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Confidence Is a Measure of Brain Power – See What Research Findings Have Shown.

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Confidence Is a Measure of Brain Power – See What Research Findings Have Shown. Smart Pill Wiki 4

Confidence is a measure of brainpowerIt never feels better, when you are confident that you are doing the right thing. In fact, it has been shown that confident people turn out to be a perfectionist. This is because they for one do not fear from asking or presenting their results to others. So is confidence as a measure of brain power?

Why confidence is a measure of brainpower

  • It is more likely that confident individuals will end up getting something right in the long run. This is because they are not afraid of asking for clarifications or presenting their findings. In such cases, any mistakes that may arise will be sufficiently corrected hence giving them a better chance to present better results.
  • By talking to different people, confident individuals are bound to learn new things and new ways of doing things. Ultimately, it will end up with such individuals having more intelligence. In fact, it has been shown that the more you discuss a concept with others, the better you will understand it.
  • Confidence helps you be in control of the moment. What I mean is that you can easily ask for clarification or provide a comment in a certain discussion. This leaves you in a better position to get the complete details of a certain concept.
  • Being ready to report or discuss a certain finding means that you actually have understood it to details. This, in turn, can be translated to mean that your brain power is enough to wrap around the concept.

How to increase your confidence

  • Never let yourself be intimidated, especially when it comes to a chance to learn. Your views will, in the end, prove to be rational enough, provided that they are based on facts.
  • Increase your confidenceThe first thing is to ensure that you get all your facts right. No one will be in a position to argue you out of a debate as long as you have done your research on the facts.
  • It helps to visit the particular area a certain presentation or debate will be taking place before the actual event. It helps you familiarize with the environment and increase your confidence.
  • Try to build new ties with people outside your friends’ circles. Meeting with new people gives you an idea of how to approach the society in general.
  • Never handle a topic or a subject you are not familiar or comfortable with. it will lead to anxiety, which will, in turn, cause mild forms of lack of the needed confidence.
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