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What is Dexedrine Spansule? Its Dosage and Side effects

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What is Dexedrine Spansule? Its Dosage and Side effects

The 50s and 60s comic of Asterix and Obelix familiarized us to a brewed broth they christened the magic potion. It gave Asterix, a diminutive man, superlative strength to beat up bigger bladder Roman soldiers and bandits. Obelix, fell into a pot full of the same soup, as a tot, and was cursed with permanent side effects. Cursed is a little exaggerated, but he became enormous and with matching gluttony.

Dexedrine Spansule is an analeptic that has both physical and cognitive rewards. Too much of it like in Obelix’s case could have serious and sometimes long-lasting problems. The right proportions can help you, like Asterix, surmount bigger odds.

To define Dexedrine, let’s go back in history.

What is Dexedrine Spansule?

What is Dexedrine Spansule?The first curative amphetamine launched in the 1930’s was Benzedrine Methedrine. It was a remedy for hypotension, sleep sickness, and low libido.

Benzedrine Methedrine and Dexedrine are all stimulants which work in our central nervous system.

Also known as Dexedrine ER or Dextroamphetamine, it is a regimen for attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), and narcolepsy, a predicament which makes a person sleepy spontaneously.


A 2015 study revealed that when used in low therapeutic dosages it became a gray matter excitant in healthy people. It recharged both working and episodic remembrance, convergence, and personal drive to work. These findings have given it prominence as a mind amplifier.

Athletes use Dexedrine for added robustness. It studies muscles and cranks ups fortitude and grit. As such, it is among many banned substances because it is thought to give an unwanted edge.

In clubs and parties, it is sought-after as an aphrodisiac and for a high.

Take heed, this is a drug of abuse. Therefore, usage must be with inflexible conformity to given directions.

Dexedrine Dosage

Dexedrine DosageAll prescription drugs so should be taken as directed by competent medical personnel. They look at different parameters when prescribing medicaments. They consider height, weight, age, history, and other factors.

For narcolepsy, daily dosage averages between 5 mg to 60 mg while Dexedrine ADHD ranges from 2.5 mg to 40 mg. Generally, kids under six years should not take amphetamines. The offhand indulgence which is rampant in clubs is inordinately dissuaded. Casual partakers of this vice are disposed to abusing drugs.

Overdoses can cause your heart rate to fluctuate and to high/low blood pressure. Delusions, muscle aches, and difficulty urinating can happen. The worst cases, though sparse, can be fatal.

Mechanism of Action

Amphetamines work by spurring respiration giving you deeper and rapid breathing. In healthy people, this is hardly observable but leaves a calming effect. In ADHD patients, it relaxes them and helps them focus.

Amphetamines also cause the bladder sphincter that controls urine to contract. This closes in the urine and can make urination hard. The flip side is that it can be a treatment for incontinence and bed wetting.

How long does Dexedrine last?

Dexedrine kicks in after a few hours in your system. Leaving your system to depend on a number of things: your age, health, metabolism etc. However, there are average times that help especially in conducting drug tests. It takes up to 2 days in your saliva, urine, and blood and up to 3 months in hair follicles.

Dexedrine Side Effects and Withdrawal

Dexedrine Side Effects and WithdrawalDifferent individuals exhibit dis-similar side effects. Due to interference with urinary function, it may bring difficulty in urinating and in men prolonged erections. Respiratory effects like hypertension and reduced blood flow to the limbs may occur.

Nausea, low appetite, and abdominal pain are also potential effects. It can also cause insomnia, anxiety, irritability and even suicidal tendencies. In extreme cases, heart attack, stroke, and death can occur to users who have pre-existing conditions.

Long-term use of Dexedrine above therapeutic doses may damage nerves, but with ADHD cases, it helps in brain functions and nerve growth. If you notice any of these reactions, see your doctor.

Expectant or nursing mothers should not take this drug.

When habitual users stop, they can get lethargic, cravings, depression and anxiety. Tapering the usage lessens these withdrawal symptoms.

Side effects can be a consequence of different reasons like interactions with other medicines, pre-existing conditions, poor health, etc. It is important to share your medical history with a doctor before taking these drugs. Negative effects that seem similar to the expected good results should be noted and not excused or misinterpreted. For example, insomnia is not the alertness.

It is unlawful to trade amphetamines without a prescription. To be safe, you should buy Dexedrine only with a prescription to get the right dose. Unfortunately, you can buy Dexedrine online even without a prescription. A Google search shows stores that promise discrete purchase and delivery of Dexedrine generic drugs.

Stay away from these and order yours through legal channels. In this day of fake medication, you are in danger of procuring impure and unsafe drugs if your vendor is scrupulous. To find credible and safe sellers, check Dexedrine reviews.

Another similar drug Vyvanse for ADHD treatment is also widely accessible. A Dexedrine vs Vyvanse medical comparison gives Dexedrine an edge as it is cheaper, and with fewer side effects. This has made it quite popular.

Though these substances are controlled, they are readily available and abused by many recreational users especially when they have an attractive price tag.

Last thoughts

DexedrineGood and evil walk in parallel. The demerits of using drugs without a bridle and for pleasure are obvious. It could take years to heal from addictions and they harm your loved ones as much as they do you the user.

In our Asterix and Obelix’s comic alluded to earlier, the magic potion was shared out by a druid with an interesting name – Getafix. This kept things in line. Similarly, the benefits of Dexedrine can be enjoyed within the controlled limits.

The saying goes, “power without control, corrupts.” If you take control of your Dexedrine use for therapeutic purposes, it can be an enabler of great performance. For more information and to keep yourself updated, read Dexedrine wikis.

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