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L-Tryptophan Supplement – Definition, Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects.

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L-Tryptophan Supplement – Definition, Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 4

Our body is made up of bones, organs and muscles. Muscles and organs are made of tissues which are made of cells which in turn are made of proteins. Proteins are made of amino acids. L-tryptophan is an amino acid.

The point I am trying to explain is that amino acids are of vital importance to our bodies. How we function including our thinking capabilities depend on the action of body chemicals made of amino acids such as L-tryptophan. They rarely miss in the best nootropics stack.

What is L-tryptophan?

L-tryptophan definition will largely consist of the general definition of what an essential amino acid is. The difference comes in what L-tryptophan can do especially when taken in L-tryptophan supplement.

Think of this amino acid as a mood regulator. When taken in supplements or from foods, L-tryptophan manipulates the availability of certain brain chemicals that are involved in setting one’s mood.

Serotonin is also converted into another brain chemical that is known for sleep enhancement and control.

Reviews for how L-tryptophan supplement works

In the body, L-tryptophan undergoes a conversion process which produces a byproduct named 5-HTP. You may have heard of focus pills by that name.

5-HTP is further broken down into a brain chemical named serotonin. This is the same brain chemical that produces that good feeling after you have eaten a heavy meal to curb a discomforting hunger spell.

Serotonin is the main brain chemical that controls mood and sleep to some extent. It is in fact for this reason that L-tryptophan supplement and pills have sometimes been recommended for depression treatment. L-carnosine supplement can have many similar effects.

When enough serotonin has accumulated in the body, the remaining of the brain chemical is converted into melatonin. This is known as the sleep hormone. You have probably come about melatonin pills for sleep.

L-tryptophan benefits reviews

Let’s now go through the most notable L-tryptophan benefits.

Treats migraines
Reduced L-tryptophan encourages most of the symptoms of migraines. This includes lack of sleep and stomach problems. Supplementing with L-tryptophan increases serotonin and melatonin, two of which are brain chemicals that can prevent or ease migraines and headaches.

Improves sleep
Melatonin is the final by-product of L-tryptophan breakdown process. It is the hormone that regulates sleep and treats insomnia. Better sleep quality has been shown to be of very much importance to brain and body health. It also plays a part in the treatment of depression and anxiety. It has also been shown that brain disorders in children can be avoided through improved sleep.

Elevates mood
You do not always need antidepressants to treat depression and improve mood. Some supplements such as L-tryptophan and Rhodiola rosea extract have been shown to have anti-depressant effects.

Depression may be a complicated condition but mainly revolves around hormonal imbalances. This causes overstimulation of certain brain receptors felt as depression. By promoting serotonin production, L-tryptophan is able to counter these effects.

Helps in weight loss

Serotonin produced from L-tryptophan can promote the feeling of satisfaction. This is a way of saying that it is an appetite suppressant. It can help weight loss candidates stay away from sugary foods and also consume lesser calories than they would have in normal cases.

Helps fight addictions
Stacking L-tryptophan with herbs such as St. John’s wort or even Gotu kola has been known to aid in fighting addictions. Addiction, like depression, arises from over-stimulation of certain brain receptors. Serotonin will also promote the good feeling felt after taking addictive agents such as nicotine.

L-tryptophan supplement dosage

– For treating insomnia and related disorders, 1 to 2 g L-tryptophan dosage is appropriate. Take this some minutes before going to bed.
– For weight loss, take 0.5 to 2 g of L-tryptophan dosage
– For headaches and migraines, take 2 to 4 g of L-tryptophan dosage
– For treating depression and anxiety, take 2 to 6 g of L-tryptophan dosage

You should always consult your doctor before using a supplement to treat a medical condition. To avoid side effects, start with a lower dosage and increase it if the need should arise. You can also consider stacking with other nootropics for better cognitive and body health effects.

L-tryptophan foods reviews

Foods are the best sources of any nutrient or mineral. This is because you are bound to get additional nutrients other than just the one you are aiming for.

Animal proteins and legumes are the best L-tryptophan foods. On average, taking about 25 grams of proteins in each of your meals will give you the much L-tryptophan needed in the body.
Here is a list of best L-tryptophan foods.

  • Potatoes
  • Lamb and beef
  • Whole grains such as brown rice and oats
  • Legumes such as beans and chicken peas
  • Organic dairy products
  • Bananas
  • Chicken and its products
  • Turkey
  • Fish such as salmon

Foods will of course not reach the amounts of active L-tryptophan available in its supplements. They should be used as a long-term management plan.

Side effects of L-tryptophan supplement

Side effects such as stomach pain, dried mouth, loss of sexual appetite, headaches and fatigue can be felt after an L-tryptophan dosage.

Using L-tryptophan with anti-depressants will cause sedative side effects as well as promote serotonin syndrome. Such a combination should be avoided. Pregnant women and those still breastfeeding are advised not to take supplements. If you have been diagnosed with liver disorders of any kind, talk to your doctor before using L-tryptophan dosage.

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