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Your Ultimate Guide To Nootropics Stack – How To Combine Brain Supplements For Max Results.

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Full Nootropics Stack Guide – How To Combine Brain Supplements For Max Results. Smart Pill Wiki 6

Have you ever dreamt about the pill that can make you a genius as if by magic? It exists. They are called nootropics or “smart drugs” (although not considered a drug) in the USA, and in Silicon Valley. Nootropics are drugs that can stimulate metabolic processes in the cells of the body’s nervous tissue. They promise to bio-hack the mind and shoot the levels of learning abilities to limits you cannot conceive.

Nootropics are terrestrial drugs to support the health of people with diseases of the central nervous system. However, today they are used even by those who do not have such diagnoses. Why? Such preparations make it possible to feel like an energetic bunny on the advertising of Duracell batteries. One tablet allows you to disassemble and analyze the mountains of documents, study for the exam in just a few hours without the occurrence of fatigue and a sense of an overvoltage.

The nootropics stacks are substances, both natural and synthetic that positively affect cognition, for example, learning, memory, incitement, and creativity. Ordinarily, they have a low incidence of side and none narcotic effects, and they do not cause addiction and rarely require a prescription. They have the risk of addiction.

What makes the nootropics so special?

Nootropic agents promote:

– enhancement of the synthesis of proteins in the cells of the nervous tissue;

– increase in the speed of pulse propagation through the nerves;

– strengthening of membranes of nerve cells.

They improve memory, mobilize the ability to learn, activate the hidden abilities of a person, increase the resistance of nerve cells to the lack of oxygen and other imminent substances.

Where do you buy them? Are they legal? What are nootropics reviews?

nootropics reviews

Many nootropic substances are sold under prescription in Europe, while in the US they are considered food supplements. This has given rise to many e-commerce products that sell nootropic pills in the US, but some also in Europe.

However, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to buy best nootropic stack in Europe, as the overwhelming majority of sellers resided in the UK, which issued a law in April 2016 that makes the sale of all psychoactive substances that are not prescription drugs illegal.

Nootropics Stack Guide

Nootropics Stack Guide

If you are serious about finding true nootropics guide, then you are supposed to get full clinical analysis. There are hundreds of best nootropic stacks and due to variances in genetics, one nootropics stack can be best one for some and worst one for other. So, if you are after finding best nootropics stacks guide, then you have to work for it.
Nonetheless, in this stacks guide, we will mention the explanations of all organic and fake nootropics and then you can pick to find the best ones for you.

Most Used Nootropics List

Here is a useful list that defines some of the most popular and used nootropics.

I will mention only relatively safe “nootropics” (which have been tested and successfully used in humans in the clinical setting), and I highly recommend not experimenting with nootropics still in investigation status (research nootropics) if you do not know what you are doing. Furthermore, individuals under the age of twenty should abstain from the use of nootropics with pharmacological action and limit themselves to the intake of natural extracts.



For therapeutic goals, natural organic compounds with nootropic properties are often designated.

Natural cognitive amplifiers include:

1. Amino acids – they eliminate hypersensitivity, provide brain cells with glucose, have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the brain. They are:

L-Theanine: natural amino acid that increases the stress resistance of the body and its energy reserve.
Carnitine: present exclusively in red meat, carnitine improves mental clarity, attention, streamlines information processes. Moreover, it is commonly known as a fat burner and the meds for AIDS to replenish a lost of the Carnitine because of the action of the main drug used in this disease, which results in increased fatigue, muscle weakness.

Theanine: found exclusively in green tea. It naturally increases the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the body, which improves the conductivity of impulses between the cells of the brain and acts as a relaxant.
Creatine: improves sports exhibition, memory, and mental interpretation speed. As with carnitine, creatine is present mostly in the flesh.

Taurine: takes part in vital processes that occur in the body – maintaining normal metabolism, regulating pressure, digesting fats, controlling the level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as maintain normal brain and nervous work systems.

2. Herb Nootropics
Here is a list of the most usable seedlings that are a very rich nootropic source of natural nootrops:

– Gingsen
– Rhodiola Rosea
– Bacopa
– Ginkgo biloba
– Gotu kola



Classifying synthetic nootropics is somewhat complex because of the diversity that exists between them. Even so, we can speak of this classification:

  1. Pyrrolidone derivatives. Piracetam is the most well-known and most used drug for the last decades attention disorders, all kinds of nerve disorders, vascular diseases, traumas and brain sclerosis, and alcoholism.
    Enhances memory, thinking and education in sick and healthy people, improves mood, stabilizes brain function. Side effects are not frequent.
  2. GABA derivatives as Phenybut, Picamilon. They have a tranquilizing effect but stimulate memory and learning process, eliminates psycho-emotional stress, panic, and dread.

    In combination with nicotine acid they improve cerebrovascular circulation and, thanks to the nicotinic acid, has a hypolipidemic effect that may be useful in atherosclerosis of the brain vessels.

  3. Neuropeptides and their analogues (Noopept, Semax) are aimed to enhance adaptive capabilities in extreme conditions, the retention period after the transferred infection and the prevention of mental lassitude, and the performance of monotonous operations.
  4. AMPAkines. They act on glutamate, responsible for brain plasticity and neurotransmitter is critical in the process of lore and evocation. The effects of these nootropics are associated with increased attention and alertness. Among the best known AMPAkinas are Unifiram and Sunifiram. Sharpen recalling and the ability to learn. You can use AMPAkines with others to form nootropic stacks and they can enhance the result.
  5. Cerebrovascular products like Cavinton, Vincapan are indicated for neurological diseases, related to insufficiency of cerebral circulation, memory impairments, and climacteric syndrome. They extend cerebral vessels, improve blood supply and oxygenation of the brain, assimilate glucose, reduces thrombocyte aggregation.
  6. Adaptogens have the mission of sustaining the neural functions in order and the proper balance of the cells of this organ.

  7. Nootropic stack has very few side effects that manifest as local reactions. It’s kind of good, but makes you think again: do they work at all? Using nootrops cause unwanted consequences. Therefore, the course of many nootropics must terminate smoothly, even if the effect is not felt from them.

    Note: prescription drugs for ADHD are particularly effective in increasing short-term motivation. However, they involve serious side effects such as tachycardia, anxiety, agitation, and paranoia. They are not considered nootropic stack guide and should only be used as a last resort when other nootropics with a similar but safer action (such as Modafinil or Phenylpiracetam) have failed.

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