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Valerian Root Supplement – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and Uses for Anxiety.

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Valerian Root Supplement – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and Uses for Anxiety. Smart Pill Wiki 8

Valerian root is a sedative product. It is popularly used for sleep enhancement and to relieve anxiety. This helps to prevent panic attacks as well as managing mood swings/disorders.

The supplement is available in various forms, such as essential oils, liquid forms, capsules and powder. It is not a regulated product and thus can be bought over the counter as a dietary supplement.

Valerian root benefits: tea, pills, tablets, supplement

It might be quite surprising to know that valerian root has been used for over two millennia now. It is not as popular as ginkgo, but that should not work by creating doubts regarding its potency.
Just like the other herbal products you know, exhaustive research on exactly how valerian root works is not available. Most of the reports effects come from online reviews and user reports. The herb has been promoted as a very potent stress reliever and quality sleep promoter.

It is being reported that the number of stress cases affecting individuals today is on a sharp rise. This can be attributed to the tight schedules that we have to deal with every day. It also has something to do with lack of sleep and related disorders. For these reasons, finding an ultimate supplement that will help in both cases at once, all with no side effects is a jackpot of its own kind.
Taking valerian root in herbal tea, tablets, pills, supplements or even smoothies can do just that. This herb has been shown to effectively manipulate the levels of several brain chemicals, most notably GABA and melatonin. We will come to the importance of this effect later in this article.

For now, we can point out that valerian root is applicable to any health-related uses and benefits. Most people use to treat anxiety and sleep-related disorders. It can also promote better sexual health including promoting sexual appetite. This is not to mention its benefits in ‘making you smarter’ and an option on how to focus. It is sometimes breathtaking to imagine how a single herbal supplement can be associated with so many benefits.

Valerian root supplement and pills uses

Relieves stress
One of the most notable of valerian root benefits is anxiety relief. It contains a brain chemical known as GABA. GABA acts as a brain chemicals modulator. In the brain, messages are sent and received when specific receptors translate a specific signal.

Anxiety is caused by over-stimulation of certain brain receptors. Since GABA is able to bind to these receptors, in turn, inhibits more rogue impulses from being sent and received efficiently. This, in turn, works by reducing the anxiety that would have otherwise resulted.

The best thing is that valerian root is able to relieve anxiety without causing all the side effects that would have resulted from anxiety prescription drugs.

Reduces blood pressure disorders
You probably know valerian root as a nootropic. It should not be surprising to know that valerian root benefits actually include lowering blood pressure.

High blood pressure comes along with a list of other health hazards. They include stroke, heart attacks, and even coronary failure. A valerian root supplement promotes cardiovascular health, which ensures that blood keeps flowing efficiently throughout the body.

Used for sleep disorders
Are you tired of the side effects of sleeping pills such as drowsiness in the morning? Well, valerian root supplement might just be the solution for you.

Studies show that valerian root extract can be used for sleep enhancement and very effectively for that matter. It reduces cases of wakefulness in the night and also reduces the time needed to fall asleep. It has been known to promote better dreams and also preventing nightmares. Remember that all these valerian root benefits for sleep will come without the side effects of sleeping pills.

It is a stress reliever
Stress might be related to depression and anxiety but they are not the same. Stress is the initial stage of anxiety while the latter is the initial stage of depression.

By increasing GABA levels in the brain, valerian root is able to reduce stress and in the process protect from full-blown depression and anxiety.

Treats menstrual disorders
For women who experience painful cramps during menstruation, valerian root can reverse the effects. It can also be used to ease the depression felt by some women during menses.

Valerian root has sedative effects. This means that it can ease body muscles. Muscle cramps are caused by irregular contractions occurring in the uterine walls.

Valerian root for anxiety natural treatment


Prescription drugs to treat anxiety and promote sleep depend on their action on GABA. They either reduce the levels of the hormone or increase it. The problem is that these medications are always linked to side effects including drowsiness and daytime fatigue.

Valerian root is as natural as that can go. Even in form of tablets, it still will not bring about side effects. It is actually for this reason that it is advertised for sleep enhancement.

Valerian root for anxiety relief is very effective. In fact, it will give you additional health benefits rather than just increasing or reducing your GABA levels.

You can use this supplement with L-carnosine for example. The latter is known to promote dopamine levels, which will also work by reducing anxiety levels.

Valerian root supplement dosage

Valerian tea is one of the most popular administrations that people use to take valerian root supplement. The tea can be brewed by mixing root drops into an herbal tea and taken before going to bed. This will enhance sleep and prevent insomnia.

Valerian root for anxiety dosage is usually set at 100 – 200 mg. This dosage can be taken as many as three times a day. However, you are advised not to use the dosage at daytime. This can increase chances of drowsiness come the next day.

Some reviews recommend valerian root dosage of up to 500 mg. This dosage can be taken once per day, preferably at night. A normal therapy should run for 4 weeks. Lower dosages of 200 mg can be taken for 6 to 8 months.

Valerian root drops side effects

The current studies and reviews for valerian root show that the product is largely safe. It is however not recommended for medical use at home until conclusive research has been carried out.

Consuming the correct valerian root dosage will rarely bring any valerian root side effects. Some users have reported having developed a rash. Others have reported side effects such as gastric discomforts and nausea. Some of these side effects will occur with any supplement when taken in overdose.

The sedative effects of valerian root can take up to a week to manifest. For this reason, you are not advised to increase the dosage before that period has elapsed even if the desired effects do not show up.

How safe is valerian root supplement and root drops

As a sedative, valerian root should not be taken during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. It also should not be taken before operating machinery, driving or even taking an examination.
You may experience side effects such as dizziness and headaches. Stomach issues might also be a concern.

No reports of users being addicted to valerian root pills and root drops have been recorded. However, supplements may cause a kind of addiction that involves becoming overly dependent on the supplement. If you experience such effects, further administration should be stopped.

Stacking valerian root with other nootropics is also an effective strategic approach. For example, Mucuna pruriens has been used to complement the effects of valerian root. Aniracetam is also a good option to consider.

Some herbal supplements such as St. John’s wort and melatonin pills have been reported to cause negative interactions with valerian root. It is also good to check with your doctor especially if you are under prescription pills.

Where to buy valerian root pills and products?

Valerian root is one of the supplements you should try. It will promote your brain development capabilities and also keep you in the right sexual health. Where to buy it?

You can always buy nootropics online. The supplement, root drops, capsules, tablets even smoothies are available over the counter. You can also buy them at a local health store. Walmart, for example, offers the product.

You may, however, find it difficult to access the supplement in local health stores. Valerian root is not as old as some herbal supplements such as ginseng.

All the same, a specialized online nootropics vendor will rarely lack for the product. You can search for one online or get referred to the same. Absorb Health and Nootropics Depot have the products.

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