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Limitless Pill – The Truth about Pills That Can Boost Your Brain Coordinations.

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Limitless Pill – The Truth about Pills That Can Boost Your Brain Coordinations. Smart Pill Wiki 4

We all feel it when a favorite film character finally solves a mystery that has been troubling them for a long time. This feeling is even boosted in cases that the character continuously keeps solving mysteries that seem unsolvable to us. Such is the case in the film ‘limitless’. The argument behind such films is that the characters are making use of a higher percentage of their brains than does a normal man. But is it truly possible that an individual can take pills that will ultimately give them genius abilities? Well, it is not entirely false and neither is it entirely true.

So, what is a limitless pill?

A limitless pill is a pharmaceutical or herbal remedy that has the ability to boost any of the many cognitive abilities of the brain. Such a pill can increase an individual’s ability to concentrate, focus, release stress or even be creative.

A limitless pill works nowhere close to adding the level of intelligence that a person possesses. It only works by helping the brain make use of the resources at hand. It, however, remains a very tough debate, on whether making use of such a pill is within moral requirements. Is it right to use such a pill before exams?

What are some of the limitless pills available in the market?

  • The best that has been developed in regards to a real limitless pill is the CILTeP. It is a nootropic pill and one of which a lot of research has been developed on. The pill has been in the mainstream market for about 6 years now.
  • Modafinil is another pill which can be termed as a limitless pill. It works by keeping you alert for longer periods and by reducing the amount of time you will take to react to things. This can generally be termed as an enhancement.
  • Phenylpiracetam has also been in the mainstream market of limitless pills. It has been involved in a lot of debates, as to whether it is all safe to use. Although this pill was among the earliest limitless pills to be developed, its use has declined due to several controversies on its effectiveness.
  • Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine have also been used as brain boosters. Of course, positive effects will not be achieved by abusing these stimulants. It needs that they are used in accordance with doctor’s directions. It doesn’t mean that drinking a lot of coffee or smoking cigarettes will improve your brain’s cognitive ability. It only stimulates the brain for a while.
  • All the discussed products can be purchased online. However, it should be understood that very minute changes and mountainous side effects will be achieved by using such pills without directions from a doctor. It should also be noted that the pills only work by enhancing what is already there. What I mean is that if you have no prior knowledge of a particular subject, limitless pills will not miraculously transform you into a genius as it happens in movies.

Are limitless pills legal?

Like all drugs, a lot of controversies are involved when it comes to legalization or prohibition of limitless pills. For example, how can you tell that a certain pill is not safe to use, while there is insufficient research data on which to base your arguments?

While some of the pills have been approved as safe to use, users should be very careful with such pills. Ensure that you can find all the information on how the pills have been prepared and how they should be used. It is best that you get a prescription from a doctor too. As you may have noticed, the available pills work by influencing specific functions of the brain. It is, therefore, necessary that you only take the right pills for a specific desired result.

Other than a limitless pill, you can take natural foods and products which will help in the overall development of the brain. Such foods mainly include fruits, selected oils and a lot of liquids. In fact, it has been proven that the brain is made up of 80% water. This means that you will need to include a lot of fluid intakes in your diets.

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