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Best brain booster pills, drugs and supplements for everyone

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Best brain booster pills, drugs and supplements for everyone

If you have watched the motion picture Limitless, perhaps you were mesmerized by how mystical tablets could transmogrify a regular Joe into a suave super-intelligent brainiac with incomprehensible and near photographic memory.

Are there brain booster pills like the Limitless brain pill? Yes and no. There are brain drugs which are validated for redressing neuro bazzing that has gotten off-label use.

The best brain supplements for adults work somewhat like the Limitless pill sky-rocketing mental dexterity above the norm.

Why do people take brain pills?

Why do people take brain pills?The brain is the most labyrinthine of all known things. We know a bit about it but are yet to decode it. This multiplexity comes with fragilities which show themselves in many ways as follows:

Aging – Age is a physical countenance that happens to all living things. It comes with mental shrinkage that can weaken one’s former talent. Age is relentless, you can’t negotiate or turn back the clock. This may signal the need to take brain pills that salvage waning perceptivity.

Declensions – There are many cerebral depressors like ADHD, Parkinsons, dementia, etc. They have no cure but have been abated with power pills and showed repair of cognition.
Genetic disablements – Some cerebral handicaps hare inherited down the gene pool affecting progeny. The only available alleviative for these is brain drugs.

Brain assault – Brain shock can refashion your entire wellbeing. This may demand an amalgam of specialized solatium treatments like surgery, physio, and brain booster pills.

Occupational valor – There is no real Limitless pill but there is one that is remarkably closely related – Modafinil. This prescription drug is also a nootropic that is very popular in enhancing cognition and sensation for dextrous work output. Pundits have turned to it calling it a brain pill like Limitless.

Schooling performance – There are brain booster pills like Pro Brain that are voguish in colleges for inflaming memory, precision, and energy which motivate them to do more. Students use these for tuition and during assessments.

What pointers could mean that you have a brain injury?

The brain is your body’s CPU. Any harm could have a cascading domino effect on other bodily processes and thus should be taken very seriously. At times you may not know outright that there is a problem, but these red flags should lead you to do further probing.

Memory loss and forgetfulness

If you suddenly start to lose memory and forget important and details that were second nature to you, you should get help. It could be the tip of a larger anomaly


Memory loss and forgetfulness

There is a level of stress that is necessary for humans to perform at their best. For example, the competition and long wait to clinch that million dollar deal. This good stress does not persist. It comes and goes and gives us the incentive to celebrate when we defeat challenges and succeed. Stress and anxiety that is unexplained and lingers should be a course for alarm.

Hormonal problems

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) causes hormonal asymmetries. If you have been diagnosed with hormonal imbalances, perhaps you need a CT scan too.

Lack of attention

Inattentiveness beyond the normal stray thoughts should not be ignored. Attention deficiencies which are classed as cognitive infractions begin with poor attention.

Lengthy headaches

Intense headaches are usually asymptomatic indicators of some other infirmity. Frequent and prolonged headaches could be a result of some bad chemical actions in the brain.


Convulsions are caused by abnormal electrical signals in the brain. They can be precipitated by abnormal blood sugar or sodium, encephalitis, meningitis or infections in the brain.

Uncontrolled mood swings

If you find yourself have uncontrollable mood swings your brain could be acting up.

All these symptoms may or may not be caused by brain injury but it is prudent to see a doctor to rule it out. If the results turn out to be positive, super brain pills are one of the treatment options on the table.

Benefits of brain enhancement pills

Benefits of brain enhancement pillsEffective brain kindlers are used for both reparative nostrum and nootropic use. There are herbs and natural brain supplements that work like Ginkgo, Rhodiola Rosea, fish oils, and Ginseng among others.

Most of these have centuries of historic use and studies and are very effective in repairing or boosting cognition. Their different brain pill ingredients reconstruct the human body processes to cause neurocognitive improvements in memory, energy, learning, neuroprotection etc. They have fewer side effects being natural.

Other brain pills are synthetic Racetams and stimulants which have more instant results but also have potential side effects. All stimulants are controlled.

The main brain power benefits according to many reviews are:

  • Cognitive repair for age and mental retardation due to brain disorders
  • Improved memory which is a catalyst for learning
  • Laser-focus for sustained attention
  • Motivation
  • Energy to keep going on arduous projects

A disclaimer is important here. People respond differently to brain boosters and it is normal to experiment before you get a good fit.

What are the Side effects of brain enhancing drugs?

What are the Side effects of brain enhancing drugs?All brain power pills should be taken according to directed doses. The doses are as varied as the pills. It is important to speak to specialists before commencing usage, especially for nootropic use. As intimated earlier on in this article, natural brain pills have little effects. But they should be taken in moderation and with advice from medics or dieticians. Stimulants have potential risks like:

  • Dependency and addition
  • Heart-related complications
  • Respiratory problems
  • Blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea

The list is not exhaustive but approximate.

Closing remarks

Brain drugs have been around for as long as people have had cognitive ailments. They link ancient wisdom and modern medicine to remedy common mental challenges. Anecdotal and clinical trials attest to the efficacy of brain booster pills in the corporate world as well. Adoption in Silicon Valley has fueled their popularity and they are now a huge market.

Yes, they work but the results in different people may differ and one may kiss a few frogs before finding their prince. If you want to dive into this sea of brain drugs, it is recommended to start with the natural. Talk to a specialist first. It is always safer that way.

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