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Omega 3 Health Benefits – Why and How To Take Fish Oil Pills.

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Fish oil (in particular, cod) is fish, extracted manually—for instance, from a large cod liver. Nature’s oil is found in large quantities in marine fish of the cold waters of the world’s oceans – in mackerel, herring, and other fatty fish. In cod liver oil, as in other fish oils, numerous polyunsaturated fatty acids are stored. Fat comprises vitamins, omega-3, lecithin, and cholesterol, there are traces of manganese, iron, calcium, bromine, chromium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine (iodine content can reach 0.03%). The popularity of fish oil supplements was brought by Norsk pharmacist Peter Miller, who twigged the fish oil benefits for the restoration of the organism.

What does fish oil consist of?

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This substance consists of fatty acids with their admixture. Various vitamins and mineral complexes are included in the impurities. The key value of this natural oil is the essential of omega-6 and omega 3 fatty acids. They are irreplaceable because the human body has not got the ability to synthesize them itself, so people must constantly get acid from food. As for vitamins and minerals, although they are useful, these substances can be obtained from other foods.

If omega-6 is present in some vegetable oils, DHA omega 3 is found only in fish. Therefore, it is impossible to replace fat even with useful olive oil. As far as omega-3 is concerned, this acid can also be found in some types of algae, but it is not difficult to understand that a person is simply unable to eat as many algae as necessary to the proper body function.

Among omega 3 benefits is accelerating the restorative processes of the body, repairing muscles, cutting down the level of stress hormone cortisone, improving the condition of the skin and leading to normal blood pressure. Omega 3 supplements are safe and could be purchased worldwide.

What are fish oil pills good for?


Benefits of fish oil pills have been proven a long time ago.

Fish oil has a positive effect on the cardiac system and is an excellent preventive treatment on renal insufficiency. It is useful to take it for the prevention of diabetes mellitus. With its help, we can normalize blood pressure, get rid of the prerequisites for atherosclerosis. It improves the functioning of the brain, it can even lift the mood, eliminate fatigue and stress. This product will help restore the beauty of the skin, hair, and nails. Fish oil helps to burn saturated fats. Therefore, some nutritionists recommend using fish oil to combat excessive kilograms. According to the results of an experiment conducted by scientists in Australia, people who took 6 grams of fish oil daily and did 45 minutes of fitness, improved lipid metabolism compared to those who ate sunflower oil. Exercises and taking fish oil helped to lower body fat.

Experts have previously suggested that fish oil can slow down or prevent age-related deterioration of memory, which usually precedes the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. However, various studies on this topic came to the opposite: some showed the benefits of such supplements, while others could not detect it. Scientists from the United States and Canada conducted a meta-analysis of many studies on this topic, which showed that only 24 weeks usage of dietary additives containing fish oil drastically improved brain performance. The result of the intake of fish oil was well known during the passage of special tests for memory when the results of the group of volunteers were compared with the results of people receiving placebo.

Side effects of fish oil pills

Fish oil supplements and capsules

According to the USA National Institutes of Health, fish oil does not have universal withdrawals. However, doctors can recommend personages with certain diseases to avoid taking fish oil or use it in moderate doses. Below are listed health conditions, that can be considered a contraindication to the use of fish oil.

Violation of blood coagulation and bleeding
Fish oil is a mild anticoagulant. It can slightly reduce plasma glycoprotein levels, an important component of blood clotting. Theoretically, excessive consumption of fish oil may be dangerous for people with impaired blood coagulation, hemophilia, or von Willebrand’s disease. Taking capsules in excess doses of more than 15 g/day can increase the risk of nosebleeds, abundant menstruation or hemorrhagic stroke. In theory, fish oil supplements can react with blood-thinning drugs.

Fish oil is considered safe diabetics and even has a beneficial effect, as it may reduce the insulin level slightly.

Fish oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Additives produce a beneficial effect during this period. However, too large doses can theoretically increase the risk of bleeding during pregnancy.

Side effects on the gastrointestinal tract
Digestive disorders (often weak) can result from the intake of the supplement. Digestive problems associated include regularization, blistering, cramping and diarrhea. Take fish oil supplements along with food to avoid unpleasant side effects.

Vitamin E absorption
It slightly worsens the absorption of an important antioxidant vitamin E. Those who take fish oil for a long time, should choose more vitamin-enriched supplements.

Blood pressure
Fish oil helps lower it in hypertensive patients. But lowering the pressure may be excessive for patients with hypotension (low blood pressure). Consult your doctor before taking the supplement if you have hypotension or you are taking drugs that affect the blood pressure.

Fish oil dosage


The drug is recommended to be taken during food eating, the dosage depends on the age of the person and is distributed as follows:

  • children 3-7 years – one capsule 3 times a day (approximately 300 mg);
  • 7-14 years old – 3 times a day for 2 capsules 300 mg or one of 500 mg;
  • for grown-ups and adolescents over 14 years old – 2 times a day for 1 large capsule of 800 mg.

Fat in capsules should be bought only in pharmacies because in this form you will not be able to appreciate its smell and taste.

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