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Limitless Pill Phenibut: High, Dosage, Withdrawal and How to Buy

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Limitless Pill Phenibut: High, Dosage, Withdrawal and How to Buy

What is phenibut?

Phenibut, also known as Beta-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid (Gaba), is CNS depressant created to assist fight anxiousness and resolve other infirmities such as stress, tension, alcohol abuse, ahypnia, PTSD. It helps with Meniere’s disease (a disease of the inner ear that causes a headache) for the prevention of motion sickness and disorders of the vestibular apparatus. It is an anxiolytic and nootropic drug.

Phenibut was devised in the 1960s to succor in fighting anxiety. It was first generated in Russia. It even found a place in the first-aid kit of spacemen during the flight “Soyuz” – “Apollon”. Soviet doctors decided that it was Phenibut that would best cope with worry and drowsiness, that could endanger the lives of crew members. On the other hand, if the medicine does not work at all and does not affect anything, and its “action” is based only on the strength of self-deceptiveness. The people of Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine use it for medical reasons. For instance, in Northern America and Europe, its distribution is not ratified, while it is mandated in the United States, and controlled in Australia. Phenibut’s other names are Anvifen, Citrocard, Fenibut, and Phenybut. It has both inhibitory components and activating components.

Perks of Phenibut

Perks of PhenibutIndications for use of the drug Phenibut are next:

  • get rid of disquiet;
  • in case of symptoms of asthenic type syndrome;
  • during disturbing violations;
  • for cowardice, frequent nightmares during a night dream;
  • to treat alcohol dependence, including psychopathological and somato-vegetative disorders;
  • dizziness that has arisen due to vestibular disorder, which is caused by pathologies, traumatic injuries, infectious pathologies;
  • for preventive treatment during motion sickness;
  • assigned to high-strung tics, enuresis.

Listed below are some of its ramifications:

1. Anxiety treatment

This drug has robust anxiolytic outcomes. Anxiety emanates from being ineffectual in switching off the different transmissions. The Gaba molecule breaks down the blood to brain hurdles, producing anxiolytic reactions, which consequently lowers the transmissions.

2. Upgrades cognitive functioning and mental abilities

Phenibut is classified as a cognitive enhancer even though the evidence to support this claim is insubstantial. Several experiments orchestrated indicate that it improves the functioning of the encephalon particularly in connection to the hemispheres interaction. This results in enhanced creativity.

3. Promoting dormition

When consumed in low doses, Phenibut stimulates deep sleep, which banishes nerves and any other mental pressures believed to cause agrypnia.

A trial performed on rats suffering from stroke disclosed that the meds refined their amnesia. It rectified the blood flow problems in their brain, movement problems, the recovery process, increased BDNF, the growth, and development of cerebrum cells. It has the most powerful neuroprotective consequences as compared to other medications.

Other gamma-aminobutyric acid repercussions include assisting with ethanol and heroin addiction, relieves headaches, alleviates loathing through balancing the immune system, and harboring the heart.

Phenibut dosage

Phenibut DosageCurrently, there is not sufficient scientific evidence to determine an optimal prescription for Phenibut. However, quantity control is crucial, and individuals should take it heedfully. Since its distribution is unrestricted in some countries, it should be administered correctly. Research shows that for first-time users, they should start with the lowest dose (200-500mg). Also, the max dose per day should be less than 1.5g a day and it should be taken less than 3 times a week.

Read and follow relevant instructions on the product’s label to prevent the “Phenibut high”. Its average half-life is around 5.3 hours. An overdose can spawn horrible side effects. Therefore, consumers need to desist from taking it often.

It comes in two forms; Phenibut hydrochloride (HCL) salt, and Phenibut FAA (free amino acid). In HCL form, Phenibut is reacted with hydrochloric acid to produce an acidic, easy to dissolve, crystalline salt. FAA is pure, does not dissolve easily, and is bitter/sour. Moreover, FAA has 20% more molecules as distinguished from HCL.

This product is available for purchase in either of the two forms; Phenibut capsules or Phenibut powder. To guarantee the effectiveness, always merge it with any warm beverage to dissolve and activate the crystals. To reap its advantages, take Phenibut on an empty stomach.

Refrain from taking a concoction of Phenibut and alcohol because it overstimulates GABA receptors, triggering intense impacts which is dangerous.

Phenibut and Kratom

Some people have reported using Phenibut and the Kratom (traditional herbal treatment for managing opiate discontinuation symptoms) together. The two are ideal for people seeking additional help with mood enhancement and increasing “smartness”.

It is important to note that, Phenibut is not an everyday supplement and you should efrain from operating motorized vehicles.

Side effects

Phenibut Side effectsApart from the advantages, Phenibut’s usage can have adverse consequences when used improperly (overshooting the recommended prescription). Anecdotal evidence reveals that the drug is habit-forming and needs a higher dosage since the body builds up a quick and high tolerance to it. Other Phenibut side effects range from vomiting, gastrointestinal distress, weariness, change in dream patterns, insensibility, increased heart rate, and renal disability.

There are other effects caused by an overdose especially from recreational users including lethargy, somnolence, unresponsiveness, reduced mental awareness, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, sexual dysfunction, and seizures.

Phenibut withdrawal symptoms

Upon discontinuation, the following symptoms might be detected; excessive glutamate left around floating around the cerebellum can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety attacks, crotchetiness, reduced appetite, and phantasms.

How and where to buy Phenibut

In countries where Phenibut GNC ban exists, this product cannot be purchased OTC. However, people can buy it online from specialty vendors. If looking to shop online, there are four main things to consider; quality control, brand reputation, pricing, and convenience.


Some users disclosed that the med makes them euphoric, less anxious, social, and confident. Others reported experiencing unfortunate outcomes. If you want to buy Phenibut, it is, therefore, important to read reviews from various online communities. Reddit is among the places to receive feedback from the Phenibut Reddit forums such as psychonaut. Others include liftmode and Phenibut erowid.

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