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What is Concerta, Generic pills: Dosage & Side effects

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What is Concerta, Generic pills: Dosage & Side effects

Concerta is a direct analog of the widely known Ritalin, white, an odorless element with a weak acid taste. This can be taken as the main therapy, or as part of complex therapy, with the obligatory implementation of recreational activities, which may include psychological or educational training.

What is Concerta used for?

What is Concerta used for?Concerta medication is created for ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy. Therapeutics must begin under the supervision of a specialist acquainted with the state of the child’s behavior. The diagnosis should be performed according to the DSM-IV criterion or the ICD-10 guidelines. Low doses are proper in the initial stages of therapy. It is applied as a psychostimulant in asthenic conditions. Its compared to amphetamine, but with a lower excitatory effect.

Unlike other popular psychostimulants (amphetamine or cocaine) – methylphenidate is practically not produced under clandestine conditions.

A significant rise in the consumption of it as a drug is due to its widespread distribution just for the ADHD. When used to using it for therapeutic purposes, adolescents are increasingly beginning to take it to increase concentration and care during a period of intense learning, as well as to achieve a euphoric state.

Concerta dosage

Concerta dosageDrug selection is not easy, there are 11 doses of methylphenidate only, and other drugs have their own dosage options. The choice of medicine type and dose take a long time and is accompanied by communication between the specialist and the patient. A prevailing error that patients do is stopping treatment if the first drug prescribed does not help. Sometimes the result is achieved by changing the dose, but it also affects the severeness of side effects.

Mostly, the drug begins to be taken from the age of six, starting with the smallest dose of 18 grams. For adults, it can be 20 grams. Then, for several days, the body’s reaction is observed and if there are no Concerta side effects, like abdominal pain, headache, aggression. If the drug is tolerated normally, then only the attending physician can increase the dose based on previous studies in labs. Sportsman should remember that this drug intake can give a positive drug test.

The preparation is prescribed internally once a day, in the morning.

The drug can be taken reckless of food intake.

How long does Concerta last?

How long does Concerta last?

Concerta generic, methylphenidate hydrochloride is a mellow stimulator of the CNS. The tool of its action of the hyperactivity manifestations is not adequately investigated. It is considered that it molds the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine and augments the clemency of monoamines in the extraneous medium. It is believed that unlike other drugs, Concerta is of prolonged action, as it lasts from 6 to 8

hours, because methylphenidate is gradually released within a few hours after receiving Concerta high.

According to the Concerta reviews, people feel the changes after the first intake and the results of the medication do not disappear after the 2-week break. That shows that these side effects Concerning drug self-tapering are proved to be false.

Concerta side effects and withdrawal

Concerta side effects

In addition, with the use of the drug possible complications associated with the action of insoluble fillers used in the manufacture of tablets. These components block the small blood vessels, especially the lung vessels and the retina. Concerta may cause withdrawal reactions, particularly if has been used on regular basis for a long time or in high doses. Suicidal thoughts, mood swing, and other withdrawal symptoms can occur if Concerta is suddenly stopped. To forestall withdrawal reactions, Concerta dose should be reduced gradually and sometimes if Concerta is used for a long time it may not work or may not be effective as desired.

When overdose, the following symptoms may appear: increased anxiety, fever, tremor, increased sweating, blood flow to the person, increased heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmia, headache, vomiting, nausea, convulsions, coma, and death. In such case, the patient’s access to potentially traumatic mechanisms, appliances, and objects of the environment should be limited, shielded from external stimuli. It is also necessary to rinse the stomach, and in case of particularly acute poisoning, use high-speed barbiturates or benzodiazepine before washing. Activated charcoal and laxatives are also used to purify the gastrointestinal tract.

How and where to buy

How and where to buy concertaAlthough Concerta is a brand-name drug, brand-name drugs accessibility are limited and controlled, it can be bought from registered online pharmaceutical stores such as ADV CARE, Chemist Warehouse and many others. Concerta prices depend on many factors such as country or geographic location, insurance coverage, government policies, dosage and so on. Concerta coupons can be presented at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Rite Aid, Target, Kmart, Kroger, and many other drug stores, everything depends on the price.

In order not to buy a fake, read the reviews about the place where you are going to buy the drug and after the purchase, make sure that one of the sides of the tablet shows “alza 36”, “alza 18” or “alza 54”, depending on which methylphenidate dosage you have purchased. Almost everywhere, it is forbidden due to the erroneous opinion that it seems that the Concerta generic invokes to the amphetamine group.

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