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What Is Green Tea Extract – Supplements, Pills plus Health and Weight Loss Benefits.

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What Is Green Tea Extract – Supplements, Pills plus Health and Weight Loss Benefits. Smart Pill Wiki 6

Tea ranks as the second most popular beverage after water. Black tea is however by far more popular, serving about 80% of all tea users. With the exception of herbal tea, camellia sinensis acts as the source for all the other teas. The difference is in how concentrated the available antioxidants are.

Green tea is popular in the Chinese culture. To prepare it, the tea leaves are steam-dried and fried in a pan. They are then made into green tea powder and packaged. Of course, the process is not that simple. Black tea, on the other hand, needs that the leaves undergo a fermentation process, while oolong tea is half-fermented.

Green tea is perhaps the beverage with most health benefits that you will come about. Other than containing lots of antioxidants, it also contains a variety of nutrients that are essential for health. They include enhanced brain function, weight loss, lower cancer risk and other benefits. Some of its benefits can work by complementing nootropics such as vinpocetine if used in stacks,

Green tea nutrition and health-related uses

Warts treatment – Some brands of genital warts ointments are prepared from green tea with some other ingredients. In fact, green tea is also advertised as a home remedy for warts. It is very effective with more success rate amounting to 60% in some cases.

Obesity reduction – Green tea pills have been used to reduce obesity in overweight individuals. It also reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, especially belly fat. This promotes cardiovascular health, which is very important especially now that more deaths related to heart complications are being reported.

Blood pressure management – Insufficient data shows that green tea can aid in blood pressure management. A Chinese research observed that most of the people who took both green and oolong tea had lower chances of developing high blood pressure.

Cancer prevention – It has been observed that women who took more green tea had a tendency of not developing ovarian cancer. Some claims also suggest that breast, endometrial and prostate cancers can be prevented with green tea.

As always, consult your doctor before attempting any treatment on medical conditions with green tea pills. This is just a home remedy meant to improve mental and body health.

Green tea extract benefits

Health improvement
This is perhaps a too generalized phrase. A majority of the active substances in the tea leaves find their way into the tea beverage. It, therefore, is constituted of many essential nutrients.
Antioxidants, for instance, can prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body. This protects body cells from molecular damage. Free radicals are key players in aging and diseases such as cancer and skin spots. Sulbutiamine can also help in this case.

An antioxidant abbreviated as EGCG has been shown to aid in the treatment of some diseases and is suspected to associate with the health benefits of green tea.

Promotes weight loss
Many healthy individuals and athletes have used green tea for weight loss. In fact, if you browse through ingredients of most weight loss supplement, you will likely encounter green tea.

Green tea promotes fat burning processes and boosts metabolic rate. The results from some trials have however contradicted with the ability of green tea to raise metabolism.

Protects from infections
Substances known as catechins found in green tea have been studied to act as antibacterial and antiviral agents. Specifically, it has been used to prevent teeth decay caused by a certain strain of bacteria.

Improves brain health
Well, it can’t be said to be the ultimate limitless pill but green tea has shown great cognitive enhancement benefits.

Green tea will do more than keeping stimulated, it will also increase your cognitive limits. Caffeine is behind these effects. As you may already know, it is a powerful stimulant. The good thing with green tea is that it doesn’t have much caffeine in coffee. This protects it from caffeine side effects.

Caffeine inhibits a neurotransmitter known as Adenosine. This promotes more firing of neurons and raises the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. Green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine.

Prevents cancer
Cancer is encouraged by the presence of free radicals in the body. Over four types of cancer including cancer of the breasts have been shown to be reduced by green tea. Avoid using green tea with milk. It lowers the available levels of antioxidants.

Body detox
Green tea is a natural body detox. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it can flush out most of the free radicals circulating in the body.

Promotes cardiovascular health
Cardiovascular disorders count for a great number of deaths every year.

It is good to know that taking green tea daily can lower the risk of such disorders like heart attacks, clogged arteries and blood pressure. It also helps balance the levels of good and bad cholesterol. For athletic performers, green tea helps to get rid of fat accusations in the belly and hips.

Helps in diabetes management
Green tea extract has been shown to reduce the levels of available blood sugar. It also promotes more sensitivity to insulin and the drugs used for diabetes management.

Enhances longevity and memory
Dementia is a well-known condition that causes brain degradation. Others include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
Studies are trying to figure out the connection between progressive brain degradation and catechins available in green tea.
People who have the tendency of drinking green tea show less severity in memory loss and confusion in later stages of development.

Green tea pills dosage for different brands

  • 150 to 2000 milligrams of green tea pills has been recommended for cholesterol lowering
  • Use about 450 milligrams of nutrition green tea diet for blood pressure management

The reason as to why there is no specific dosage for taking green tea is because it is not a prescription drug and should not be used to treat medical conditions.

As much as there have been directions and claims on how it can manage conditions such as heart attacks and blood pressure, this can only be to some extent. Ensure that your doctor knows of any intention to use the supplement to treat such conditions.

For ointments and creams, specific application guidelines will be provided on the label. Follow the guidelines as provided.

Green tea for weight loss and low calories

Green tea for weight loss pros vary based on a couple of factors. It has however been established that taking as little as two and a half cups of green tea in a day can help you shed off some calories.

Some green tea types are more potent than others for weight loss. Matcha green tea, for example, has been advertised as one of the best sources of antioxidant.

It mostly depends on how the tea brands are prepared. You find that the incorrect boiling process, for example, can kill off the catechins. This would reduce the tea’s weight loss effects.

Green tea supplements side effects

Green tea has no health risks to most users when taken as a drink. Green tea extract has also not shown any notable side effects when applied as an ointment or when used as a mouthwash.

Some users have reported constipation and stomach upset. Green tea pills have been known to encourage liver problems but not common. You will find similar side effects even in lesser-known nootropics such as curcumin and picamilon supplement. It is therefore important to stick to the recommended dosage and seek further information when necessary.

Green tea supplements are not to be taken for long-term and in high concentrations. Withdrawal side effects can be encouraged. Such include irritability, muscle jitters, heartbeat irregularities, dizziness, apnea even convulsion.

Avoid more than 2 cups of green tea when pregnant. For children, a cup of less is enough. Too much caffeine during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth complications and defects.

Talk to your doctor if you have any condition connected to the liver, heart, and blood pressure. This also includes diabetes. Also, lots of caffeine has been known to encourage urination. Urination, on the other hand, may get lots of calcium for your body. Avoid touch caffeine including green tea diet if you have weak bones or arthritis.

Where to buy green tea nutrition supplements

Green tea is widely available in many forms. You can purchase its pills, powder, tea bags, ointment supplements and all that.

Always make sure that it is the green tea that you are buying. What happens is that not all brands will be able to offer the real product with the needed concentrations.

You can take your time and go through their production process. However, the fact that a producer is reputable can act in the direction of earning your trust. Keep up to date with other products that might offer additional health benefits; the likes of L-Lysine supplements and racetams for better brain enhancement.

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