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Turmeric Supplement – Health Benefits, Tea, Extract, Capsules and Side Effects.

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Turmeric Supplement – Health Benefits, Tea, Extract, Capsules and Side Effects. Smart Pill Wiki 8

Turmeric is a bit different from other supplements used as nootropics. It is a spice extracted from turmeric plant. It is popularly used in many parts of Asia. The spice produces a bitter, warm taste. You will find it as a flavor in cheeses and curry powders. Although the upper side of the turmeric plant is mainly used, its root also has some medicinal benefits.

Its uses include treating headaches, stomach and joint pain, gastric discomforts fatigue, clogged lungs even Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used to promote skin health and oral health.

A compound known as curcumin is credited with most of the known turmeric health benefits although other chemical compounds are notable.

Turmeric extract uses

Turmeric has many uses, some of which have been confirmed and other which are being studied on. They include:

Cholesterol control
Turmeric can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in a period of three months. This particularly includes belly fat and triglycerides that accumulate in women around the hips in later stages of life. It can also aid in weight loss.

Skin health
In individuals with chronic itching caused by kidney disorders, some fungal strains and mustard poisoning, turmeric can ease the itch and promote skin health. It has also been shown to improve healing of wounds especially ones caused by skin and other types of cancer.

Anxiety and depression
Some studies have linked turmeric with clearing brain fog and relieving depression. Test subjects who took turmeric extract for 2 months were shown to have improved mentally.

Stomach and joint pain
Combined with some other ingredients, turmeric can ease stomach pain and correct joint aches. It has however not been shown to improve joint malfunctions such as arthritis.

Inflammation treatment
Inflammations occurring in the eye, mouth or the gut can be corrected using turmeric tea or supplement. This is especially for cancer patients who have undergone treatment in parts of the body near the gut. It has also been used to treat inflammations occurring in the bowel.

Treating ulcers
Turmeric can kill a certain strain of bacteria that causes ulcers in humans. Some contradicting information, however, suggested that its potency in ulcers treatment cannot be depended on.

Cancer prevention
Colorectal cancer to be specific is thought to be reduced by taking a turmeric supplement. It is said that some glands in the large intestines that cause cancer are reduced by turmeric.
There are other many uses of turmeric which are not discussed in detail in this article. Some of them can be complemented with herbal nootropics such as bacopa monnieri. They include treatment for:

Most of these uses will require a doctor to give specific directions. As you can see, some of them are a bit complicated and dealing with serious body disorders. You are always advised to talk to a doctor before using turmeric supplement or any other supplement to treat a disease.

Turmeric pills health benefits

Below are some of the most notable turmeric health benefits:

Anti-inflammation properties
When attacked by germs, the body mostly responds by inflaming the part of the body under attack. This is a very important defense mechanism.

However, inflammation can be lethal when it goes on for long. It will cause problems with breathing, blood circulation and interfere with many other body processes.

Turmeric help in reducing chronic inflammation, which has been identified as a leading cause of many killer health conditions in the world today.

Improves mental health
The brain keeps forming new connections and networks as we develop. It is for this reason that conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease cause difficulties in coordination and logical decision making.


Turmeric has been shown to increase a certain brain growth factor and in the process encourage neuro growth. Taking caffeine pills and other nootropics or stimulants can contribute to more effective brain development. This, however, should be done with care.

Eases arthritis symptoms
Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the joints. This is usually accompanied by a lot of pain and difficulties in mobility.

Rheumatoid arthritis has been shown to respond very well to treatment using turmeric extract. The extract is concentrated in curcumin which is an inflammatory agent. However, taking turmeric products such as turmeric tea will have a little effect.

Cancer treatment and prevention
We all can assert that cancer is terrible. As it happens, the growth of cancer follows various processes, which if inhibited can aid in the prevention of the disease.

In one stage of cancer development, malignant cells form their own network of blood vessels for nutrients provision. Turmeric has been shown to help in the inhibition of this process.

The herb has been studied in multiple experiments, and show effectiveness in preventing colorectal and prostate cancer. Taking turmeric tea or capsules frequently can prevent such cancers from forming and spreading.

Lowers heart disorders risk
Heart-related disorders cause a million and one deaths every year. They are very common in older people especially those who rarely go for physical exercises.

The problem is that heart disorders are complex but related. This means that you can treat a certain symptom but still remain with ten others of similar health risk.

It turns out that turmeric can aid in the strengthening of endothelium linings. These are the muscles that form the outer coverings of blood vessels.

The anti-inflammation properties of turmeric capsules and pills also contribute to cardiovascular health.

Fights against depression
Depression is one of the most suffered mental disorders. The problem is that antidepressants do not actually treat but help manage the condition.

Turmeric has gained a lot of attention and success in the recent days as a potent depression treatment agent. It promotes a feeling of well-being much similar to L-theanine supplement.

Turmeric is also thought to contribute to hippocampus health, a group of cells that are affected by depression. This influences the release of a certain brain factor that fights depression.

It is a longevity supplement
Turmeric capsules and pills are potent anti-aging agents. Just think about all the benefits and uses that we have so far identified.

From promoting skin health, delaying mental decline, preventing cancer, promoting cardiovascular health, even managing diabetes; all these are important anti-aging characteristics that are present in turmeric extract.

How to take turmeric tea, capsules and extract

There is no official dosage of turmeric powder, extract, tea or supplement. When used to treat disorders and diseases, directions from a doctor should be sought.

It is advised that you avoid turmeric dosage amounting to 1500 mg or above. Any dosage should not be taken for more than 8 months continuously. You can start with low dosages of about 200-500 mg and see the results.

Another better approach is to take turmeric tea and smoothie. These contain low concentrations of the active compounds and can be effective for long-term turmeric health benefits. You can find finer details on the best recipe for a turmeric smoothie online.

Turmeric supplement side effects

Turmeric supplement is considered a well-tolerable supplement. This is when used orally or applied to the skin in form of creams.

All the same, taking it in high doses will invite side effects such as diarrhea and dizziness. It can also contribute to stomach discomforts and decreased appetite.

Turmeric has been shown to elevate gallbladder complications. Avoid it if you have been diagnosed with such a condition.

Patients with diabetes risk extremely low blood sugar when using turmeric. Be careful or ask for your doctor’s take on the same. It has also been shown to encourage blood thinning. This means that surgery patients should avoid it.

Turmeric tea recipe

Turmeric tea has many benefits. The good thing is that you can enjoy its flavor while at the same time be filling your body with beneficial antioxidants and other nutrients. Below is a recipe for turmeric tea if you are interested in brewing it at home.

You will need:

  • About 3-4 cups of boiled water
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Sieve
  • Boiler
  • Black pepper

Boil the water and add the turmeric in. Let the mixture boil for about ten minutes. Sieve the mixture into a cup. Add the sweetener you prefer, preferably lemon or honey. You can add a little black pepper to raise the rate of absorption.

You can try more than one recipe to see the one that works the best for you. You can also watch free videos on different ways that you can make the tea. The bottom line is that turmeric tea is definitely worth a try, both for your health and its flavor.

Where to buy turmeric capsules and pills

Turmeric is available in many forms. You can find it as turmeric powder, turmeric capsules and pills, tea, supplement even smoothie.

You can buy it online in food stores. It is not a regulated substance and is legal in most countries. It is therefore not hard to find it online.

You are advised to look for another compound named bioperine. This is a compound that encourages the absorption of the active compound in turmeric. You may take a turmeric supplement but end up having no notable benefits after the curcumin in turmeric has been eradicated through the digestive tract.

Find an online nootropics vendor that can sell you other related products such as L-Tryptophan or racetams. This is of course if you are more interested in brain enhancement. Additionally, find more information on stacking nootropics for better cognition enhancement results.

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