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Physical Vs. Mental Training – Which Ones Are More Important In Relation to the Brain.

Posted by admin in Enhancement Category. Reviewed and Updated: 10 February, 2018

We know that both physical and mental workouts are good for the brain. But which of the two works best in boosting brain power? It happens that such debates are often enough to pop up.

Which one is better: physical or mental training?

Physical workouts are meant to bring about a good circulation of blood in the vessels provisioning the brain. When such a circulation is achieved, it becomes easy for brain cells to efficiently function as required. On the other hand, mental workouts are meant to keep the brain fit and alert. It has nothing to do with brain cells being provisioned or not. It is all about keeping the cognitive abilities of the brain at their best.

It would be catastrophic if brain cells were to be left out with a low concentration of oxygen or ready energy. With the right physical workouts, this condition is always taken care of. It would be equally catastrophic if brain cells were to be left out of new and challenging experiences. Luckily, this is taken care of by the right mental workouts.

It is very much hard to come to a consensus in regards to which is better of the two. The fact is that none should be depreciated of the attention it deserves. On the one hand, you would be working hard to keep a dull brain provisioned. It wouldn’t help. On the other hand, you will be toiling to educate an exhausted brain. It would hardly concentrate let alone capturing any of the knowledge you are providing.

How to balance the two

Clearly, it is necessary that both mental and physical brain workouts are kept at equilibrium.
Start your day with the physical aspect of the workouts. Normal morning workouts like jogging will work just fine. From there, ensure that you provide your brain with a balanced breakfast.

Your daily tasks, either in a job or in class will not be sufficient to keep your brain alert. Read newspaper articles, magazines and such. Try out some quizzes and games if you have the time. You can, however, supplement all these with sessions of interacting with lively debates with your friends. All that your mind needs is a moment where it can wander off the daily tasks you always engage in.

Remember to take professional training exercises like yoga. In fact, if you have a list of such exercises to choose from, go with yoga. It helps open up the mind in ways you have never imagined before.