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Fish Oil Pills – Health Benefits, How To Take Them, Supplements and Side Effects.

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Fish Oil Pills – Health Benefits, How To Take Them, Supplements and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 2

Fish oil is one remedy that will be recommended for you in many occasion. It can be gotten from eating fish, fish oil pills and fish oil supplements. In all these, the most important compounds that we are after are three omega-3 fatty acids simply abbreviated as DHA and EPA.

FDA approves fish oil as a remedy against accumulation of triglycerides. These are the fats that accumulate in the belly and the hips. It is also effective in treating other health conditions including heart failure, blood pressure, blood clotting, clogged arteries, chest pains, even stroke. It has also been used to control diabetes and liver damage due to alcohol. In heart transplant surgeries, fish oil is a post-care remedy.

It has been reported that people who frequently eat fish especially in early stages of development show a tendency of developing more enhanced brains. This has led to brain booster pills including fish oils in their ingredients. Such pills can be used to reduce anxiety, treat bipolar depression, slow ADHD progression even manage Alzheimer’s disease.

There are just too many occasions where fish oils are applicable. Some will use them to manage dry eyes in old people. Some women will use them to reduce pain during menses. Others will use them to ease asthma symptoms even prevent muscle loss due to diseases such as HIV and cancer. They have even been promoted as memory boosters, the likes of centrophenoxine. Fish oils are something you should definitely give a try.

Benefits of fish oil capsules

Reverses anxiety
The most recent to be added in the list of the benefits of fish oil perhaps is anxiety reversal. In recent studies, rats have been shown to have gotten rid of all anxiety and depression related symptoms. Children can experience happier lives if given the oils.

ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease
These are two notorious mental disorders that are common in the society. Taking fish oil pills and supplements can help with ADHD in children and Alzheimer’s disease even in older people.

Cancer prevention and management
Fish oils contain anti-oxidants which eradicate free radicals from the body. The oils have been noted to prevent breast cancer and cancer of the colon.


Fish oil supplements can also be used to prevent muscle loss in cancer patients and induce muscle growth in cancer survivors.

Cardio health
From heart attacks to stroke even maintained blood pressure, fish oils will rarely miss an application. This includes getting rid of fat deposits in the arteries.

Immunity boosting
A turmeric supplement for example is a rich source of antioxidants. These are very important body chemicals that will keep you cancer free and protected from a list of potential diseases.

Fertility and sexual health
For men, fish oil can help in preventing or managing erectile dysfunction especially due to obesity. It also improves fertility by promoting sperm motility and health.

Diabetes management
Fish oil pills can protect from the destruction of certain cells known as hippocampus cells. The cells suffer from impairment especially in diabetes patients.

Benefits of fish oil for women

For women, fish oils pills, supplements and capsules have the following benefits:

  • Eases pain felt during menstrual periods
  • Discourage miscarriages
  • Enhance prenatal development
  • Reduce blood pressure especially in the last months of pregnancy
  • Reduces breast pain

There are other benefits of fish oil for women including weight management and reduction of stretch marks due to belly fat. It can also help in recovery after child birth or to replace the nutrients lost in menstrual blood. It can also be used externally against psoriasis.

Fish oil supplements and capsules dosage

The correct fish oil supplements and capsules dosage vary widely. Following are the recommended dosages:

  • Fish oil supplements and capsulesUp to 15g of fish oil can be used to get rid of hips and belly fats accumulation. A typical therapy should last for about 6 months.
  • For cardio health; use 3-4 g of fish oil for blood pressure management, 6 g for artery fat accumulation, 1-8 g for heart diseases, 4 g for recovery from coronary surgery.
  • For painful menses, use 0.5 to 2 grams of fish oil daily. Ensure that you also include a vitamins source in your diets or a vitamins supplement.
  • The correct fish oil dosage will depend on the results you want to achieve and the concentration of the two earlier identified omega-3 fatty acids. Ensue that you search for the specific dosage information recommended for a specific health benefit. Talk to a doctor before treating any medical condition using fish oil supplement or any other over the counter supplement for that matter.

Fish oil side effects

Fish oil is perhaps one of the best supplements and dietary inclusions that you will come across. Few side effects are associated with the use of the oils and tolerable when they occur.
Potential fish oil side effects include:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea or loose stools
  • Bad taste and breath for those who don’t like fish
  • Nausea


Taking vitamins and stacking with fish oil supplements
The potency and effectiveness of fish oil pills can be increased by including vitamins in your diets or stacking them with other nootropics.

For example, you can include stack with herbal products such as mucuna pruriens or brain pills such as Adrafinil. This doesn’t require typical stacking but can just be used as part of your brain and body health enhancement regime.