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Potential Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens: The Magic Bean For Brain Health.

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Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Potential Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 8

Mucuna Pruriens can be described as a bean species that grows naturally on trees. Also referred to as the velvet bean or the Werepe, Cowhage, Agbara, Kapi Kacchu, Karara, and HP-200. The main ingredient found in Mucuna Pruriens extract is the L-DOPA, which is also referred to as Levodopa. Sometimes, Velvet bean called as dopa bean because of its redundancy of this substance. It has an articulated anabolic impact, and furthermore enhances the coordination of developments. This permitted the utilization of home grown arrangements consuming parsimonious to treat Parkinson’s infection.

Benefits and uses of Velvet bean extract


Aside from its effectiveness in the alleviation of medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and infertility, Mucuna powder has also been found to be highly useful in the treatment of many disorders and diseases.

• Arthritis – Its anti-inflammatory projections provides relief and calmness to affected tissues and muscles causing this ailment, hence you will get the break within few minutes.

• Worm infestations – The lethal effect of certain bio-chemicals in this portion can destroy worms inside the system, The substance is also anti-microbial in nature.

• Anxiety – Raising the levels of cerebrum-enhancement substances makes it easier to eradicate panic attack signs.

• Insect bites – Same with anti-inflammation

• Hyperprolactinaemia (high levels of prolactin in the human system fluid)- it works like a cleanser inside the body.

The mucuna find grain can also be applied outside of humans to treat muscle pains.
The constituents of the velvet bean extract work in a very simple way. The L-DOPA found in the capsule is converted to the chemical- Dopamine in the cerebral organ after ingestion. It is believed that the low levels of it in the cerebral body are the reason for the development of certain conditions such as Parkinson’s diseases, worry, and anxiety.

Unfortunately for all users, most of the DOPA components are broken down before they strike the brain. Most pluses found in the herb are its strong concentration of L-dopa that is transmogrified to usable dopamine. More evidence is still being gathered on the potency of the agent to provide all Mucuna Pruriens benefits.

Semen of mucuna were once used in traditional medicine of the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent as a means for treating many disorders in the body. Since ancient times, to this day, the extract of burning flour has been used by folk healers in tribal communities as an antidote to snakebites.

Mucuna Pruriens Dosage


The typical Mucuna Pruriens powder dosage is 5g but the required dose depends on the age of the user and the medical status. It is important to note that the antitoxin of natural substances can be perilous when taking at high levels, it is, therefore, important to consult a doc before applying the dopa Mucuna. The oral app for athletes trying to boost their testosterone varies between 7g and 12g of the panacea, depending on the age and health status.

Potential complications due to drug mix

According to numerous reviews of medicinal herb seeds, this one is one of the naturally occurring drugs that can combine with a number of diverse medication. It is known to act up with a prescription cure for negative feelings. Irregular heartbeats, seizure, hyperpiesisand nervousness, are some of the results of combining Mucuna with medicaments for depression. Parnate and Nardil are common disorientation handling pills that must not be used in conjunction with Mucuna.

High pressure killer options such as Aldomet, Elavil, and Tofranil, can also interact with Velvet bean. Aldomet lowers high blood pressure, so also does Velvet bean.

Anti-diabetes medicaments will likely respond unfavorably with Levodopa. Since Levodopa decreases blood sugar, diabetic capsules do the same, the prolonged combination of the two antidotes can cause extremely low sugar levels that can cause you to pass out. If you have to take both substances, then the prescription of your diabetes med will have to be lowered. Common diabetes portion that can counter-work with Levodopa include; Insulin injections, Avandia, and Glucotrol.

Prescription divisions used in the handling of mental breakdowns are also known to strive with Mucuna Pruriens gnc. While HP-200 is known to increase dopamine in the cerebrum, many brain disorder tabs reduce monoamine levels in the cerebral organ. The confusion that will generate with the mixture can worsen symptoms of certain disturbances.

HP-200 can react with surgical anesthesia to trigger counter-activities. Most doctors will advise you to discontinue use of the herbal item at least 2 weeks before you go for a surgery. Tricyclic antidepressants have also been linked to the catastrophic issue when used in the union with HP 200. L-dopa may trigger abnormal heartbeat when combine with insentience, similarly, it can slow down movements in the stomach and intestines.

Mucuna Pruriens Side Effects


When it comes to the issue of general misadventure, it all depends on the allocation and for how long you use the antidote. The fine-ground form of the antidote referred to as “ZANDOPA” is quite safe for adults when taken through the mouth for up to 20 weeks.

When taken longer than 20 weeks, some mix-feelings that may likely show up include:

  • abdominal bloating
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • vomiting

There are some rare misgivings of extreme use of the antidote, these include hallucinations, agitations, continuous headache, delusions, irregular heartbeats.

The bean pod is known to have some hair that can be poisonous to our structure when ingested. As a strong irritant, the L-DOPA bean hair can cause severe itching, burning, swelling and discoloration on the skin.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid the use of this natural remedy, to be on a safe side, even though there is no confirmation that the cautery is dangerous to pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Similarly, individuals suffering from cardiovascular huddles are being expected to stay clear of the capsule or the raw powdered form. Dizziness and fainting have been confirmed in individuals who combine ground bean with cardiovascular medications.


It is a popular conviction that these herbal stuff are much safer than chemical alternatives used in the depression medication, arthritis, brain-related disorders, and others treated with the matter. Most of the known side effects of L-DOPA are linked to their interactions with medications used for other purposes.

For this reason, Kapi Kacchu must be used alone, or you need to avoid it when you are treating some other issues that have to do with cardiovascular health, blood pressure and body sugar management. Fortunately, the fine-grain form of these beans can be ingested before or after eating but not on an empty stomach.

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