based on the following agenda: each capsule has a colored envelope according to the dose. That wrapped is dug and is released as soon as the Concerta is taken. Then start acting immediately for 4 hours. It is Methylphenidate-abrupt emancipation and accounts for 22% of the full dose of each capsule. As that happens, inside the shell there is a hard rigid capsule with a part of titanium, which gradually absorbs water. While the water is entering the capsule, it is pushing out the remaining amount of Methylphenidate until it completes a total of 12 hours and with a supreme of release around 8h of the intake. This is the prime advantage of Concentra as compared to others but this can be a disadvantage as well. We will talk about it later. Concerta has 4 alternative doses: 18mg, 27mg, 36mg and 54mg. Although we cannot establish for all a direct relationship between the weight and the dosages of Concerta, we can make a calculated guess.

– 18mg is an acceptable dose for weights of approximately 20-30kg
– 27mg can be useful for weights between 25-35kg generally
– 36mg can be useful for weights between 30-40kg with few exceptions
– 54mg: this dose is usually useful for weights between 50-60kg.

Concerta dosageThe capsule cannot be administered in any other way except as a whole. That is, you should not split, cut, or crush the capsule. First of all, crushing the capsule is very hard as the inner compartment is made up of titanium. Moreover, cutting them would make the OROS release system inoperable and therefore the whole drug would run out in a few hours and with possibilities to produce side effects due to such a rapid release. You have to assimilate it whole and this is not always easy for the kids.

What doctors advise through the experience is that you put a capsule of Concerta inside a piece of gelatin and your kids would able to swallow it without problems.

Remember that Concerta is less constructive in the morning than in the afternoon. A 22% the first 4 hours and a 78% pending release acting on 12 hours and the maximum impact is at 8 hours after taking the medicine.

Most children do not notice these dose differences in their performance during the day, but teens and adults do notice it often. That is to say, that the first 4 hours have the feeling that the effect is short and the effect pronounces in the afternoon.

The Vyvanse oral capsule is obtainable only as a brand name called Vyvanse.

Vyvanse has modified amphetamine mixture which upon conversion transforms to dextroamphetamine. It comes in two forms: an oral capsule and an oral chewable pill. Vyvanse oral capsules are used for the cure of attention shortage hyperactivity ailment and uncontrolled eating disturbance. It does not have a generic version.

Vyvanse is a regulated biodrug. It can be used improperly and its use can result in craving. The sale or assignment can destruct others and is against the principle

Vyvanse is used to treat ADHD and optimum to grave eating chaos. It is not known if it is guarded and fruitful for the remedy of overweight.

Vyvanse functions by enhancing the levels of some neural secretions. This helps to enhance attention and heed and diminishes hyperactivity and reactivity.

Side effects Of Vyvanse

Side effects Of VyvanseMost habitual aftereffects are:

1. Perturbation

2. Declined appetite

3. Bowel

4. Drowsiness

5. Oral issues

6. Insomnia

7. Loss of cravings

8. Revulsion

9. Sleep chaos

10. Gut ache

11. Pound loss

The common ones that may occur with Vyvanse when used to treat BED are:

1. Dry mouth

2. Sleep problems

3. Reduced appetite

4. Escalate cardiac rate

5. Constipation

6. Encountering nervous

7. Anxiety

If these effects are acute, they can go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. If they are more chronic or if they do not go away, discuss your practitioner.

Concerta vs Vyvanse: Which is Better?

Is Concerta like Vyvanse? If you really want to know which ADHD dose is best for you, then you would require a medical examination. There is not a single medicine which is best for everyone. Everyone is biologically different and that is why one size doesn’t fit all. The combo of both excitants is suggested neither take together.

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