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Having Difficulty Remembering? – This Is What You Should Do and Things to Avoid.

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Having Difficulty Remembering? – This Is What You Should Do and Things to Avoid. Smart Pill Wiki 3

It is in often times that individuals experience difficulties in remembering things. For people in early parts of their lives, such a condition sparks very worrying concerns. This is because it might be a symptom of an underlying serious health condition. Forgetfulness may also result from vices like drug abuse and such.

Causes of memory loss

  • Various medications will cause imbalances in the synthesis and efficient utilization of neurotransmitters. In turn, this may lead to poor memory for the individual making use of the medications. Such medications include sleeping pills, diabetes pills, a lot of painkillers or even medications meant to mitigate anxiety.
  • Memory loss has also been reported due to less hours of sleep. This condition is commonly referred to as sleep apnea. It is treatable once you get to visit a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Another very common cause of memory loss is poor dietary inclusions. The storage and translation of memories purely depend on the right coordination of brain cells and nerves. This coordination gets impaired once the right minerals and vitamins lacking in an individual’s diets.
  • Being under stress or depression also contributes to memory loss. It needs that the brain is under little or no anxiety if it is to gain and retain memories at all.
  • The initial stages of stroke lead to blocked blood vessels and in turn memory loss. Oxygen is a vital requirement of the brain. In its absence, it becomes almost impossible for brain cells to function as required. In fact, as the effects of stroke progress, mild cases of memory loss will continue to be felt.
  • Memory loss can also result from injuries and heavy abuse of drugs.

How to deal with difficulties in remembering

It is very important that you visit a doctor, the very moment you encounter any sign of memory loss. It may be that you are developing a progressive disease or condition. With the right treatment, most of the diseases that cause difficulties in remembering can be successfully dealt with.

Ensure that you keep your brain healthy. This can be achieved by taking balanced and healthy meals. Foods rich in mineral salts and vitamins are the best.

If you are on special medications, ensure that you report about the consequential memory loss to your doctor. The doctor will be in the best position to advising you whether to stop or change the medication.

Get the necessary help if you are addicted to any drug. Drugs not only cause short-term memory loss but they also ultimately lead to permanent brain cells damage.

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