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Full Nootropics Stack Guide – How To Combine Brain Supplements For Max Results.

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Full Nootropics Stack Guide – How To Combine Brain Supplements For Max Results. Smart Pill Wiki 6

A certain nootropic can be a great mood enhancer but not so good in memory enhancement. Another one can be a complete reverse of the above suggested scenario. But as you can see, both mood enhancement and memory boosting are the scenario, where I need to keep myself focused and with energy to take me through a studying session. Knowing that caffeine is a perfect stimulant, I get an amount of it, one I am sure will assist me to achieve my goal. But caffeine has some side effects which include anxiety and aggressiveness. Knowing that a nootropic should rarely bring about side effects, I go on and research on a nootropic that can reverse or prevent the side effects of caffeine. And there it is; L-theanine. What more? I take the two and use them at the same time, in the process of being able to study for long hours with the required vitality and focus.

Basically, all that I would have done is stacking two different nootropics, ones that will produce the best results as long as my case is concerned.

Note that there is a difference between a smart pill and a nootropic. A nootropic is a smart drug, but the reverse is not correct. This mostly contributed to the features necessary for a product to be termed as a nootropic.

  • It must have minimal or zero side effects
  • It must have health benefits to the brain. In that, it should not only be focused on promoting short-term effects and wear out after a number of hours. It should promote long-term health benefits to the brain.

Creating a nootropics stack guide

You can create your own best nootropics stack or purchase an already developed one. There are various involved disadvantages and advantages which we will look at later. For now, let’s take the road to creating the best stack for yourself.

Set your goals and objectives
Are you considering a nootropic for improved memory? Is it that you want to get some brain fog cleared in your brain? Are mood swings making you some kind of a jerk?
These are the first considerations you need to make before deciding which nootropics will be best suited to form the best nootropic stack for you. In this case, ensure that you have followed the recommended dosage information for each nootropic you are including in your stack.

See what reviews say
What do nootropics do again? For starters, they push your cognitive abilities to the maximum. That can be a bit scary if you think about it. You should bear in mind that the brain is such a sensitive organ that its cells don’t replicate like normal cells, and damage to them would mean permanent disability.


Therefore, conduct enough research on what you are including in your study stack or just any other form of stack you are creating. Know the right dosage, what particular nootropics appear like physically and taste like, where to buy the right ones and so on.

Include pioneers
Nootropics in a family of the same known as racetams were basically the pioneers of nootropics use. It is not in most cases that you will miss a nootropic of the racetams family in the best stack, physical training energy stack. Since it will sometimes take time before the desired effects can start setting in, most users prefer to stack a racetam with a choline supplement, the latter meant to quicken the onset of the desired results.

Start small
It rarely ends well if you start with large stacks. The much better way of doing it is making small stacks and making your way up. For example, if you were to produce about 300 capsules out of a selected nootropics combination, just to later find out that the stack isn’t the one for you, it will be both costly and disappointing.

Get the measurement right
Dosage information for most nootropics is mainly provided in terms of grams and milligrams. It is, therefore, necessary to get yourself a measuring scale to get the proportions right.

Encapsulate your stacks
Finally, consider getting an encapsulating machine. It is not that you can’t take nootropic stack powder in water; it is just a bit too nasty in taste for most people.

Which is the best energy nootropics stack?

It mostly depends on which form of energy you are talking about. Well, it is mostly all to do with the brain in cases involving nootropics.

The right brain energy stack should include a nootropic that works almost immediately after ingestion. If you are more interested in the physical part than mental energy, get some Vitamin B supplement, Centrophenoxine and phenibut. You can add L-theanine to fasten the energy release process.

Nootropics guide for a study stack

Correctly stacked nootropics can provide for very great transformations in relation to studying. Not only is focus essential in this field but also memory keeping and accessible.

Making the perfect study stack can be a bit challenging, but one filled with open options. In this case, a nootropics stack guide will be necessary.

First, you will need to decide what exactly is that you wish to attain. Let’s, for example, take a member of the racetams family, Oxiracetam in this case. This nootropic will keep your memory formation capabilities at their best. It will also push your puzzle solving abilities to the limits. However, it will do less in keeping your moods enhanced. If it, however, was to be stacked with its cousin Aniracetam, an enhanced mood effect would be added to the mix.

As I said above, there is no running out of options to try when it comes to the best study stack. For example, choline stacked with Vinpocetine, Centrophenoxine and Piracetam will enhance your memory, excite brain synapses and keep you in a good mood all day. If on the other hand, you can keep yourself off some anxiety issue, why not stack L-theanine with bacopa, and for a racetam, add Aniracetam into the stack.

But what about a natural stack, one to encourage brain development or slow down aging? There are many options to consider in this case.

First, ensure that your stack contains at least one or more herbal supplements. Such include ginseng or even green tea extract. In fact, green tea is being studied as a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease. This is because it encourages natural brain development and also protects the neurons.

Which is the best nootropics stack; homemade or purchased?

As earlier said, you can come up with your own recipe for what you can consider the best nootropics stack based on your preferences. You can, on the other hand, go for readymade stacks.

For a homemade stack, you will have the advantage of the fact that all the ingredients will be your choice. There will be no worrying about potentially harmful objects having found their way into the stack.

A readymade stack, on the other hand, has the advantage of being cost-effective. When making the stack for yourself, for example, you may need additional equipment such encapsulating machine and weighing scale. It will also take a lot of time to get to a fully developed own stack.

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