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L-Dopa Supplement – Mental Effects, Health Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects.

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L-Dopa Supplement – Mental Effects, Health Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 6

L-Dopa is naturally produced in the human body and also in plants. It can however be supplemented for more enhanced mood, mental energy, neuro-protection and cognitive enhancement. It is available for sale in form of pills as well as a nutritional supplement.

L-Dopa follows a complex process in the body before its effects can be felt. Basically, the main important thing it does is promote the release of three neurotransmitters, dopamine included. As you may already know, dopamine is a key player in motor mental arousal, a good feature for an effective party smart pill.

With the directions of a doctor, L-Dopa is used to treat Parkinson’s disease just as hydergine tablets are recommended for dementia and migraines. This should not be done individually at home. As a supplement, L-Dopa has been used to combat the effects of aging, since it is thought to promote the release of hormones such as the Human Growth Hormone.

L-Dopa supplement definition

L-Dopa supplement is in most cases prepared from a plant known as Mucuna Pruriens. This is a native plant in some African, Caribbean and Indian regions. It produces itching effects if bare skin contact is made with its hair-like projections.

The most beneficial part of the plant is its seeds. To prepare the supplement, the seeds are plucked, left out to dry until an extract can be made from them. The leaves are also used but thought to be low in concentration compared to beans (100micrograms in a seed).

L-Dopa supplement effects; how it works

Taking a Mucuna supplement sees it being reduced to its simpler forms, L-Dopa being our main point of focus. The amino acid is absorbed into the blood system where it travels to the nervous system. There, it is converted into dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter; this basically means that it initiates effective communication between a set of neurons and the brain cells. As it happens, the set of neurons affected by dopamine mainly deal with sensitivity and motor responses. After its production, dopamine also initiates the release of two other related neurotransmitters.

You may already have guessed, the effects of L-Dopa supplement will mostly revolve around boosted mental energy and focus. It is because of the stimulation of neural communication that L-Dopa use to treat Parkinson’s disease. This is a condition that occurs when sufficient synapses cannot be sent between neural sets that control motor activities.

L-Dopa dosage health and mental benefits

L-Dopa has been frequently used to combat the effects of aging both in terms of mental health and growth hormones production.

As it is with other hormones such as testosterone, dopamine declines in its production as years pass by. This can be attributed to the loss of a great number of neurons which depend on dopamine to function effectively. This is actually the cause of Parkinson’s disease. Stacking L-Dopa with L-phenylethylamine, for example, can boost the production of endorphins (the love hormones) even in older individuals.

L-Dopa is also a mood enhancer. Think of a supplement that will keep you alert, excite your motor activities as well as keep you in the best mood you have had in days. That is what L-Dopa does.
L-Dopa has also been known to have anti-oxidation effects. In simple terms, antioxidants are compounds that get rid of potentially harmful compounds out of the body system. They play a key role in preventing tumors including cancerous ones.

You will find L-Dopa being advertised in bodybuilding and sexual health enhancement. This is mainly associated with the fact that L-Dopa is thought to boost the production of testosterone and the Human Growth Hormone. These are two important hormones in sexual health and bodybuilding.

The correct L-Dopa dosage for best effects

The correct L-Dopa dosage is best arrived at personally, that is by analyzing the desired effects. On average, the correct dosage lies anywhere between 100mg to 900mg daily dosages.

Different people will assimilate L-Dopa dosage differently. The recommended approach is to initiate your dosage with the lowest limit, the 100mg dosage. Slowly and in response to the magnitude of the felt effects, work your way up the dosage limits with time.

The effects of L-Dopa taken in excess of 1g can get to a point of being fatal. It also increases your chances of developing a resistance to the stimulation effects of L-Dopa. In fact, it is unlikely that better benefits will be enjoyed past 500mg.

Potential L-Dopa side effects

L-Dopa in the recommended dosage of few side effects if any. When over-concentrated or in large dosages, the effects are mild and to be avoided at any cost.

Increased blood pressure is most notable. This can lead to cases of internal bleeding and sometimes stroke. Nausea, anxiety, heavy heartbeat, breathing problems, jitters, rogue motor activities and disturbed sleep are all associated with taking excess L-Dopa dosage.

Just keep your L-Dopa intake in the recommended range and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced brain. You will, in fact, be taking your brain to its limits and getting the best out of a certain moment, for example, during evening study session. You can consider stacking it with pramiracetam powder for more focus or L-arginine supplement for better blood circulation. In this case, ensure that individual dosage information is acquired for each supplement used in the stack. In fact, start by taking the lowest dosage limits for all the staked supplements and as usual work your way up.

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