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L-Tyrosine Benefits – All Uses, Dosage, Supplement and Side Effects Details.

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L-Tyrosine Benefits – All Uses, Dosage, Supplement and Side Effects Details. Smart Pill Wiki 6

In the body, a total of 22 amino acids are needed for the synthesis of proteins, basically the building blocks of muscles and the body itself. Naturally, the body can produce a portion of these amino acids while others have to be sourced from plants such as legumes.

Still, another set of these amino acids are not considered essential and are only produced on demand. It is this category that L-Tyrosine belongs. It can be sourced from foods such as cheese and soy products.

Taking L-Tyrosine in supplements or a brainpower pill has been known to promote certain health and mental benefits. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it influences the release of certain neurotransmitters in the category of dopamine.

Uses of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine; how it works

You may have noticed a slight modification in the name for the earlier introduced amino acid. The thing is that N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is just a modification of the normal L-Tyrosine. The modification is meant to boost its availability in the blood system. It also helps in neuro-growth and overall brain vitality. The modified L-Tyrosine made it to the best nootropics 2016.
Introducing L-Tyrosine directly through supplementation sees it cross the blood barrier, from where it is taken to the CNS (main brain). To get a better understanding, think of L-Tyrosine as a raw material for the production of neurotransmitters in the dopamine family.

What the neurotransmitters in this category do is enhance communication between nerves and the brain cells. The more transmitters there are, the more an individual will be sensitive, focused and sensitive to motor stimuli.

L-Tyrosine has also been studied to contribute to the production of melanin. This is the part of the skin that determines skin pigmentation and protects from harmful sun rays that encourage skin cancer.

The amino acid promotes thyroid health as well as the whole endocrine system. This is the system responsible for the production and regulation of hormones in the body.

L-Tyrosine supplement benefits

Multiple trials have suggested that L-Tyrosine is a very effective stress reliever. This is more attributed to the fact that it promotes the release of two hormones involved in stress management. In fact, other L-Tyrosine uses related to relieved stress include relieve from fatigue and exhaustion.

It is thought that cognitive abilities will reach their best under mental comfort. This is yet to be officially confirmed though. Generally, users report of having experienced more mental clarity and longer periods of being alert and focused.

Just like L-arginine, L-Tyrosine promotes increased sex drive in men and women. This is majorly by reducing anxiety and depression, two major causes of ED in both genders. Dopamine and cortisol are two hormones you will redundantly come across when discussing issues related to increasing testosterone. By balancing the hormones, L-Tyrosine achieves improved sexual appetite and libido.

Sensitivity to impulses is thought to increase in L-Tyrosine users. This provides an explanation to enhanced moods and more vitality experienced in L-Tyrosine users.

Finally, L-Tyrosine benefits also include weight loss. This is achieved either by burning excess fats or suppressing excessive appetite.

When supplemented with nootropics such as hydergine tablets, the two can be used to manage the progress of certain brain conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. However, medical conditions should be attended to by a qualified doctor.

L-Tyrosine dosage

L-Tyrosine dosageL-Tyrosine dosage is usually set at higher measurements compared to other nootropics such as pramiracetam. Generally, dosages fall anywhere between 1g to 5g. To avoid taking too large dosages all at once, try to spread the dosage throughout the day.

Some users go to the extent of taking up to 10g in a day. As it is to be expected, such a dosage is not in any way called for unless under medical directions.

Like it is with most supplements, official dosages have not been set. Most of the information available is gotten from the few clinical reports available and user reports. For this reason, always consider starting with the lowest dosage and increase the same gradually. Also, keep clear records of the achieved results. This is the only way you will keep yourself from unnecessary pushing too hard.

In case you are stacking with another supplement, get the correct dosage information for all the supplements. In fact, it is more recommendable to go for already developed stacks which have been tested before. It is safer, cost-effective and less cumbersome.

L-Tyrosine dosage side effects

Many user reports do not associate this supplement with mild side effects. This is especially when taken in the recommended dosage. All the same, there are some potential L-Tyrosine side effects that you should know about:

Common side effects include headaches and gastric discomfort. They are more elevated by the use of large un-called for dosages.

You are not advised to use L-Tyrosine if you have issues with your thyroid gland. This also goes for patients who are currently under medications meant to manage blood pressure. Also, don’t stack this supplement with L-Dopa. As it happens, both work almost the same. Taking them both at the same time will be like taking an overdose.

L-Tyrosine does better when stacked with herbal nootropics such as Ashwagandha. It also works well when stacked with a racetam or even noopept. For more stacking information, you can try visiting a nootropics wiki and get the details. It, however, can still provide a range of nootropic benefits such as neuroprotection, mood enhancement and focus.

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