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What Are Nootropics – Do Brain Pills Actually Work? Its Benefits and Side Effects.

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What Are Nootropics – How Do Brain Pills Work and Which Is the Best Choice for You. Smart Pill Wiki 5

Is there anyone that does not want to be smarter? Or even to be way more concentrated on your typical daily chores? Many companies are peddling medicines alleging they can do just that for you. You have probably seen them advertised in many of those annoying pop-up ads you have to exit out of as you are scrolling through whichever social media timeline you prefer trying to keep up to date on everyone’s lives. They even line the aisles of stores like GNC with their multiple selections just waiting for you to take the plunge and pick one up. These brain pills or smart drugs, whatever you want to call them, all fall into a group that is housed in a family of drugs known as nootropics. So, what are nootropics? The definition of a nootropic is a natural or man-made pharmaceutical that can be used to enhance certain behaviors carried out by the brain. The name for this group came about after piracetam was brought into existence by Dr. Cornelius E. Giurgea. You are thinking to yourself, that is all well and good, but do nootropics work? The clarification to that query is a little harder to resolve as many of the scientific studies on the way they interact with the human anatomy are not conclusive and are still being researched.

How do these pills work?

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In a nutshell, these “smart drugs” are intended to stimulate the brain in specific areas to help with keeping your mind sharp and other of the brains cognitive functions to improve. Of course, it depends on which nootropic you use and how you implement your regimen. Many say using a nootropic stack is the way to get the best results when taking these memory supplements. When you parent one nootropic with another to enhance certain aspects of the compounds to be specifically targeted to specific issues the user is trying to affect this is called a stack. There are so many versions of stacks the best way to decide which one would be the best nootropic stack for you is to check out all the nootropics reviews on sites like Reddit
. One stack that seems to be extremely popular is the stack of a pair of natural nootropics, the partnership of St. John’s Wort and Ashwagandha. This dynamic duo can be used to help ease uneasiness which in turn has a direct link in assisting to quell certain aspects of depression. This is just one of the of nootropics stacks, so research what other users are saying. And maybe you can sort out what is the best nootropics for you?

Nootropic Side Effects

nootropic side effects

Unfortunately, with anything that has all these wonderful attributes, there also comes the dreaded byproducts of using them. You must take the good with the bad and though not everyone suffers from these side effects it is still a good idea to be armed with the knowledge. So, this way you can watch out for harbingers that you may need to stop the use of the supplements. Here are some of the most reported side effects…

Headaches are probably the number one reported the side effect. The nootropics are intended to stimulate the brain and sometimes the over stimulation of this organ can cause the synapses to be overworked and this may be the cause of the headaches that have been recounted by many users.

Gastrointestinal problems have also been conveyed by some users of nootropics. This only becomes a problem when the nootropics are taken in an extreme amount. Our bodies are filled with little alarms that go off when systems are in danger and an excessive amount of the nootropics can cause the GI tract to think it is under attack. The GI tract then will perform as it is built to and you could suffer from things like nausea, diarrhea and uncomfortable feelings in the stomach.

Langour and insomnia are probably the last of the most testified to side effects. It would seem like these two reactions couldn’t possibly go hand in hand, but it is possible. Nootropics taken to close to bedtime will cause your brain to be firing on all cylinders and therefore restless sleep. When this happens no amount of caffeine will fix the problem will carry over to the next day as the other evil partner in crime, listlessness. The lesson to be learned is simple, the timing of your dosing is super important.

Though these are the most reported side effects there are others that you may run into. These would be tied to an interaction of a specific nature with a medication you may be taking at the time or any pre-diagnosed illness. So as with all supplements and remedies please take the opportunity to consult with your friendly family physician and make sure it is okay for you to use them.

How to buy nootropics…

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You can find a wide selection of nootropics in your local health stores, but some would say the best nootropic source is right at your fingertips…the internet. You can, of course, rush right on over to Amazon and plow through the excessive amount of preferences it affords you or you can get a little more specific and head to some of the vendors directly. Some of these vendors are Pure Nootropics, Star Nootropics, Nootropics Depot, and Cosmic Nootropics. All of these have information and supplements for those things you are looking to address. There are even sites that have a Nootropics Depot coupon code, so you can save a little cash and who does not want to do that as much as possible.

With all the selections out there the job of figuring it all out can be daunting. Especially if are trying to pick the ideal support for you. Don’t freak out just as there is a whole slew of selections for you out there, there are just as many resources for you to make sure you armed with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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