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Idebenone Supplements – Proven Solution For Various Diseases + Uses, Reviews.

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Idebenone Supplements – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and Its Skin Care Uses. Smart Pill Wiki 1

Idebenone supplements are human-made products that are related to ubiquinone (coenzyme Q-10) an antioxidant that works effectively alleviating Alzheimer’s and Huntington diseases.

The ubiquinone molecule is quite large, and the presence of high hydrophobicity makes it difficult for it to pass through the membrane. In order to overcome these shortcomings, attempts were made to synthesize derivatives, which retain all its positive properties of the natural counterpart but lacking its shortcomings.

To date, such a synthetic derivative of ubiquinone is Idebenone, developed in 1980, (the trade name is Noben), which is 5 times tinier, less hydrophobic, and has greater antioxidant activity. The drug found some new properties. Thus, in experiments on animals, it was established that with prolonged use, Idebenone capsules enhances protein-nucleic synthesis, and performs the serotonergic activity. In the significant quantities, it penetrates the blood-brain barrier and is diffused in the brain tissues.

Idebenone is available in the forms of capsules — it is available in Idebenone 150 mg and 500mg caps, tablets, cream, and powder.

Idebenone benefits

Benefits of Idebenone capsules

Idebenone is a multifunctional supplement that can work for different infirmities if used in the accurate quantity and at the right moment. Some benefits of Idebenone are:

  • Alzheimer’s disease. Research on 102 patients using Idebenone capsules 500mg two times a day, and the result came out to be fecund because, after the fourth month of research, there was attention, retention and behavioral shifts in the human specimens. It engrosses the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is released when new experience or learning is gained. It may be compared to an antivirus that ‘cleans’ the brain and, presumably, creates new neurons. The head is as if empty and it can still be hammered with the new info.
  • Mitochondrial disease — the anti-oxidative action of Idebenone makes it an outstanding remedy for numerous mitochondrial relapses (known as MELAS syndrome). It happens when important structures that implement needed energy for the cell malfunctions. MELAS may come with like stroke-like episodes, cephalalgia, dementia, and hearing impairment.
  • Leber’s disease (optic neuropathy (LHON) — this is a hereditary disorder begun by rapid vision loss due to dysfunctional mitochondria. Idebenone is capable of treating this condition by bringing back the ATP secretion in cells through the process of anti-oxidation. A test was carried out on two patients suffering from Leber’s disease by treating them with 180mg/per of the med, vitamin B2, and C for twelve months.
  • Liver disease — an experiment carried out on an injured rat liver where Idebenone tablets were seen to be very effective in improving the condition of the damaged liver. If you find it challenging to find tablets in pharmacies or online stores, use Idebenone powder bulk. It comes in the form of 98% powder and can be used by following physician’s prescriptions.
  • Anti-aging — creams containing Idebenone works as anti-aging products. They have been tested on women with sun-damaged skin whereby they applied the anti-wrinkle emulsion of 0.5% or 1.0% on their skin two times every day for six weeks. After the test, Idebenone cream worked on dermis hydration and rhytid.



For Alzheimer’s disease in adults – using 90-120 mg. For children, the doses differ. Using a dose of 900 mg daily for a year will be fruitful in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a condition in patients from ten years and above.

Leber’s disease — 300 mg three times per day will work. Concomitant food intake affects the bioavailability of the drug, while the concentration of native Idebenone in plasma increases about 5 times, and therefore it is a must to eat before taking this drug.

Any dosage above Idebenone 500mg may be harmful to the body as it is considered to be of bulk Idebenone and may lead to Idebenone multiple sclerosis. The clinical studies show good tolerability of Idebenone in a daily dose of up to 3000 mg.

The last intake ought to be before 5 PM, in order to prevent problems falling asleep associated with permissible progressed excitation.

Side effects and contraindications

Idebenone supplement is good in treating various conditions, but there may be side effects that may come from overdose or body reaction. No research has shown any side effect whatsoever from the Idebenone if used the right way. But taking an overdose may lead to insomnia, loose stool, hemicrania and attention issues.

Contraindication to capsules is chronic renal failure. The possibility of this drug interaction in patients suffering from concomitant somatic diseases should be taken into account, as it has a positive inotropic effect and contributes to lowering blood pressure; possesses synergies with sugar reducing agents (risk of hypoglycemia).

Idebenone in vitro is able to inhibit platelet aggregation, which should be considered with anticoagulants.
Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not allowed to use Idebenone in any form to prevent injury on the fetus and the breastfed infant.

The drug is strictly prohibited to apply when carrying out accurate or dangerous work, when doing precarious work or before driving a vehicle. Tests that would show the effect of the drug on drivers that require a quick reaction, were not carried out.

How and where to buy Idebenone

Where to buy Idebenone

Buying idebenone products can be very complicated because it is not readily available in pharmacies. Thus there may be a need to order online just like buying Idebenone Amazon. Seeking a physician’s help can be the only option if you are not sure about getting the right dose.

Idebenone reviews

Idebenone reviews

Some users were so disappointed in the strength of the capsule and cream thinking that the price is too much for its function. Some others did not believe that the Idebenone cream improves ridges since FDA has not approved the remedy. Patients note that an expansion in motivation and recovery of vitality appears within 2 hours after taking the drug. However, to achieve a pronounced nootropic effect, at least after 3 weeks.

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