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Magnesium Aspartate Benefits – All Uses, Dosage and Its Potential Side Effects.

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Magnesium Aspartate Benefits – All Uses, Dosage and Its Potential Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 6

Magnesium is one of the various minerals that the body cannot function properly without. It takes part in breaking down fats to release energy, it is used in making proteins and also aids in the transmission of brain-nerve impulses. Without the mineral, heart beat rate would not be coordinated, cognitive abilities would decline and other disorders would be experienced.

Magnesium is available in various natural food sources. It can however be supplemented through pills and tablets. Magnesium Aspartate is the main form of the mineral’s supplements that is most marketed. There have been concerns though as to whether the supplement is all safe. All in all, supplementing with magnesium is one of the ways to improve memory.

What is Magnesium Aspartate dosage and products?

So you are probably wondering what exactly Magnesium Aspartate is. To put it simply, it is a supplement produced to treat magnesium deficiencies in the body.
So why not just call it magnesium supplement? Well, the compound contains just more than magnesium.

An amino acid known as aspartate is added to a magnesium ion to increase its benefits. The amino acid is categorized in a group of amino acids that are notable for the fact that they stimulate the nerves to fire signals and impulses. This is one of the reasons why Magnesium Aspartate is advertised as a nootropic. It in fact has been included in some of the best nootropics stacks.

Magnesium Aspartate pills benefits

Promotes cardiovascular health
When too much calcium is accumulated in the heart muscles that aid in pumping of blood, a number of heart disorders will occur. This is actually the cause of hundreds of heart disorders in the world today.

Potassium and magnesium help reduce the absorption of calcium ions into the heart muscles.

Promotes muscle coordination
Contractions occurring in the muscles, including heart muscles are mainly controlled by magnesium. One of Magnesium Aspartate benefits includes protecting from muscle cramps and muscle pains.
A certain disorders that cause uncontrolled urge to keep moving as well as producing an uncomfortable feeling in the legs is treated through magnesium supplementations. L-carnosine supplement can also help especially in improving skeletal muscles conditions.

Treats migraines and headaches
It has been shown that very low levels of magnesium occurring in blood cells can cause severe migraines. There is no specific explanation for this effect.

However, the effect can be attributed to reduced efficiency in the cells. As it happens, calcium and potassium ions will need magnesium to get in and outside of body cells. This process maintains blood pH and also promotes normal cells’ functioning. It can also help reduce anxiety. Gotu kola is an herb with similar anxiety reducing effects.

Promotes better sleep quality
Another of Magnesium Aspartate benefits include promoted sleep. It might not be a main use of the supplement but can be benefited from the same.

You find that magnesium aids in the proper impulse transfer between nerves and brain cells. This can help increase the sensitivity of melatonin receptors. As you may already know, this is the hormone that promotes quality sleep.

Magnesium and its related products have many applications. For example, they have been suggested to be effective in treating kidney stones, ADHD, asthma even coronary disorders. Such uses should only be carried out by a doctor.

If you are interested in its medicinal properties, take foods that contain natural magnesium.

Magnesium Aspartate dosage

When you take pills or tablets containing Magnesium Aspartate, the body will absorb the required amounts of the mineral and excrete the rest.

On average, a man is recommended to take about 400mg of magnesium per day. The dosage is a bit lower in women, set at 310 mg per day.

It is not easy to meet that measure especially through diets. This is why Magnesium Aspartate dosage is set at 500mg per day. Certain factors such as health and desired results may affect the Magnesium Aspartate dosage quoted. Stacking with aniracetam or related nootropic will also affect the correct dosage.

Magnesium Aspartate side effects

Known Magnesium Aspartate side effects can range from tolerable diarrhea to lethal side effects such as very low blood pressure. Always be very careful when supplementing with magnesium supplement.

The Magnesium Aspartate side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Reduced heart beat rate
  • Coma
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Death

Magnesium tablets and products will interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics. They will also inhibit the proper functioning of medications taken to treat thyroid gland. They should be taken with care for blood pressure patients for it can interact badly with blood pressure medics.
Always talk to your doctor before using potent supplements such as Magnesium Aspartate. As much as it can be promoted as a natural nootropic, it is potentially dangerous.

Are Magnesium Aspartate dosage pills safe?

Magnesium Aspartate pillsApart from the side effects, there have been concerns on whether Magnesium Aspartate pills and products are actually safe. this arises from the modification feature that involves adding an amino acid to the mineral.

In the body, it is rare occasions that an amino acid such as that will be taken alone. Foods that contain proteins usually supply more than one amino acid. This helps create a kind of competition in their absorption rates. In turn, the competition assures that excess amino acids are not absorbed into the blood system.

But now that we are supplementing with products entirely made of one amino acid and a mineral; what will happen?

The amino acid can get absorbed in large amounts than it is necessary since there is no competition. This can in the end prove fatal to parts of the brain such as hypothalamus, ones that are not protected by brain-blood barrier.

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