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Uridine Anxiety Benefits and Dosage – Review For This Mood/Depression Nootropic.

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Uridine Anxiety Benefits and Dosage – Review For This Mood/Depression Nootropic. Smart Pill Wiki 7

In the body, there are two complex protein molecules that control all the body processes including the synthesis of proteins and heritage information. These are the RNA and DNA. RNA is more of a messenger that DNA understands. Uridine is a component of RNA. Don’t worry about all that for now.

When taken in a supplement or in foods that contain it, uridine is assimilated into the liver and absorbed into the blood as a form the body system can understand. It occurs naturally in several plants and also in breast milk. In supplements, you can find it under the names of uridine triphosphate and monophosphate pills.

Uridine cannot be categorized as one of the best brain booster pills but is definitely a great anxiety reliever. On top of that, it comes with a list of health benefits which can contribute to mental enhancement.

Uridine triphosphate benefits

One of the most known uridine benefits is its ability to promote brain growth. Along with choline and DHA, it can increase the number and efficiency of synapses occurring between nerves and brain cells. It has also shown significant effects in promoting sleep and increasing intelligence fluidity.

Reduces anxiety and depression
A malfunction in the cell organelles responsible for the production of energy can lead to a condition known as bipolar disorder. Uridine has been shown to reverse this effect by increasing mitochondrion metabolism. It has also been shown to ease anxiety and prevent the same. Uridine anxiety relationship is still under further research.

Promotes cardiovascular health
Experiments with rats showed an increased flow of blood in the heart. Chemically, uridine triphosphate activates certain receptors that control heartbeat rate. This can be very helpful in cases of heart attacks and abnormal heartbeats.

Memory enhancement
It has been shown that using uridine for some time can actually improve long-term memory. This is especially when choline is used along. It promotes fluidity in verbal display and improves logical coordination. It can, for this reason, be used to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Manages anemia and HIV
Taking uridine with a Vitamin B12 source can ease the symptoms of anemia. It also helps in muscle loss experienced in later stages of HIV/AIDS development. Being a constituent of cell synthesizing nucleic acids, it promotes more tissue regeneration. L-Tyrosine can also help in this case.

Treats fibrosis
Fibrosis is a condition that worsens as more sodium promotes excess secretions in the lungs. Used with choline, the sodium can be naturalized and in the process lessen the damage caused by fibrosis. Uridine triphosphate is particularly helpful in this case.

Eases inflammation and pain
Uridine together with cytidine has been shown to lessen back pain. It also has also been shown to reduce inflammations, especially in the lungs.

Uridine stack reviews

There are three main supplements you can include in a uridine stack.

Ensure that DHA is present in the stack. Turmeric products might contain the product but getting it in supplements is much easier and better.

B vitamins and choline are essential but not a necessity. They work by increasing the potency of the uridine stack. Uridine anxiety treatment can be made even much effective by adding magnesium to the stack ingredients.

It is necessary to get the correct dosage information for all the nootropics you will include in your stack. If you are using powder forms in any of the products, it might need that you purchase a weighing scale to help you get the measurements right.

Some reviews will recommend other nootropics such as valerian root supplement to help with sleep issues especially when taking uridine for fibrosis treatment. The basic thing is to get the facts right on which stack ingredients will work.

The correct uridine supplement dosage

You can access uridine in capsules, tablets and powder forms. All have their pros and cons including ease of administration and cost. Some nootropics users, for instance, prefer snorting noopept to taking it capsules or as a dissolved powder. It all depends on a user’s preferences.

Reviews recommend uridine dosage of 500 mg to 1000mg. This dosage can be spilled twice and taken once in the morning and in the afternoon.

Better results will be achieved once uridine has been stacked with other nootropics such as choline.

Side effects of uridine dosage and supplement

Taking uridine in very high dosages will invite cases of gastric problems and fever. These are common side effects even in some of the best nootropics supplements we have around. They are tolerable and not potentially dangerous.

Don’t take uridine in case you are fighting cancer, diabetes or even heart problems. Such administration should be controlled by a doctor. In fact, uridine triphosphate has been said to encourage cancer of the pancreas.

Always consult your doctor before treating any medical condition or disease using uridine or any other supplement. Supplements are only meant for enhancement and not as treatment options for diagnosable diseases.

Other sources of uridine anxiety supplement

  • Pork and beef are great sources of uridine, especially the liver.
  • Some mushrooms contain uridine. Broccoli and oats are also considerable sources.
  • Breast milk.
  • Beer.
  • Yeast, both the one used in brewing and for food products contain the chemical.

These are great sources but definitely cannot equal the amount of uridine contained in capsules and supplements. It is advisable though to include them in your diets once in a while.

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