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Guanfacine hcl/er – what are the side effects when treating ADHD

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Guanfacine hcl/er – what are the side effects when treating ADHD

Over six million kids between the ages of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD in the US according to 2017 figures. That number has been soaring over the past few years. Some grown-ups continue to show symptoms into adulthood.

Stimulants are the epitome of ADHD remediation. They are very effective but come laden with looming drastic reactions that cannot be overlooked. This often inspires more medics and guardians to comb the science book for other methods that are good but with fewer hazards.

Guanfacine for ADHD is among the non-stimulant outliers fancied in this crusade. It trades as Guanfacine ER and Guanfacine HCL common as Intuniv across the EU or Tenex in the US.

How and what is Guanfacine used for?

How and what is Guanfacine used for?The thrust of this piece endeavors to elucidate on the prowess of Guanfacine for ADHD.

ADHD rears its repulsive head in many ways such as trouble paying attention, disorderliness, thought ineptitude hyperactiveness, and lack of restraining. It further affects literacy, peer socialization and brings down esteem.

Guanfacine hydrochloride is a whitish powder that can partially dissolve in water or acetone. Some patients are not able to use tonics for any number of reasons and hence the need for a surrogate like Guanfacine medication.

Benefits of Guanfacine for ADHD

Benefits of Guanfacine for ADHDIt can be used together with stimulants for ADHD or alone with needful instructional, psycho-social and any other sanative exercises. Its technical operation is unclear. Specialists believe it has a jolt on brain receptors which:

Guanfacine ADHD is also used for lowering high blood pressure and it is not a drug of habit like stimulants. It takes about one to two months to feel the full effects and is consented in America, Australia, and Europe.

Guanfacine dosage

Firstly, it is not classed as controlled because the tendency to get yoked is low. However, compliance with the physician’s guidelines is mandatory, and no sharing is permitted even with people showing similar symptoms. It comes in two formats, for immediate and prolonged action which are Tenex and Guanfacine ER/Guanfacine Intuniv, respectively.

The immediate release comes in Guanfacine 1mg and 2mg tablets that should be taken twice a day tops. The lengthened version has 1, 2, 3, and 4mg tablets and should be taken once daily either morning or evening. Doses can be escalated based on a person’s tolerance thresholds as the doctor sees fit. An overdose could cause cardiac or respiratory complications and must be reported pronto.

These are placeholders and your doctor’s discretion is the absolute authority. These pills should be taken with lean meals as fatty foods speed up the discharge rates of the contents which could cause side effects.

What are Guanfacine side effects?

What are Guanfacine side effects?As an uncompromisable rule, always see a doctor. This assures you that every prescription is adjudged as the best bet all things considered. This is important because Guanfacine side effects may occur.

The most observable ones are:

  • saliva dryness
  • fatigue
  • queasiness
  • light-headedness
  • hypotension
  • slowed heartbeat

Past occurrence of heart or kidney infirmities and blood pressure must be divulged because they may be aggravated by Guanfacine medication.

Further, you should not intermix with drugs and herbs that cause somnolence like antihistamines, morphine, codeine, etc. Read the labels for infusions that could cause drowsiness and keep off alcohol when medicating.

Sudden stopping is dissuaded unless with orders from a doctor. The likely outcome of this is Guanfacine anxiety and hypertension. You are advised to narrow the dose.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take this medicine. The effects on the unborn and mothers milk are not yet understood.

Is Guanfacine like Adderall?

Yes and no. In fighting ADHD yes. They are both prescribed for the same conditions and can even work complementary to each other. They also have some very similar side effects though Adderall’s effects are far scarier.

Guanfacine mechanism of action is still a riddle. It is surmised to fire adrenergic receptors resulting in control of attentiveness and consequently, behavior. Adderall, however, is a well-known stimulant and a drug of abuse. It has a powerful kick that produces a high which endears it to many casual and party users

There is no Guanfacine high and so no incentive to abuse. Thus, there are no Guanfacine recreational users whereas the latter is highly abused and is categorized as very controlled.

How and where to buy

This drug can be found in local pharmacies and online. Guanfacine generic formulations are in great supply at much lower prices and still effective. Check with your vendor if they accept insurance or not as all do. A Google search will give you many options which offer discounts and coupons. As always, do a thorough vetting and read Guanfacine reviews for more information, best offers, and general end-user interactions.

Last words

ADHD cases are rising. Though stimulants are an efficient counter-action, some people’s bodies don’t respond favorably necessitating a wider array of weaponry.

GuanfacineGuanfacine HCL is a welcome option in these interventions for people who are unable to derive the full benefits of stimulants and also those with fears of the risks posed by stimulants. It is effective as a solo countermeasure or as an accompaniment to stimulants. The treatment combines drugs, counseling, social and educational dimensions, working concurrently.

Despite not being a habit-forming drug, Guanfacine has similar side and withdrawal effects to addictives. It is not controlled but must be given due respect as ignorance can be very costly. Doctor’s advice should be followed to the letter in regards to dosages with continuous observation and assessment.

Share your family health history honestly to stem any surprises resulting from an undisclosed malaise. If you intend to carry a pregnancy, let your doctor know before starting on this drug because of the many unknowns related to gestation.

Lastly, it is readily available in many shops on and offline. The responsibility is on the user to get the real deal from authentic sellers to reap the maximum benefits.

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