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How to improve short term memory: definition, causes, symptoms.

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How to improve short term memory: definition, causes, symptoms. Smart Pill Wiki 1

There are people who don’t take memory loss serious and they think that having this problem is normal. When you find such people with this kind of problem, you will hear them saying that they are getting older and that’s why they are having a short-term memory loss. This is not true as this may not be the case and it’s important if they can know exactly what is causing this problem.

Sometimes, you may issue and then later to find out that was a symptom that you had but you didn’t take care to know what was causing this problem. You shouldn’t think that it’s only when you are getting aged that’s when you can have this problem. It can be caused by many other factors which can require that you have a proper treatment so that you can avoid getting into a complex health situation.

What is a short-term memory?

There are times when you will find a person having a memory problem. There are both long-term memory loss as well as short-term memory loss. So what is a short-term memory? This is the memory which is also referred to as active memory. This is memory of recent events or what one is currently thinking about. This memory can be stored for several days in the brain.

What are some of the short-term memory loss symptoms?

If you want to know if you have memory problems then you are supposed to know the symptoms of this condition. Here are some of the symptoms that you should expect to see or feel when you have a short-term memory.

  • When you keep on forgetting simple things like phone number and it became worse each day.
  • If you have to be reminded of something that you had planned to do.
  • When you keep forgetting things that you recently learned in class or in any other place.
  • When you even forget to be doing an important task like attending a prayer session.
  • You will know that you have this problem if you are constantly feeling fatigued without doing anything that can support this feeling.
  • If you also start having difficulty concentrating on some of the things and focusing on things that they do.
  • You will also start becoming moody and you can’t control this feeling.

Those are some of the symptoms that you can have for having this problem. There are people who their symptoms may be mild while others, they can have severe symptoms which can easily be detected without special examination procedures. When you have a bad memory problem then it is important that you seek the right medication that can help you go through this disorder.

What causes short-term memory loss?

If you start seeing that you have symptoms of this problem then for you to be able to handle it then you will have to check what causes short-term memory so that you can be able to deal with it otherwise this is not possible to treat unless you are capable of dealing with the root cause of this problem. There are different causes that can lead to you suffering from this problem and they include:

  • Fever- when you have been hit by a high fever then you are likely to have memory loss symptoms. This problem affects your brain and you may find yourself suffering from this issue and if this is the case, you have to get treatment for this problem.
  • Another cause of this problem is when you have a deficiency of certain vitamins in the body. If you don’t eat well then this can lead to deficiency of certain nutrients in the body such as vitamins that play a major role in keeping your brain in good health.
  • Lack of exercises is another cause of this problem where you will find a person never trying to exercise while at the same time is eating a lot of meals that contain a huge amount of fats. As a result, their cholesterol level will increase limiting the better flow of blood through capillaries.
  • Dehydration is also a cause that makes many people go for piracetam pills. This is a medication that can help to cure bad memory in humans. It’s therefore, important that you take a lot of water so that your body will not become dehydrated.
  • Sometimes you can have a brain fog due to medication that you are taking. Certain medications are very strong and they end up causing a person to lose short-term memory.
  • When a person suffers from serious head injuries it can lead to damage to the brain which can cause memory loss. That can require treatment for this memory to be regained.
  • Age can also play a part when it comes to this problem as the more you become aged the more you start having this problem. However, you can boost your memory capacity through living a healthy lifestyle which involves eating healthy as well as exercising a lot.

What are the ways that are used to diagnose memory loss?

When you visit a doctor for a memory treatment then you will be subjected to various tests that can establish whether you have this problem or not. There are various short-term memory test that can be done to check the extent of the problem and kind of treatment that you can be given. One of the methods that can be used to establish whether you should start using medication such as amphetamine or not is through physical evaluation. Here the doctor can ask you several questions or even make you answer a test so that he can tell the extent of the problem that you have. Another method which is used to know the problem is where a patient is put under psychiatric evaluation and where an expert tries to figure out what can be wrong in the mind of a patient. This involves different procedures which can include memory psychology. The last tactic which can be used to determine whether you have this problem is called neurological evaluation where you can be placed on different machines that will help you discover what is exactly wrong with your brain.
The doctor will be trying to establish the following things for proper treatment:

  • Whether you have had a medical history of brain-related problem
  • Whether you are suffering from any disease
  • If you are on medication
  • The diet that you are taking
  • General health

When the doctor checks this, it’s now easy to undertake various test that he deems fit. The doctor can even demand a blood test or even for a CT scan if he thinks that your problem can require specialized treatment.

What are the main memory loss treatments that you can find?

When you have been diagnosed with this problem then there are several options that the doctor can initiate. Memory loss treatment is something which can be done by different doctors especially when the problem touches different health areas. For instance, if you have a problem which is caused by bad eating habits and you end up with this problem. Then this problem can be addressed by both a psychiatrist as well as a dietician who can help you to know the right kind of meals that you should eat. Brain cure fog doesn’t come that easy especially if the root cause of the problem is not addressed. There are times where you may need to see even more than two experts so that this problem can be addressed. This is to make sure that the problem that causes this issue in you can be completely dealt with and all triggers are dealt with. The main methods of treatment that are used in this case include:

  • Use of stimulant drugs – this include those drugs which are intended to make the brain-reactive and respond to various stimuli that help the memory to be stored. Such drugs include the use of phenylethylamine as well as picamilon and glycinate. These drugs are not sold over the counter for patients unless they have a prescription. This is done to avoid causing more problem to the patient especially if they are not qualified to take the drugs due to its side effects. It is also advisable not to share these drugs with people as some of these drugs are easily abused and they can be addictive in nature.
  • Another method of treatment is psychotherapy – Here you will be put on medication as well as counseling session where an expert tries to figure out what causes this problem in you. If it’s stress or depression then you can be advised on how to handle such stress and this is mainly addressed through psychiatric help.
  • Family therapy is another way that you can use to treat this problem. The family will provide all the support and love to you as you go through this hard time. Family love is the best for people who have been under mental pressure and they will definitely get well.
  • Another way that you can treat this problem is through taking supplements. These supplements are found in shops and many are natural and organic some people even grow herbs so that they can use it to supplement their nutritional needs such as ginseng and valerian root. These herbs are rich in important vitamins and other nutrients that can help the brain to work better. This is a method which is considered as a traditional method but in fact, it actually works as required.

What are you supposed to do to avoid this problem?

If you want to live a healthy life then the best thing for you to do is to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle. This will help you to have a healthy body and as you know, a healthy body is a healthy mind. This means that you must ensure that you eat proper diets that can supply your body with required nutrients. These include vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. You must also participate in physical exercise as they help the body to have a better circulation of the blood. When you eat well then the nutrients that help the brain to function properly will be carried to the brain by the blood and your brain will be nourished with this nutrients while the toxic substances will be excreted giving your brain room to work effectively. Exercise, on the other hand, help to improve blood circulation in the body through getting rid of cholesterol that may inhibit this. Also, try to have enough sleep as this can help to keep your brain in good shape.

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