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L-Theanine Benefits – Uses, Supplements, Dosage and Potential Side Effects.

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L-Theanine Benefits – Uses, Supplements, Dosage and Potential Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 1

L-Theanine grouped as an amino acid. It can be produced in the body should need arise. As a nootropic supplement, it can be extracted from green tea and be used in the form of pills and powder.
There are many tests and reviews that seek to confirm or elaborate more on the various L-Theanine benefits. Most notably, the compound has been shown to raise brain energy and also ease stress.

Using L-Theanine with caffeine has been shown to work more effectively. The caffeine can be sourced from pills or just from green tea and coffee. This is a commonly used mental enhancer as well as brain fog cure.

Uses of L-Theanine supplement; how it works

L-Theanine benefitsIn the body, the brain receives and sends impulses to the nerves, which then carry the impulses to the target organ. This is how you know when to lift your hand or when to draw it from a hot substance.

The exchange of the impulses is controlled by brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. They are the ones that determine the magnitude to which the impulse will be felt. Without them, you would end up being always confused and without memories.

L-Theanine works by manipulating a neurotransmitter known as glutamate. This is the brain chemical that controls most of the exchanges that occur between the brain cells and nerves. By increasing or decreasing its availability, L-Theanine is able to manipulate the impulses that get sent from the brain to body organs including other parts of the brain itself.

The manipulation on glutamate by L-Theanine is usually oriented towards increasing rather than decreasing its levels. This then amplifies the magnitude of brain waves known as alpha waves. These are the waves behind the focus and alertness that are associated with L-Theanine use.

Taking green tea has been known to promote a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. This is caused by L-Theanine in green tea. It is also for this reason that L-Theanine for anxiety is one of the most notable uses of this amino acid. Uridine is another nootropic with related anxiety effects.

L-Theanine benefits reviews

L-Theanine benefits range from mood enhancement to cognitive abilities. Some have been tested while some are still open to doubt.

L-Theanine supplement can be used to promote a feeling of safety, great relaxation and happiness. It is one of the best nootropics we have around for treating mood disorders and anxiety. It has for long been known that mental as well as physical performance is very much dependent on relaxed mood and freedom from depression.

Reviews show that clarity and alertness can be enhanced using L-Theanine supplements. The good thing about this is that the side effects associated with caffeine are not risked. Even when sourcing L-Theanine from green tea, you are assured of very low caffeine levels to cause addiction concerns. In a cup of coffee, for example, the level of caffeine contained can be compared to three cups of green tea. That is even without the additional L-Theanine that green tea comes with.

Another of L-Theanine benefits you might be interested to know about is promotion of more nitric acid in the body. Think of nitric acid as the chemical behind the relaxation or vasodilation of blood arteries. It has many impacts to the brain and body in general. For example, it aids in brain oxygenation. It also promotes blood flow in male reproduction organs. Don’t be surprised to find L-Theanine in a list of infertility cures for men.

Sufficient blood flow in the blood has a lot of implications. For one, it keeps brain cells energized and able to produce the energy they need for their optimum performance. It also protects from over-stimulation which would otherwise occur had enough oxygen not been available in the brain.

There are reviews that link L-Theanine with progressive brain impairment treatment. You find that most of the nootropics that encourage the release of a brain chemical known as dopamine are always advertised as potential Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases cures. It is the same with L-Theanine.

Stacking with L-Theanine supplement reviews

Stacking L-Theanine with caffeine has been noted to be of great effectiveness and satisfaction. It is actually very popular among nootropic users. Ephedrine pills have sometimes been used to boost mental energy. They are particularly beneficial when you are looking for weight loss effects.

You can of course get the two in green tea. In fact, the side effects that would have resulted from using caffeine pills on their own are greatly averted. The two products work by completing each other. On one hand, caffeine is a stimulant which excites the brain. L-Theanine on the other hand will keep your brain energized to keep up with the stimulation produced by caffeine. The combination also gets rid of the need or urge to take an overdose.

You can use a combination formula of 1:2 or 1:4. This means that if you are taking 100mg of caffeine (caffeine available in one cup) then you should include 400 mg of L-Theanine in the stack.
Some long time caffeine users may have developed tolerance to the stimulant. In that case, you can increase the caffeine dosage a bit. Be careful not to exceed 400 mg in a day. That will be considered as an overdose and will invite side effects.

L-Theanine dosage; how to avoid overdose

For maintained focus and alertness, use L-Theanine dosage of 50 mg to 100 mg. This will keep you focused and with mental energy for long hours without sleep.

L-Theanine for anxiety will require a slightly higher dosage. In this case, 200-400 daily dosage will create the desired effects.

Always be careful not to overdose in the aim of increasing the effectiveness. Rather, use your nootropics in stacks. Also, create cycles; for example, you can take L-Theanine for 4 weeks and quit for 2 weeks just to continue the cycle after that. It is one way of reducing tolerance to the product.

Possible L-Theanine side effects after overdose

There are clinical trials that have confirmed any L-Theanine side effects. Most of the available information is gotten from online reviews which of course are always open to doubt.

Headaches and diarrhea are some of the L-Theanine side effects to be expected especially when the supplement is used in a very high dosage measurement. It is always the case with most nootropics. This can be combated reducing the dosage or quitting further intake for some time. It is also important to cycle your dosages, to help avoid developing tolerance to the product.

L-Theanine is noted to promote relaxation in blood arteries. For this reason, its interactions with medics to treat blood pressure can be harmful.

If you are using stimulation supplements and pills, effects are bound to reduce if L-Theanine too is to be used at the same time.

Where to buy L-Theanine dosage pills

L-Theanine is completely legal to use and buy. It is widely available as a nutritional supplement, so you will not need a prescription to access it.

All you need is to identify an online vendor or just a local supplier that can be trusted. You are never sure what some vendors may be selling to you in the name of L-Theanine supplement.
You may be interested in other nootropics with similar effects such as improved mood and reduced anxiety. There are many of such products but GABA supplement is a good example.