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GABA Supplement – Main Benefits for Anxiety Relief and Promoting Better Sleep.

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GABA Supplement – Main Benefits for Anxiety Relief and Promoting Better Sleep. Smart Pill Wiki 11

GABA is an abbreviation for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It is an amino acid which is produced in the brain and cannot be taken in foods. The presence of another neurotransmitter and vitamins are needed for efficient production of GABA.

An amino acid can also be a neurotransmitter and a hormone all at the same time. So don’t get confused when GABA and other brain chemicals are given these titles interchangeably.

In the brain, GABA is mainly used as a regulating chemical. It keeps other brain chemicals in the desired levels to avoid issues like anxiety and overstimulation of some brain parts.

We require GABA if our brains are to function properly. It is also associated with the secretion of hormones named endorphins. These are the body chemicals that are released in large amounts when we are in the presence of a sexual partner. They promote the good feeling felt when people are in love.

Reviews for GABA supplements

If a GABA supplement is to be ingested orally, most of it will end up being broken down in the digestive tract. This means that such a supplement will not be effective even if taken in large doses.

Don’t take GABA pills or supplements containing GABA in the hope of introducing it directly to the brain. This is important to know. You will encounter many products offering to sell you GABA for sleep and anxiety pills.

One approach that can be used to boost GABA levels in the brain is to take vitamin B6 supplements and glutamate. These are the main requirements needed for a normal production of GABA to occur in the brain. Supplementing with uridine may also encourage GABA production but not a guarantee.

Another approach is to take pills and supplements that have the ability of promoting the production of GABA naturally. Picamilon is a good example. Phenibut has also been shown to make it to the brain and elevate the levels of GABA. These are some of the best nootropics we have around.

GABA for anxiety and psychology health

GABA works by binding to the brain chemicals that have probably gotten out of control. It can also bind with the receptors which are targeted by certain brain chemicals.

Through this mode of action, the same impulse cannot keep being sent over and over again. As it happens, this is the basis on which stress and anxiety occur. The more certain anxiety causing impulses are sent and received in the brain, the more anxiety will grow.

By inhibiting the action of stress hormones such as cortisol, GABA is able to reduce the felt anxiety. GABA for anxiety is a main application of psychology nootropics benefits. It can also act as a brain fog cure.

GABA is also able to mimic other neurotransmitters. This feature allows it to maintain normal brain functions even in the absence or deficiency of a certain brain chemical. This explains why it can promote sleep despite it not being the brain chemical we attribute to sleep.

GABA for sleep reviews

GABA for sleep uses are well known but not well understood. In fact, a number of sleeping pills are meant to encourage the efficiency with which GABA will bind to certain brain receptors associated with sleep.

It is interesting to note that many patients suffering from insomnia have been found to have low levels of GABA. However, this is hardly the hormone that controls sleep.

Sleep is controlled by a different brain chemical namely melatonin. It is formed from excess serotonin. The perhaps best explanation we give to GABA for sleep effectiveness is that it helps balance the levels of melatonin available in the brain. It can also block certain brain impulses that are causing the insomnia.

Other GABA pills benefits

Other GABA benefits include:

Treating depression
In many occasions, patients with bipolar disorder have been reported to have GABA levels. Some professionals have recommended the use of GABA for psychology recovery especially when depression is involved. Some remain skeptical; especially bearing in mind that depression is a complex process. Treating it with GABA pills seems too simple to be effective.

Diabetes management
It has been shown that insulin levels can be increased through GABA supplementation. Insulin is the hormone behind blood sugar management. In its deficiency, diabetes occurs.

This is one of GABA benefits that has perhaps received the highest number of scientific backings. GABA supplement is however still to be recommended as a typical diabetes control drug.

Helps with menstrual disorders
There are some women who develop symptoms of depression when they near menstruation. This condition has been reported to ease when enough GABA was available in the blood serum.

It is thought that some complex interactions do occur in the body between GABA and sex hormones. The basic thing is that supplementing with GABA can ease this form of depression.

Recovery from addiction
Addiction occurs when some impulses are repeatedly sent to the brain asking for a certain chemical to be added to the body. As it happens, addictive agents such as caffeine and nicotine are translated as body toxins. For this reason, the body keeps flushing them off the system, which is of course supplemented by taking more of the containing drug and the cycle goes on.

By inhibiting repetition of the impulses calling for the addictive agent supplementation, GABA can help patients recover from addiction.

Reviews for GABA tea benefits

So maybe you have come about GABA tea and wondering if it is right product for you or not. For a start, GABA tea is derived from oolong tea leaves. These are the same tea leaves that make green and black tea. The difference is that with oolong tea, the leaves are taken through a semi-fermentation process. Black tea leaves undergo full fermentation while green tea leaves are steam dried and pan fried.

GABA tea is supposedly taken through a series of steps which sees it form some active GABA in it. Well, the product can be relaxing, with a great flavor and all that. It can actually produce positive placebo effects. However, as we identified much earlier, oral administration of products containing GABA will in no way help elevate the levels of this brain chemical.

How to take GABA supplement and pills

The correct GABA dosage will mainly depend on the reason you are taking it and the source you are getting it from. As we said, taking it from food and GABA pills will not be effective. Better you take another nootropic with almost similar effects to anxiety such as ephedrine diet pills.

All the same, you can take other pills known to promote the levels of GABA in the brain. Phenibut is recommended in several reviews. In this case, take dosages of 500 mg daily. The dosage can be increased to reach 1500 mg but higher is not advised for.

You may also consider taking Picamilon as an alternative to GABA supplements. In this case, take dosages of between 100 and 200 mg daily doses.

Supplementing with GABA is considered safe. No serious side effects have been reported so far. However, you need to be careful not to overdo the relaxation part.

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