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What is GABA supplement and its benefits?

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What is GABA supplement and its benefits?

An elephant goes rogue in India attacking a village and destroying property. Its fury too much for the locals as their feeble structures crumble like cardboards under the sheer brute violence of this beast.

Then the ranger shows up with a tranquilizer dart and enough sedative to put a 6-pound beast to sleep and stop the carnage. It takes one shot and the show is over.

Such is the potential of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

GABA definition

GABA definitionIt is a naturally calming neurotransmitter that aids the interplay of the gray matter and the central nervous system. GABA receptors are responsible for the receipt and transmission of brain impulses. The brain breaks down Glutamate using an enzyme called glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) and with the catalytic help of Vitamin B6.

This chemical is said to possess numerous health bonuses such as muscular relaxation, anti-depressant, and even pain remission. Research is still continuing to uncover all the hidden secrets of the GABA neurotransmitter function.

Natural occurrence

It is found in various plants and certain fermented foods. The Chinese Pu-Erh Tea and Japanese Hatsuga Genmai also called GABA rice both have high GABA content. Diet is the easiest and healthiest way to revamp this important compound.

Pharma GABA is another formulation made using Lactobacillus hilgardii which is a good lactic acid bacteria. It is then used as an additive and enrichment food ingredient for many products.

What does GABA do?

What does GABA do?It calms the brain by moderating energy in the neurons. Too much excitement manifests negatively as headaches, insomnia, seizures, muscle cramps etc. GABA for anxiety treatment utilizes this principle. Restrained excitement expedites connection with the brain to contain the action in the muscles. Optimal levels equate to a muscular relaxant, less tension, and greater restraint. This outcome also helps in GABA for sleep therapies, positive moods, and soothing premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

It trades as Gabapentin and has a wonderful reputation as a wellness resource. Many pieces of research, medics and GABA reviews testify to these.

GABA Benefits

  • Stress Relief
    Studies from the American Journal of Psychiatry and Columbia University’s Psychiatry department have correlated less GABA in the system with panic and disorders. Its capacity to pacify the neurons conveys the same tranquility into the body functions, mitigating pressure and coaxing the body to rest
  • Reduces depression
    It may be an alternative treatment for depression. Studies from Yale University have shown increased GABA after treatment from depression
  • GABA BenefitsSleep repair
    A 2008 study by the Sleep journal found that people with insomnia had 30% less natural GABA than a group of healthy sleepers. A different 2015 study found that giving GABA supplements condensed the period it took to fall asleep to around 5 minutes. Approximately 30% of adults have difficulty sleeping. Underwhelming the excited neurons and nerves is like composing an internal lullaby.
  • PMS Easing
    Some women endure distress between ovulation and menses. This could be marked by foul moods and low spirits. The duration of menses has also drops or disrupts GABA. As a pain reliever and muscle relaxer, GABA can help cope with muscle cramps during menses.
  • GABA for ADHD
    Johns Hopkins University did a study in 2012 on kids and found that those with ADHD had tapered GABA in the brain. Other studies have related lower levels with a shortage of inhibition and spur-of-the-moment inclinations. No wonder it has thus been used for ADHD care.

GABA Dosage

GABA DosageIt is not categorized as controlled because the addiction threat is very low. Nevertheless, you need a prescription to buy Gabapentin. The highest dosage should be between 750 – 800 milligrams spread out into three or four times through the day.

Talk to your doctor before taking supplements. It is advisable to begin with lower doses. There is no research on the effects of these supplement on pregnant or nursing mothers. Therefore, it is generally agreed that you should keep off them if you are in expecting or breastfeeding.

Too much GABA can be a trigger for anxiety and depression. Watch out for any unexpected effects.

Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of Action GABAGabapentin works by regulating nerve activity in the brain. It impersonates the natural compound balancing brain activity. It acts as an anti-seizure and pain drug. It is available in generic form and has been administered in treatments not approved by the FDA, for:

  • Alcohol and heroin addiction
  • Migraines
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Hot flashes
  • GABA side effects and withdrawal

It is generally safe within the prescribed doses. However, use too much and it can lead to depression. The most commonly observed effects: weak-kneed, groggy, and flushing skin.

As it is said earlier said, avoid taking GABA during gestation and suckling.

Gabapentin interactions with other medications can present challenges. Used in conjunction with pain medicine like Morphine, it results in fatigue. It also interferes with stomach acid drugs.

It can also cause allergic reactions and comes with a warning on what to watch out for. You should avoid drinking alcohol.

For epilepsy patients, you should not terminate usage cold turkey. It can cause big life-threatening seizures.

How and where to buy

How and where to buy GABAYou can readily find it in most pharmacies, health stores and online. It is sold in pure form or in compounds of mixed supplements that work well together. If you are not knowledgeable about these you can view GABA supplement reviews. They are very educative for newbies.

Other natural anxiety compounds that can be combined in your diet to grow natural stocks are:

Vitamin B6 – This GABA Vitamin is a reactant that incentivizes more production.

Magnesium – Two typical indications of magnesium scarcity are tension and insomnolence. A mineral lift through food or supplements will fix your state through normal GABA function.


In ideal situations, the brain is perfectly capable of manufacturing GABA and to use it for a myriad of bodily benefits, some of which that we are yet to know. Diminishing levels have been linked with many health complications and may necessitate an external source of the compound.

Foods with GABA are the next line of defense. They add oomph to the brain factory bringing higher efficiency in capacity with little to zero danger of foreign chemicals into your system. Lastly, there are synthetic supplements and GABA pills that mimic the real deal.

These may have unexpected repercussions and should be taken under doctor’s advice.

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