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Good vitamins that helps to improve your memory and concentration.

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Good vitamins that helps to improve your memory and concentration. Smart Pill Wiki 5

Since birth, a person is endowed with the capacity to remember various dates and events, and every day this ability will progress. But in some cases, for some reason, many people begin to complain of a severe loss of memory and attention. This problem is usually observed in people aged 40-45 years, in some cases, much later.

It is worth remarking that this problem is not a hereditary factor and age-related feature – it’s not regrettable to say a real illness that can take anyone by surprise. First of all, chronic diseases can be the cause of memory loss, and secondly – a lack of vitamins and trace elements, resulting in a decrease in the activity of brain cells. So let’s know what vitamins help brain memory and how to take pills to improve memory.

How to specify that you need memory supplements

Sometimes we just get the idea that it would be nice to take vitamins for memory loss. Weakness, sicknesses, frustration, cause in most of u the desire to pamper yourself with a good vitamin complex. But how do you know that it is the brain and memory that need to be replenished?

Pills to improve memory is needed if you notice the following signs in yourself:

  • for no reason, quite often you forget the right word, the last name of a new acquaintance, the birthday date;
  • a state of stress, you forget about important meetings, promises, details of a conversation just held;
  • the anxiety, the vague feeling that you have missed, forgot something important, overflows you;
  • in the midst of a talk, you can realize that you have completely lost the thought and cannot continue to speak, it’s like a blank sheet in your head;
  • once you are on an unfamiliar street, you feel annoyed and anxious, because you can’t focus and find out where you are going.

What vitamins are good for memory and concentration

Group B is represented by B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12. Each of them is a normalizer of almost all nervous processes, accelerates recovery processes in brain cells, alleviates anxiety and helps to fight stress. The norm of these vitamins for memory for adults and children is different, the greatest number of them is required after the age of 16 when the load on the nervous system increases during the period of intensive study and work related to solving problems. They are primarily vitamins that have a positive effect on concentration, thinking, and secondly, they enhance the protective function, that helps to avoid its early aging and severe overloads.

The best vitamins for memory and mind are:

  • Vitamin B1 – has a strong effect on the ability of the brain to remember information. Its absence contributes to the accumulation of uric acid, resulting in the work of the brain deteriorates. In addition, its deficiency causes the appearance of mental and physical weakness, depressive state, and rapid fatigue. Pay attention that thiamine does not tolerate heat treatment, so it is best to eat raw foods containing vitamin B1.
  • B2 or as it is also called riboflavin is responsible for supplying the body with energy, so it must necessarily be used by people whose work requires strong physical and mental costs.
  • B3 generates energy in the nerve cells, resulting in improved brain function, concentration, and mindfulness itself. With insufficient content, memory and concentration deterioration is noticed, feelings of fatigue appear.
  • B5 activates long-term memory by transferring energy from one neuron to another. In addition, it helps to produce a certain substance that helps the cerebrum not to succumb to the negative effects of nicotine and alcohol.
  • B9, that we all know as the folic acid is indispensable for the development of memory, namely, it helps to enhance the speed of thinking and the quality of concentration. Deficiency of folic acid leads to significant memory impairment, insomnia, fatigue, and anemia.
  • B12. This vitamin is responsible for the state of our body during its awakening and vice versa. This is truly relevant since vitamin B12 contributes to the obtained information in the sleep process to fall into long-term memory. It is also necessary when changing time zones in order to adapt to the new regime.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) protects the body from physical and mental overstrain, as well as the effects of negative external factors.
  • Vitamin D is an important regulator of calcium metabolism, protects the blood vessels and capillaries of the brain from sclerotic processes. It is an indispensable vitamin for older personalities and those who are recovering from a stroke and brain injury. To maintain health, it is enough to take fish oil preparations, eat a serving of fish, pork liver and several yolks of eggs a week. If you choose a course of therapy with pharmaceuticals, then be sure to choose a complex with a high content of calcium, magnesium, and D, since their simultaneous use enhances the action.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, restores the damaged neural connections, provides nutrition to the nervous tissues. Its regular intake in small doses will help in the fight against weak memory, irritability, and depression. Especially shown for women after 50 years and older. In food, its content is not enough for a healing effect, but it is still useful to include in the diet vegetable oils from various raw materials (olive, sunflower, corn, sesame, peanut), nuts and seeds.

Reviews on vitamin complexes for adults that improve memory

To improve cognition, you can not only enrich your diet with foods that contain useful vitamins for the work of our brain, but also with the intake of special pharmacy vitamin complexes. So far, there is a huge selection of drugs to improve memory, but we now consider several effective supplements for memory loss treatment:

This drug is recommended taking with a decrease in mental thinking and during emotional stress, resulting from stressful events (these include exams and other conflict situations). Glycine helps to normalize sleep, relieves emotional stress and improves mood.

The drug is available in pill form. It is necessary to apply one tablet two or three times a day. The pill is placed under the tongue or crushed and taken as a powder.

Piracetam is prescribed for memory impairment, the strength to memorize and loss of concentration. It is also recommended using it in the period of study to advance intellectual abilities. It is often prescribed for diseases such as atherosclerosis and encephalopathy of various origins. For adults, the daily dose is one to two capsules three times a day. For children – one or two capsules twice a day. The course of therapy lasts from one to three months.
Intellan is a balanced drug based on plant extracts. It is prescribed taking when having strong mental costs. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system, as a result of which it accommodates to quickly deal with depression and anxiety.

The drug is suggested taking 1 capsule twice a day after meals. The course of treatment is a month. If necessary, the course of medication can be repeated, with a break of a week.

How to improve memory in schoolchildren and students?

The diet of learners and graduates of the school is far from ideal, because of which the body does not fully receive all the necessary minerals and vitamins for brain memory and concentration. To compensate for the lack of nutrients, it is advised to take balanced complexes to support and enhance memory, stimulate the cerebellum and strengthen nerve cells. The best vitamins needed for brain work, improving the mind and fantasy for schoolchildren and undergraduates are:

Brain Booster is a preparation containing extracts of herbs, minerals to enhance cell nutrition and aids to normalize blood circulation even in the smallest vessels of the head. Increases the speed of transmission of impulses in the nerve cells, which allows you to quickly assimilate the information received and to adapt to intense loads during school.
Orthomol Mental was developed for active young people who daily engage in mental and physical stress, are deficient in sleep and travel frequently. The complex significantly increases the level of enforcement, props to adapt to a new type of activity and get rid of stress and fatigue. Improves eyesight, which is important for students.
Glycine is safe and affordable pills that help to cope with stress and tension during exams and important speeches.
Phenotropil – the drug is used in courses before and during the session. Produced strictly by prescription. Initially, the drug was created to treat Alzheimer’s syndrome, but because of its potency to stimulate short-term memory, it has been widely used among learners.

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