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Benefits of Gotu Kola Extract and Tea

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Benefits of Gotu Kola Extract and Tea

The past has a way of influencing the present and tomorrow both. Ancient intrigues passed down generations have become either blessings or hexes. Consider the arts and architecture of former times. They have become the crown jewels of today. Early technologies have shaped what we call contemporary.

This influence is not localized to certain disciplines, it is widespread across fields and sectors. Necessity is the mother of invention and the need to live long healthy lives led to inventions to fight diseases and sicknesses through time and across geographies. The fathers of modern medicine were healers and herbalists.

Thanks to their timeless discoveries we can fight some of the worst infirmities. These battles are far from won but we can enjoy Mother Nature’s heavier artillery like Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola herb and improve many wasting conditions.

What is Gotu Kola plant?

Gotu Kola plantIt is a wild shrub native to India, Sri-Lanka, Europe and South Africa, used in Ayurveda and Chinese cures over the last three millennia. It has tissue regeneration and restoration. It represses swelling and produces healing collagen both inside the body and on the skin.

Though it has the same last name as the Kola nuts used in making soft drinks, it holds zero caffeine like the latter. It actually has tranquilizing elements.

It has been used to cure wounds, firm skin, reverse hair loss and trigger nail growth and removal of scars and wrinkles.

Gotu Kola health benefits

Gotu Kola health benefitsThroughout the last 3000 years, it has been consumed as a nutritious food in some Asian countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka. The leaf is especially good for inclusion in salads or dehydrated for making tea. Benefits of Gotu Kola tea include fighting exhaustion, nervousness, and circulatory problems.

Today, it has a more expanded range of use and products. Gotu Kola extracts have a plethora of uses on their own or as part of a more robust solution. Here are some:

Gotu Kola oil

Featured among the few herbs that can be taken orally or applied onto skin with remarkable collagen production both ways, its seeds can be pressed to make oils that are good for skin and hair. It helps the scalp blood circulation and general health reducing hair loss and initiating re-growth. Gotu Kola cream soothes burns, knits scar tissue, and mends stretch marks when blended with Vitamin E and other compounds

Gotu Kola benefits for skin are legendary. It has been nicknamed ‘Botox in a bottle’ and the fountain of youth. Among many applications is the fight against cellulite. Diuretic properties increase blood flow to affected areas usually thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks and upper arms diminishing the distensions.

By tightening and firming your skin, it maintains a youthful appearance. Coupled with anti-inflammation and better circulation, it has become a darling of anti-aging and facial condiments. Studies have shown it reduces wrinkling.

Gotu Kola for memory

Take a load of this, a beauty product that not only makes you look younger but makes your mind feel and function healthier like it was younger. Sounds like fiction? It’s not. It contains ingredients called saponins that help the elderly recover memory and intellect. It is a prescription for Alzheimer’s, depression and other psychiatric impairment.

Gotu Kola supplement

Gotu Kola supplementThese saponins are used to make natural supplements. It is among the many therapies for cognitive improvement, fatigue, improving concentration. Though not a stimulant, the increase in blood supply oxygenates the body and energizes it organically.

Other uses include for stomach ulcers, urinary tract infections, tonsillitis, and schistosomiasis.

Gotu Kola side effects

As is often the case every beauty has a beast. Pregnant and lactating moms are advised to not take Gotu Kola by mouth as there are no data to support the good or bad from this. Better safe than sorry. Topical application is allowed as it is outside the body.

Liver disease patients are also in the same category. Their condition is likely to worsen from ingesting this herb.

If you are scheduled for surgery, avoid Gotu Kola. It has been reported to cause too much sleepiness in conjunction with anesthetic and post-surgery meds.

Gotu Kola Dosage

The general rule is three times a day, a total of 60 – 180 mg orally.

Where to buy

Where to buy Gotu KolaLike many readers, you are probably sold into this amazing herb and wondering where to get it. The good news is that they are many places, including, health shops, pharmacies and online. You will find it as powders and capsules. The bad news, you must be very keen as there are products that are not pure or downright low grade.

First things first, decide which product you want to buy as they are many out there, teas, mixes, supplements etc. Then check out the companies who make them to ensure you get organic products. The good ones have third parties check and certify the purity.

Check labels for any synthetic additives. Gotu Kola reviews are not only great for testimonials, but they are also a great source of credible information on products, manufacturers, and general related data.


Ancient practices were considered primitive and sometimes barbaric. The human race as we know it today is a culmination of many things including history, art, and medicine. The discoveries of today are often improvements of former ancient practices.

Such is the case of these wonder herb. Used over millennia to treat a host of maladies and now used to improve brain health. Research has buoyed the traditional wisdom and belief with hard facts that old remedies sometimes are the keys to modern vicissitudes.

Gotu Kola has no doubt carved its place in the cognitive hall of fame. It has also brought with it dermatological and hair health benefits that make it a hot cake in the cosmetics market. This phenomenal product has traversed through time, mythology, medicine, beauty and is a tried and tested effective therapy for a myriad of disorders.

Just goes to show that Mother Nature has mysteries beyond our wildest imagination.

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