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Does the Brain Power Deteriorate with Age – Are Young People Smarter Than Old People?

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Does the Brain Power Deteriorate with Age – Are Young People Smarter Than Old People? Smart Pill Wiki 3

Debates have been conducted on whether a person’s brain does fail with age. This leads to a lot of concerns; for example, on whether young people are smarter than older people.

Does the brain fail with age?

In their late 20s, individuals should have reached the maximum brain capabilities they will ever achieve in their lives. But the fact is that brain cells never regenerate. If for any reason one or two brain cells die, the individual will remain in a deficiency of the dead cells for the rest of their lives. However, brain cells also do not die out if not for specific conditions.

Young people are just advantaged in terms of easily acquiring and keeping memories. It is much easier to learn new techniques when one is in their younger brackets of life.

In contrary, older people will find it difficult to acquire new techniques or keep recently acquired memories. However, they have the advantage of having acquired many past experiences, most of which will always prove advantageous to them.

Sensory abilities also decline with age. For example, it is common to find an aged individual suffering from poor eyesight or the ability to hear. This contributes to the fact that they may be unable to match the cognitive abilities of their younger counterparts.

Diseases also contribute much. As one advance in age, it is likely that the levels of cholesterol accumulated in their blood vessels will be on the rise. This will mean that their brains are insufficiently provisioned. It is also likely that an individual will also engage in poor habits like smoking or poor diets. In attempts to manage diseases, it will need that medications be made us of, all which will contribute to brain power depreciation.

There is no evidence which can support the claim that younger people are smarter than aged individuals. All the disadvantages that are age-related are sufficiently catered for by the fact that age comes with experience.

Does age affect brain power?

It happens that age brings with itself various conditions that make it probable from aged individuals to suffer from brain impairments. For example, it is likely that a person in their 60s will have a more advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease than an individual in their early 30s.

If it were to be left as it is, brain power would remain at its maximum throughout a person’s life. This is because of the fact that brain cells never get replaced by new cells like it is other body cells.

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