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Memory Loss Causes and Ways For Memory Enhancement You Need To Know.

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Everyone knows that nerve cells that die with age lead to memory impairment. This process is equally in evidence among people who have reached the age of 50, and its peak period is between 65 and 70 years. It is characterized by the inability of older people to remember dates, events, the need to do something, for example, to take medicine, to do something around the house. First of all, with the loss of the ability to memorize, they resort to medical treatment. Preparations for memory enhancement in the pharmacological market are presented in a wide range. But unfortunately, more and more young people are facing this problem in our time. Let’s see what are the best memory enhancing supplements that work.
The human body, alas, is not eternal life and wears out over the years. Over time, the body’s systems suffer from various external factors, but the bulk of impact is on the brain and memory. Every person sometimes forgets something, but for some people, the loss of fragmentary memory is not an accidental phenomenon, but a constant, exhausting process that requires the necessary treatment. In such situations, systematic training of the mind, revision of the daily routine, as well as medications for improving memory, stimulating the brain, can really help.
However, it is not uncommon for emergency situations that require an ambulance for the brain. This includes passing exams, thesis defense, interviewing and more. In these situations, one should react adequately and quickly when there is no time to go to the doctor. In the article, we will describe the pills and products that help focus attention.

What causes the memory loss?

  • Brain damage as a result of surgical removal of the tumor, stroke, tremors and other cranial and cerebral physical disorders.
  • The impact of internal organs. For example, kidney disease, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, transferred meningitis.
  • Age. On the one hand, this is a stereotype, but the trend strictly indicates that during aging of an organism, a person remembers information worse.
  • Harmful addictions. It is no secret that alcohol-containing drinks directly affect brain cells. This also applies to smoking, drugs, and sedatives (antidepressants).
  • Lifestyle. Systematic lack of sleep, stress, depression, overload, associated with the need to memorize a large amount of information. All of this also affects brain activity.
  • Forgetfulness is a potential side effect of some drugs.

So, smart pills are basically prescribed to enhance the process of supplying the brain with blood and, accordingly, with oxygen, which leads to improved glucose uptake. Glucose is one of the main substances that improve concentration and therefore improve memory, mental abilities.

How to enhance memory

Besides using pills and supplements, doctors recommend preventing this state before the first symptoms. If you have noticed a deterioration in memory, then there are simple means to cope with the problem: healthy sleep, proper nutrition, and special exercises for memory training. A good memory is not a gift, but the result of work on yourself.

    • Proper nutrition to improve memory

Limiting diets for weight loss adversely affect brain performance and often lead to depression. They create a shortage of vital nutrients in your body, which leads to memory impairment. Therefore, it is necessary to eat diverse and high-quality products. Very useful for the work of the brain are memory enhancer vitamins. These are vitamin C, vitamin F (Omega-3) and vitamins of B group. They are found in the following products: honey, nuts, seeds, broccoli, tomatoes, bananas, seafood.

    • Healthy sleep to improve memory

If you are not sleeping enough, the brain does not fully recover, and all its functions, including memory, are reduced. In addition, it is very important to sleep at night, that corresponds to the natural biorhythm of a person. At night, all the cells of the body are recovered from those chemicals that come from food, including the construction of brain cells. Night work and chronic sleep deprivation can seriously upset your health.

The most popular over the counter drugs

  • Glycine. The most popular drug that activates brain activity. It allows to regulate sleep and also raises mood. Doctors recommend taking it for at least 30 days. By the way, this vitamin for the brain improves memory and is actively used by students during the preparation for the exams.
  • Nootropil improves concentration and is used to treat impaired brain function.
  • Intellan is produced in the form of syrup and capsules. Stimulates the brain, can be used to treat stress, nerve overload, chronic fatigue, frequent depression, and also help to focus attention.
  • Piracetam. This drug improves brain activity and metabolic processes in it. In addition, it raises the energy level of the body, contributing to good data memorization. Doctors prescribe this medicine for the treatment of sclerosis, diseases of the central nervous system, as well as during periods of depression.
  • Phenotropil. The drug has a stimulating effect on the psyche. It is used after treatment courses against alcohol addiction, injury, which became the causes of memory impairment. The drug allows the body to increase resistance when stress occurs. Doctors recommend taking it in the morning.
  • Ginko Biloba supplement to improve concentration and memory. Note that it is a potent drug with a number of withdrawals.
  • Aminalon drug is used to treat and restore blood supply in the brain. After a long reception, an improvement in memory is noted, that allows you to concentrate on tasks and improves thinking, helping to restore the function of speech. Most often prescribed for children with delayed development.
  • Memoplant is a relatively recently invented drug that improves blood circulation in the brain, improves memory, attention, and is able to increase the ability of the intellect. It is effectively used by both healthy people as a preventive measure and by patients who have diagnoses in the field of nerve disorders. It has many positive reviews.

These and other memory enhancing drugs help to cope with forgetfulness. And many of them have a therapeutic effect in cases of such severe lesions as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or a brain tumor.

Natural memory enhancers

Memory enhancer vitamin complexes based on ginseng are recommended for such a problem. These are nootropics or as they have another definition – smart pills of plant origin that stimulates memory improvement processes.
Any medication has certain side effects, and the overdose of drugs can lead to the opposite effect. For this reason, along with their reception, it is recommended to use alternative methods of recovery and memory improvement. Among them are popular recipes of traditional medicine, for example, a decoction of mountain ash. Also, memory enhancing foods are proven to work, among them are: salmon, blueberries, beef and vegetables: broccoli, spinach, fruit: mango, kiwi.
Useful massage with essential oils like mustard and rosemary is also a proven way to have a healthy mind.
So remember to consult specialists to exclude severe brain problems before using memory enhancement pills.

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