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N Acetyl Cysteine Benefits – The All Potent Nootropic to Keep You Young and Healthy.

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N Acetyl Cysteine Benefits - The All Potent Nootropic to Keep You Young and Healthy. Smart Pill Wiki 5

It is a bit disappointing that many people may not have heard of N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). From the individual who is interested in living a healthy life to the one looking for a powerful nootropic, NAC deserves their attention. It definitely is a nootropic you should know more about.

When it is about maintaining your liver health, curing a cold and flu as well as combating obsessive-compulsive disorder, NAC is at its own level of effectiveness.

The long name ‘N-acetylcysteine’ should not scare or cause you too much concern. The basic thing to know is that NAC is a modified version of an amino acid known as Cysteine. The modification involves adding a sulfur molecule to the amino acid. NAC is a precursor to a chief antioxidant named glutathione. This is a compound that keeps free radicals and toxins from your body, including the toxins contained in tobacco, alcohol, pollutants, drug overdose even poison agents.

N Acetyl Cysteine nootropic benefits

Treats flu and its symptoms
Not many natural products will match the effectiveness of NAC in fighting flu and its symptoms. In one study, one group of test subjects was given NAC dosage while another was given placebos. In a matter of two weeks, the group with NAC dosage developed no symptoms of flu despite having contracted the flu virus.

Promotes lung health
NAC can clear and prevent the buildup of mucus and phlegm in the breathing system. It also reduces the availability of toxins that contribute to lungs infections. Some medical uses for the supplement include treatment for asthma, cystic fibrosis and even collapse of lungs. In people using pipes in their windpipes, NAC is used to prevent contamination as well as ease the breathing system.

Improves immunity
N Acetyl Cysteine benefitsN-Acetyl Cysteine supplement can help keep your immunity boosted as well as keep the body free from body toxins. It has been used in cancer patients to lessen the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Delays skin aging
NAC is a natural nootropic that can keep your skin from aging. In the form of creams, NAC is used to protect skin fibers from UV and toxins damage. As it happens, fibers are responsible for skin tightness and smoothness. Without them, wrinkling and face lines are inevitable. Herbal products such as Bacopa monnieri can aid in this anti-aging effect.

Enhances mood and relieves anxiety
One of the N Acetyl Cysteine benefits to have has been recently discovered as mood enhancement and stress relieving. It has come to be known that this drug can actually manipulate the levels of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a brain chemical that influences one’s mood and maintains focus. It can, for this reason, be used to clear brain fog. Research has also shown that NAC can help patients struggling with drug addiction and liver damage due to alcohol.

PCOS treatment option
PCOS is a condition that causes infertility in women. Although official records have not been released, it is thought that NAC can improve on this condition.

There are many other potential N Acetyl Cysteine benefits, some that you will come about on published articles and others which still remain unclear. For example, NAC is thought to prevent some types of cancer. It is also thought to be a potent ulcers cure and an anti-inflammatory agent.

N Acetyl Cysteine products dosage

N Acetyl Cysteine dosageThere is no specific N Acetyl Cysteine dosage that will work for everyone and for every situation. For clinical conditions, the best approach is to get a doctor’s directions on what N Acetyl Cysteine dosage is the best.

Generally, that is for general health improvement such as mental vigor and clear breathing system, use dosages of 600 mg per day. You can keep increasing this dosage depending on how your body reacts to the product.

Some users have taken up to 2-3 grams of NAC still with desirable effects. However, never start with such high dosages as it can cause side effects.

Using N Acetyl Cysteine dosage and products of caffeine

Caffeine pills are well-renowned stimulants. They are used in maintaining focus as well as reducing headaches and such.

When using NAC products, refrain from using caffeine-containing products in large amounts. It is advised against using such products which will encourage over-stimulation along with NAC. It can lead to blood pressure issues.

Other products to use with N Acetyl Cysteine supplement

There are several other products that have been shown to increase the potency and effectiveness of N Acetyl Cysteine supplement. They include:

Probiotics – This are strains of beneficial bacteria. You can get them from the supplement of food products such as yogurt. They have been shown to promote body defense mechanisms and can actually aid in the treatment of influenza and flu.

Omega-3 fatty acids – You can get them from fish oils or even vegetables. They also are available in supplements. They are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your immunity alert.

Vitamins – Vitamin D, for example, has been linked to low immunity. Vitamin C is responsible for a healthy skin. Vitamin B, on the other hand, are responsible for maintained health even brain coordination. Such can be found in foods of natural products such as L-theanine supplement.

Where to buy N Acetyl Cysteine supplement and products

Many users prefer to buy online NAC supplement and products. Such can be bought as dietary supplements in local retailers.
I always advise for buying in online nootropic vendor stores. The basic reason behind this is that such a vendor is likely to have other potent nootropics such as L-Tryptophan which also is an amino acid.

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