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Super brain yoga: gym, exercises and reviews

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Super brain yoga: gym, exercises and reviews

Many health and fitness programs almost always major on the physique. That is only half the equation A Hennesey Venom F5 without its engine is just another beautiful body. There many beauties out there. The engine is the crux of the ensemble. It is the differentiator which makes it the fastest car in the world today.

Thanks to research, we now know that healthy brains are as significant to wholesomeness as healthy bodies. To get a healthy and body, you need to eat right and adhere to strict exercise, probably with the help of a dietician and trainer. You need to learn how to exercise your brain. Brain training games are the zig to the zag of your mental fitness routine. Think of them like putting your brain on a treadmill.

The greatest attraction towards brain gym exercises is the simplicity and practicality. They are almost silly activities that help in stress relief, dissipating excess energy, and trigger learning by engaging the brain.

What is Super Brain Yoga?

What is Super Brain Yoga?It is basically squats which are done with your hands crossed over your chest, making an X, and touching your earlobes. The right hand touches the left earlobe and vice versa. Unlike most other yoga exercises, this one has no twisting involved, just squats.

It is a derivative of a traditional Hindu practice called Murgha which was used by teachers and parents as a punishment. It was also a yoga pose. It entailed bending over and planting your face in front of your knees with your legs slightly apart, then reaching around and between your legs to gently pinch your ears.

The touching of the earlobes is an Ayurvedic postulate which power neurotransmission in both sides of the brain using pressure points on the earlobes.

Super brain yoga reviews

Super brain yoga reviewsThe science is a little hazy but a Dr. Joie P Jones from the University of California sought to find out how authentic this Super brain yoga really is. His determinations were affirmative. It arouses acupuncture points on the ears which electrify the mind.

Thus, his conclusions match with Ayurvedic wisdom and have become widely savory. This technique magnifies brain function and is part of alternative palliation.

Anecdotal sentiments concur that it makes you cleverer and mentally steadfast. Practitioners believe it frees stagnant energy that is trapped in lower body parts transferring to your brain for creativity and intellect.

The energy is said to ride vertically up via the center of your body to the chest area, then up to the head.

How exactly do you do this?

How exactly do you do this?First, you are encouraged to schedule this in the morning and without wearing any jewelry. Stand upright facing the sunrise, then follow these easy movements:

  1. While in that posture lift your tongue to your palate.
  2. Carry your left hand over your chest to pinch your right ear with your index and thumb. The thumb faces front.
  3. Replicate this same motion using your right hand to touch your left ear
  4. Your hands are now crossed over your chest right over left.
  5. Take a deep breath and squat
  6. Hold it in until you rise up
  7. Breath out deeply
  8. Redo about 15 to 20 squats.
  9. Do the steps every day for 3 months

You may not realize any changes in the first two months. The third month is the charm. The results begin manifesting. By the seventh month, you will exhibit cognitive improvements galore.

Benefits of brain power yoga

Most of these benefits of exercise on the brain are based on reviews and observations and not on scientific data.

For kids- Teachers observed that children who perform super brain yoga experience lower cases of ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and Down’s Syndrome.

· Alzheimer’s – It has been used for Alzheimer’s therapy rehabilitating cognition and also supports elderly people to better remember daily actions like where they placed their spectacles.

· Serenity – It is said to give inner calm and clarify mental pictures. This tranquility further, it allows one to keep their appetite in control.

· Stress relief – It relieves anxiety and improves brain health

· Energy – it synchronizes the brain hemispheres and alpha waves energizing your mind

· It has even been said to help individuals master computer skills faster

· It can be used with virtually any other remedies since it has no ingestibles. There are many natural herb diets that come in handy like turmeric, essential oils, and multivitamins. They may amplify the results.

How to train your brain

How to train your brainBrain yoga exercises are among the simplest brain training techniques. It takes as little as three minutes to start the self-training. It takes practice and consistency to achieve the equivalent of a body builder’s physique.

There are other training methods like the emotional brain training (EBT) which uses neuroscience and treats stored bad memories as electric circuits and successfully rewires the brain to stop using stored negative reactions to stressors. It trains the brain to switch those negative responses to new positive and healthier substitutes.

There is also a publication called The Brain Book, which attempts to elucidate more on the intricacies of the brain and how to train it to optimal performance. You can get in online from Amazon.

Super brain yoga can be likened to these brain games to make your brain sharper and your mind working.

Brain exercise games to try:

  • Dakim – “brain fitness program” in the form of puzzles and a set of games that gives you mental tasks to solve.
  • Lumosity – the most popular brain-training game, makes you pay attention to the right things and ignore inconsiderably.
  • Eidetic helps you learn and remember all things using a method of unequivocal repetition. In such way a new piece of information is built for long-term storage in your memory.
  • Brain Metrix – a set of games and tasks for IQ, concentration, spatial intelligence, memory, and creativity, that strengthen your brain’s to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Final words

brain yogaBody and brain yoga has been used for centuries. Brain training games are coming to the fore as equally important as physical exercises. There are breakthroughs in scientific methods but also use of traditional wisdom with proven studies and successfully merged with modern medicine.

Super brain yoga exercises are some of the easiest brain training exercises anyone can try. They are DIY brain gym exercises and can be taught to young ones or done by a family anywhere. You only need enough room to squat. What’s more, they have rave reviews and have been borrowed from a rich Eastern heritage of health and wellness.

These brain exercise games have a lot of anecdotal support for having helped healthy people build robust mental function. Moreover, evidence among people with cognitive delays, both children and adults indicate it can be used as an alternative to some medications.

Lastly, it has no known side effects nor interaction with either medicine, artificial or natural brain health supplements. This makes it an attractive solo therapy or addition to ongoing remedies.

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