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Glycine Supplement – Benefits for Sleep, Anxiety, Brain Health and Longevity.

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Glycine Supplement – Benefits for Sleep, Anxiety, Brain Health and Longevity. Smart Pill Wiki 7

There are 20 amino acids that are essential for health and body development. Our bodies make some of the amino acids while others must be taken in foods. By definition, Glycine is one of the various amino acids that the body can naturally make.

Like all protein building blocks, it is very important in the body. It plays a key role in the breakdown of energy provisioning nutrients such as glycogen. It is also involved in metabolism of fats to release the energy you require to breath, move, even think.

The amino acid is very concentrated in active muscles, skin and connective tendons. It is also abundant in bone broth. This is one of the reasons you will see all types of advertisements for bone broth products that promise quicker healing, more body energy and claims of that sort.

Glycine supplement for sleep and other uses

Glycine supplement for sleepWe get most of the needed glycine from foods that we eat daily. However, the amount of product contained in a glycine supplement will be way more than you can get from foods. Following are the benefits of supplementing with glycine.

Promotes muscle development
Creatine is a compound used in the production, repair and growth of muscles. To be synthesized, the compound needs glycine as a raw material. This promotes faster healing of wounds, more muscles and strong connective tissues.

Maintains nerve health
In the nerves, impulses are sent in the form of electrical signals. Electrical signals on the other hand depend on ions of different metals to be effectively transmitted. Potassium and calcium ions are good examples. Glycine ensures that these metals are available for impulses to be efficiently transferred.

Aids in digestion
The gut is lined with tissues made of gelatin and collagen. Glycine is used in the synthesis of these compounds. In its absence, disorders such as leaky gut will be developed.

Promotes joints health
Health joints are a must if common motor activities such as mobility and moving your limbs are to be possible. The connective tendons that help move the joints are partly made of glycine.

Promotes sleep
Glycine supplement for sleep works by eradicating fatigue especially after a physical exercise. It also aids in regulation of blood sugar levels, a common cause of insomnia and chronic fatigue. It can be used with such a supplement like ginseng extract for better results.

Magnesium glycine benefits and formula

Glycine supplement can be modified in the lab or be used in a nootropics stack for much better effects. One of such modifications includes adding magnesium to glycine to come up with magnesium glycine formula.

Let’s have a look at the notable magnesium glycine benefits:

The most notable benefits revolve around the roles that magnesium play in promoting body and especially brain health.

When nerves are not sending or receiving signals, they are most prone to impairment. Magnesium is thought keep them health and free from possible damage. This can be one of the various effective ways on how to improve memory.

It has been noted that children who develop ADHD have low levels of magnesium. Taking the supplement can therefore reduce the symptoms of such brain development disorders.

Magnesium glycine has also been used for sleep betterment. Better sleep can mean lower cortisol levels which many people would give anything to have. Think of cortisol as the brain chemical that elevates stress and promotes anxiety/depression.

It has been shown that the brain’s capability to gain new knowledge may actually be related to the available levels of magnesium present in the blood. Supplementing with magnesium for example increases a brain growth factor that aids in forming new brain-nerve networks.

Magnesium glycine benefits also include heart health, more sensitivity to insulin, anti-aging and more. Although we get magnesium naturally from foods, supplementing with the same can be of many benefits.

Glycine for anxiety formula

Glycine for anxiety requires a stacking formula for best anxiety relieving effects. As you may remember, we identified glycine as an important compound in ensuring nerve impulses are sent and received efficiently. This means that it can help reduce anxiety by promoting more efficient functioning of anti-anxiety hormones such as dopamine.

But it can’t function alone. You will need another product such as L-theanine or an herb such as rhodiola rosea. These are better known anxiety relievers and will complement the glycine for anxiety effects.

Side effects of glycine supplement

The side effects of glycine powder or supplement are very minimal and probably not to be found in details officially. It is considered a safe and a well-tolerated supplement.
The possible side effects include vomiting, nausea and gastric discomfort. The side effects will disappear after a while.

Pregnant women are not advised to use the supplement without a doctor’s advice. This also includes giving the supplement to children.

Avoid glycine, if you have had a stroke attack in recent times. This also includes if you have used clozapine treatment recently. Preferably, always consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Where to buy the best glycine powder formula

Buying glycine and its products should not be a tough experience. It can be purchased even at local health stores.

I always recommend buying from an already established and reputable online vendor. In that way, you will have the chance of buying other products to use with glycine such as Alpha lipoic acid.

Online vendors will also likely have the option of selling glycine powder, which will be cost-effective. You will also have the freedom of manipulating your dosage at need.

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