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Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Potential Side Effects.

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Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Potential Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 8

Mucuna pruriens extract is today used as a substitute for coffee and in some parts of the world as food. Its use dates back to the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda. The herbal product has been associated with a number of health benefits including brain enhancement and sexual health promotion.

As a nootropic, Mucuna pruriens extract is known to elevate the availability of a brain chemical known as L-Dopa. This is a precursor for dopamine, another brain chemical which maintains focus and promotes learning.

Mucuna is also thought to promote the growth of new brain-nerve networks and protect the brain from impairment and toxicity. It can serve as a potential alternative for how to focus.

Mucuna pruriens capsules benefits

Below are the most notable mucuna pruriens benefits:

Sexual health improvement
One of the most notable of mucuna pruriens benefits revolves around sexual health improvement. The herb has been known to promote male fertility especially by promoting the production of testosterone, the male hormone. Its users have been reported to benefit from increased sperm count and enhanced blood circulation to the genitals.

It has also been said to increase libido for women with low sexual appetite. Due to increase availability of L-Dopa in the blood, another hormone known as Human Growth hormone is also secreted in large amounts. Again, this hormone is important for sexual health.

Relieves stress
Nootropics such as aniracetam will also reduce stress but not as effective as mucuna pruriens capsules. Mucuna is categorized as an adaptogen. These are compounds that promote normal functioning of the body by either reducing or increasing hormonal levels.

Mucuna also promotes blood circulation in the brain which in turn aids in maximum brain coordination. In fact, it can help in reducing or treating brain fog.

Improves cognition and memory
Logical brain coordination and memory are the most important brain health factors. Since it aids in secretion of L-Dopa and in turn dopamine, mucuna can promote both memory and cognition.

There is also the factor of improved blood flow and provisioning to brain cells. This ensures that all toxins are removed from the brain while at the same time mental health is improved. In fact, it can help to prevent the progression of brain impairment disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Gotu kola cream can be used with mucuna to help with the anti-aging properties.

Anti-aging properties
There are chemicals in the body known as free radicals. These are free oxygen molecules that bind to other oxygen molecules such as skin collagen. They are known to promote aging effects such as face lines and wrinkles.

Mucuna pruriens contains antioxidants that neutralize these radicals. It can therefore aid in a maintained youthful skin as well as reduced brain impairment. As you can remember, we also earlier linked mucuna to sexual health. It can therefore prevent and aid in the management of sexual dysfunction.

Mucuna pruriens extract for depression

Mucuna pruriens extract can be used in treating depression. It is however not that effective as other supplements such as melatonin or 5-HTP.

One way in which mucuna pruriens can be linked to depression treatment is by promoting the production of Human Growth hormone. Think of human growth hormone as the body chemical that gives vitality and promotes muscle development in kids. It is in rare occasions that you will encounter a depressed young person.

The dopamine synthesized from L-dopa is also a mood regulator. In fact, many depression cases have been linked to low dopamine and sometimes serotonin levels.

Dopamine promotes motivation, mental energy and also a feeling of wellbeing. It also provides the needed raw materials for the production of skin melanin. This is part of the skin that prevents UV rays from the sun from causing skin cancer.

Finally, mucuna pruriens extract can treat depression by encouraging and promoting sexual appetite. As you may already know, sex is an effective depression treatment option.

Mucuna pruriens nootropic dosage

The correct mucuna pruriens dosage is set anywhere between 200 and 500 milligrams. This is a daily dosage which can be spilt and taken twice a day.

The best approach is to start with the lower 200 mg mucuna pruriens dosage and increase it if need should arise. Sometimes, you might experience only slight effects. Rather than taking an overdose, try stacking with other supplements such as L-carnosine or a racetam.

Mucuna pruriens side effects from after overdose

Mucuna pruriens is one of the most well-tolerated nootropics. It has been used for general and brain health enhancement for a long time in history. There are few if any potential mucuna pruriens side effects occur.

All the same, it is always good to keep on the safe side and avoid any potential dangers. The reported mucuna pruriens side effects include insomnia and headaches. Overdose will also cause gastric discomforts such as nausea and vomiting in some cases. Mucuna plant will also cause skin itch if bare skin comes into contact with it.

Where to buy Mucuna pruriens extract capsules

You can always buy nootropics online when need for the same arises. Mucuna pruriens is not regulated by bodies such as FDA. It is available over the counter and without a prescription.

I always encourage nootropic users to purchase their products from a specialized/reputable nootropics online vendor. The best thing with this option is that you will also be able to buy other nootropics that you can stack with mucuna pruriens. As you may already know, herbal products and even prescription nootropic products work well when used in stacks.

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