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Gotu Kola Benefits – Tea, Cream, Uses, Dosage Reviews and Side Effects.

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Gotu Kola Benefits – Tea, Cream, Uses, Dosage Reviews and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 1

Gotu kola, (not in any way related to kola nuts) is an herb that has been used for long in herbal medicine. In ancient China, the potency of gotu kola in promoting general health was so much believed in that a legend of a certain master having lived for two centuries, curtsey of the herb, exists.

Gotu kola can be taken as a supplement or in gotu kola tea. Note that the tea contains no caffeine as some would have it. It is known to relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. It is also famous for its brain enhancement capabilities such as reversing memory loss and treating sleeping disorders.

Gotu kola tea, cream and extract

The parts above the ground from a gotu kola plant are mostly the ones associated with gotu kola benefits. The parts are then dried and prepared into powder or extract.

The plant is in often times used to prepare gotu kola tea. The tea has been said to have cognitive enhancing capabilities, protects the digestive system, clear brain fog and promote a relaxation feeling just as it is with L-Theanine. Mixed with other enhancers such as gingko, the tea can prove of many health benefits.

Gotu kola cream can also be prepared from the herb. Applied on wounds, it can quicken the healing process as well as keep infectious germs off. It can also be applied on skin to erase stretch marks and scars. Other uses for gotu kola cream and the herb in general also include treating fungal urinary infections, cold, flu, syphilis influenza even TB.

Gotu kola benefits reviews

Triterpenes are the compounds contained in gotu kola and thought to bring about its associated health benefits. They promote the production of collagen. Below are popular uses and benefits of gotu kola:

Neuro growth

Just like most of the best nootropics 2017, gotu kola is known to encourage and promote growth of new neurons. This is attributed to the increased release of nerve growth factors experienced by gotu kola users. Idebenone is another nootropic that can produce similar effects.

Improves mood

Stress, anxiety and depression are conditions that continue to affect more people daily. There are just so many pressures that stress is inevitable.

Gotu kola has been shown to reduced stress and improve mood in its users. It also promotes a relation feeling and a sense of content.

Neuro protection

Brain cells are delicate and easily damaged by toxins including ones found in some food flavors and pollutants. Gotu kola helps get rid of such toxins. Also, it contains antioxidants which get rid of free radicals from the body system.

A memory enhancer

The herb increases the levels of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine in the blood serum. In turn promotes memory enhancement and improved learning capabilities.

Gotu kola has actually showed significant results when used to manage Alzheimer’s disease. This is a brain condition that causes memory loss due to reduced acetylcholine. Better results can be gotten by using it with centrophenoxine capsules, which too are used to treat the condition.

Treats sleep disorders

Gotu kola has been used to treat insomnia. Unlike sleeping agents you will buy over the counter, gotu kola offers a long-term solution to sleeping disorders. Taking gotu kola tea daily before sleep will produce desirable effects.

Promotes intake of other essentials

Vitamins for example are very important in memory and cognitive health. Gotu kola for example helps in the uptake of vitamin E. It also elevates the effects of supplements such as magnesium aspartate.

Gotu kola tea and extract dosage

Gotu kola is readily available in many forms as briefly stated earlier. You can buy the capsules, tinctures, tea, cream, powder and tablets.

For brain health and enhancement, the recommended dosage according to reviews is 2 to 4 grams. Individuals with a higher BMI index will get better results with the higher limits of the dosage.

Lower dosage of about 0.5 grams is recommended when using gotu kola for issues related to mood and anxiety. Take this dosage daily for a period of about 2 weeks.

For gotu kola cream and gels, use them according to manufacturer’s instructions. Their concentrations widely differ.

Some people prefer to buy gotu kola seeds and grow the plant at home. The plant is in the family of carrots and prefers moist and warm climate. It makes for a good ground cover and will also prevent erosion.

Reviews for gotu kola side effects

The health benefits of gotu kola have been enjoyed for centuries with minimal side effects. Most of the gotu kola side effects are tolerable and mostly revolve around headaches or gastric discomfort. It is much unlikely that you will find an enhancer without these two side effects. This includes the first nootropics such as oxiracetam.
All in all, there are several warnings you should be familiar with.

Enough research has not been conducted on the potential effects of gotu kola to unborn babies. Therefore, just keep off it when pregnant. External application however is not advised against.
Some reports have it that gotu kola will elevate the level of liver damage, especially for individuals already suffering from liver diseases.

Finally, gotu kola has been known to promote deep sleep. It is actually the reason it is used to treat insomnia. You are advised to quit using the herb or its extract if you are scheduled for a medical operation that may call for anesthesia use.

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