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Ephedrine Diet Pills – Weight Loss Tablets for Sale and Potential Side Effects.

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Ephedrine Diet Pills – Weight Loss Tablets for Sale and Potential Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 7

If you have been browsing the web for best weight loss pills or nootropics 2016, you have probably come across ephedrine diet pills. It is easy to confuse between ephedrine and ephedra. The two are alkaloids but extracted from different plants.

In 2004, ephedrine for sale supplements was banned in the USA. It was noted that they predisposed users to a high risk of serious injuries and sicknesses. It is advised that you get clearances from your doctor before using any product containing ephedrine or its products.

There are products with better overall health benefits which you can consider trying. Such include L-Tryptophan and Idebenone supplements.

Ephedrine diet pills for weight loss

Ephedrine diet pillsEphedrine powder and tablets are mainly sold as weight loss pills. When taken, ephedrine produces an increase in heartbeat rate. This, in turn, increases metabolism, which basically means that more fats will be burned to produce ready energy.

When exercises and low weight diets are included in the mix, ephedrine can produce weight loss amounting to 10kg in a month. In most cases, these effects continue for about 6 months where they hit a kind of pause.

These weight loss tablets also act as appetite suppressants. This helps to prevent the chances of taking more calories than needed.

Caffeine is also a potential cause of weight loss associated with ephedrine. Before it was banned, its supplements contained a list of vitamins which also contributed to weight loss. Using ephedrine with stimulants such as caffeine is potentially dangerous.

Other benefits and uses of ephedrine for sale tablets

Ephedrine HCL is associated with a number of health benefits. The benefits mostly revolve around relieving nasal congestion that may result from conditions such as allergies, cold, fever, coughs and other breathing problems.

Ephedrine relieves inflammations in the bronchial system to promote a good airflow into the lungs. This can prove of great importance to individuals with nasal malfunctions as well as athletic performers.

There are some claims that enhanced metabolic rate and increased energy produced by ephedrine can have some brain enhancement benefits.

What is the right dosage for ephedrine diet pills?

Only unofficial records are available for the right ephedrine dosage. In stacks, doses of 20 to 25 mg are recommended. The doses should be spread out to fit three times in a day.
Users have reported effective weight loss effects with doses amounting to 50mg taken three times a day. In some cases, 150mg doses have been used, although with consequential headaches and muscle tremors.

Ephedrine works better when used with products such as aspirin and caffeine. Again, this combination is not always beneficial for it leads to more pronounced side effects.

Side effects of ephedrine diet pills

There have been lots of controversies on whether ephedrine and its products are safe or not. A better part of those controversies have concluded that ephedrine is not safe; at least not when used in diet pills. Any use of the product, therefore, should be directed by a doctor.

Increased heartbeat rate – It is a common feature in most weight loss tablets; the fact that they increase heartbeat rate. However, FDA noted an increased rate of heart attacks related to this ephedrine side effect. This is even worse in people with clogged blood arteries or who have a history of heart-related issues. As it happens, heavyweight individuals are more likely to have clogged arteries and heart issues.

Blood pressure elevation – Increased blood pressure promotes more metabolic activities and heat loss. This, in turn, calls for more burning of fat cells, which is the basis on which many weight loss plans operate. However, ephedrine diet pills were found to elevate blood pressure to lethal limits. Especially when used with stimulants such as caffeine, lethal side effects are likely to be experienced.

Digestive malfunctions – Quite a number of digestive malfunctions have been linked with ephedrine. Such include pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite. Although reduced appetite can work positively for a weight loss candidate, too much of it is potentially dangerous. This is especially when it is caused by gastric malfunctions such as constipation. In any case, an obese person will still need a lot of calories to maintain all body cells functions.

Mood changes – Reports indicate that ephedrine can negatively affect a user’s emotions. For example, increased anxiety, aggressiveness and mood swings have been reported. Some have reported having lost the sense of touch and realism. This gets worse for users who are addicted to ephedrine.

Where to buy ephedrine product

The availability of ephedrine diet pills was heavily impacted by the ban imposed on them by FDA. They, for example, are not available in the US. However, some nations such as Canada do sell ephedrine and its products.

You can buy ephedrine from online retailers who still offer the product. As mentioned earlier, Canadian online drug retailers are in a better position to sell you the right ephedrine products. For starters, look for online retailers selling piracetam and phenylpiracetam powder. Chances are high that they will contain ephedrine in their stock or refer you to a retailer who does.

Don’t buy ephedrine or use ephedrine if you have a history of blood/heart complications. In fact, make sure that you have approached a qualified doctor for more information on how and when to use ephedrine products.

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