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Picamilon Supplement – Dosage, Does It Cure Anxiety and What Are Its Side Effects?

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Picamilon Supplement – Dosage, Does It Cure Anxiety and What Are Its Side Effects? Smart Pill Wiki 5

You have probably heard of picamilon or are bound to if you are a nootropics user. In countries like the US, it is classified as a dietary supplement. In Russia on the other hand, the same is used as a prescription medication. It actually was developed in Russia.

Sometimes back, FDA banned some supplements that contained the drug. Apparently, the amounts of the drug contained in the supplements were higher than the recommended dosage. This sparked a lot of debates and confusions as to whether picamilon is entirely safe and if it can actually treat anxiety. Let’s have a detailed look on picamilon supplement for anxiety use and its safety information.

What is picamilon supplement and its benefits?

Picamilon supplement is any product that contains picamilon and some other ingredients to either complement its effects or keep it from going bad.

In regards to its mode of action, picamilon targets a brain chemical known as GABA. This is a neurotransmitter that keeps order and prevents other brain chemicals from going rogue.

As it happens, taking a GABA supplement sees the hormone eradicated from the body before it can make it to the brain. For this reason, GABA can only be introduced into the body (brain) via a different drug or supplement that will enable it to cross the brain-blood barrier.

In picamilon, a compound known as niacin is added to GABA. This is the product that enables the latter hormone to be effectively introduced into the brain. This is actually why picamilon for anxiety use is quite promising. Phenibut is another drug used for similar effects.

Are picamilon for anxiety benefits real?

You may be wondering how real picamilon for anxiety benefits are. If not, you should.

It all comes back to the brain chemical we already have been introduced to, GABA. In the brain, this brain chemical works by either amplifying or inhibiting the reception of particular nerve impulses. Impulses are the mode of communication that nerves and brain cells use to communicate.

People with high anxiety levels either suffer a deficiency of brain chemicals such as dopamine (focus booster hormone) and serotonin (mood hormone), sometimes melatonin. A stress hormone known as cortisol takes the advantage. It increases in availability and promotes chronic stress, which in other terms can be described as anxiety.

Introducing GABA to this mix sees the levels of the latter stress hormone lower while dopamine and serotonin are backed up. In its excess, serotonin is converted into yet another brain chemical, melatonin (sleep hormone). All these factors combined promote anxiety reduction, and thus the reality in picamilon for anxiety use. Some users do include the use of melatonin pills to boost these effects.

How to get the most out of picamilon dosage benefits

The available studies that promote the use of picamilon powder and pills are minimal. This is especially in the US where the drug is surrounded by controversies. In Russia though, a lot has been done on picamilon research.

For one, picamilon is largely believed to be free from health threatening side effects. This means that you can try it, preferably after a consultation with your doctor on the same.

Going by the claim that picamilon can actually succeed in introducing GABA in the brain, then it can actually treat anxiety. Studies with mice have demonstrated a lot of anxiolytic potency in the drug.

To get the most out of a picamilon supplement or stack, use it for relaxation and boosted mental energy. Developing a nootropics stack is always advised. Here, you will be required to use more than one nootropic at the same time for complemented benefits.

For example, you can use green tea extract with picamilon powder. Green tea will give you slight stimulation, not to mention the other health benefits such as cancer prevention and anti-aging benefits. Picamilon, on the other hand, will make use of the stimulation by boosting mental energy as well as keeping you relaxed and able to focus.

You can also try Phenibut if you are not all sure of picamilon benefits. As it is with any enhancement supplement or even prescription drug, your doctor’s take will prove of great value.

Picamilon dosage for max benefits

If this supplement feels like something you can try, then use 50 to 150 mg picamilon dosage for max benefits. This picamilon dosage will work best if taken about 60 minutes to sleep.

You will find get even better benefits if you use picamilon in cycles. What this basically means is that you can take the dosage continuously for 5 days and then quit the dosage for the next 4 days to continue the cycle after that. This is a strategic approach to ensure that you do not develop tolerance to its effects.

Picamilon powder side effects

Even with supplements that have been in use for centuries and considered safe by many such as mucuna pruriens extract, side effects are always a possibility. This is especially if high dosages are taken or when interactions with other drugs/supplements or body conditions occur.

Known picamilon side effects are few and tolerable. They include slight difficulties in getting sleep, headaches and gastric discomfort.

To stay on the safe side, don’t take picamilon or any other anxiolytic and operate machinery, including driving and sitting for exams. Additionally, get your doctor’s advice on picamilon use.

Where to buy picamilon supplement?

Some stores such as GNC were quick to remove some supplements containing picamilon from their stores. You find that such stores are very collaborative to FDA directions, which is actually very safety assuring.

Due to above and related reasons, you might find it a bit difficult to locate a place where to buy picamilon. However, you can always buy nootropics online regardless of some restrictions imposed on their access and use. For picamilon, just locate an online specialized nootropics vendor and you will be able to purchase your dosage.

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