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What is mood disorder: definition, symptoms, causes and treatment.

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What is mood disorder: definition, symptoms, causes and treatment. Smart Pill Wiki 6

There are times when you may find yourself or your partner in a bad mood and start wondering what is wrong. This is a problem that can be temporally or sometimes be a condition that may require medical intervention. Such conditions are referred to as mood disorders which can be categorized into different classes. These are illnesses that affect the brain of a person causing serious change in mood distortion.

Types of mood disorders

The following is a list of some of the types of mood disorders that you will find people suffering from:

  • Bipolar disorder is one of the problems that can be categorized under this class. This is manic or depression that mostly causes extreme sadness otherwise known as depression and other times over-excitement which is also called mania. It is caused by highs and lows in mood energy and this doesn’t mean that a person is highly emotional.
  • Another condition is a cyclothymic disorder which is almost similar to but not severe like bipolar disorder. The emotional ups and downs are not that extreme.
  • Major depression disorder is a condition where a person is subjected to a prolonged period of sadness.
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder – this is a chronic condition that is mostly seen in children where they persistently show irritability that is inconsistent with the child development age.
  • Seasonal affective disorder – this is a climate-related problem where people living in both north and southern latitudes can suffer. The few hours of daylight in these area causes inhabitant of this country to suffer from depression but it’s not as bad as major depression.
  • Medication depression, this is where you will find people suffering from depression as a result of using certain drugs that causes this problem as its side effect.
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a problem that affects women, especially during their menstrual cycle period. It, however, disappear once the periods are gone.

If you ever hear someone asking what mood disorder is then you can know what you can answer such a question. If you happen to have this problem then you should not be worried since there are treatments that you can use to get rid of this problem for good. However, before you go ahead to seek for any treatment, you must be sure that you are suffering from this problem and then you can go ahead to seek for proper medications that can make you get well.

What causes mood disorders?

There are times when you can start asking yourself what causes mood disorders so that you can try to avoid getting this problem. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of this health issue that you may need to know. Even though there is no exact answer that has been given by researchers in this field, there are some of the things that create an environment for a person to suffer from this problem. A combination of some of these factors can lead to falling sick of this problem and they include:

  • One of the things that can cause this problem is isolation. A person who is not interacting with other people can develop this problem due to being lonely.
  • You can also get this sickness due to genetic factors. Sometimes, this problem can be passed from parents to children and therefore a cause of this problem.
  • There are instances where you can suffer from this problem if you are sick or you are undergoing a medical treatment of some kind. Women who have given birth can easily get this problem. Also, people undergoing cancer treatment can easily be diagnosed with this problem due to the nature of treatment that they undergo.
  • There are certain medications that can also have a side effect of causing this problem.
  • People who have chronic stress can also find themselves with this problem especially if there is no treatment which is administered on time.
  • It is easy to get sick of this illness if you have a poor way of dealing with problems that you encounter. You should learn how to deal with a problem in a manner that can help you to be stronger to go through any issue that you may face.
  • Lastly, you can get this problem when you have a brain problem. When the brain is unable to process emotions as required then you are likely to experience this mood disorders.

Mood disorder symptoms that will help you to seek proper medications

There are several things that you should look for when you want to know if you or someone has this problem. Here are mood disorder symptoms if you see then you can consult your doctor immediately. You can also start taking home remedies such as Gotu kola which can help the brain to get the necessary nutrients required to support your brain.

  • You will notice poor appetite and in some people excessive eating
  • You will also find people with this problem having low self-esteem
  • You will notice a person with this problem being absent-minded and with low concentration
  • A person suffering from mood disorder will also be fatigued
  • There is a hopelessness feeling on a patient with this disorder
  • There are people who have a problem with getting sleep during the night and you will find yourself sleeping during the day
  • There is also a likelihood of a person with this condition to feel guilty about whatever they do
  • There is also a chance to find a person suffering from this problem with suicidal thoughts or frequently wishing to die, this is a case which requires treatment as soon as possible
  • A person with this problem will also be very sensitive to any form of rejection

Those are symptoms that you can see in a person who has mood swings problem. It’s important that you should get proper treatment soonest since this can become worse if not properly checked. There are various ways that you can deal with this problem once you are diagnosed with this health problem.

Here are the major mood disorder treatments that you can find

Once you have seen any of the symptoms above and you are convinced that you can be suffering from any of the mood swings problems. Then it is important that you seek professional help for treatment. For a doctor to give you the necessary treatment, you will be required to see a psychiatrist who will then go ahead to examine you through a psychiatric evaluation. Once it is confirmed that you are actually suffering from any of the above problems then you will be treated with necessary medication. Here is the main mood disorder treatment that you will find:

  • The first and common way to deal with this problem is through the use of an antidepressant. They are common and are used together with other forms of treatment to help achieve quick recovery of a patient. Example of these drugs includes lisdexamfetamine, sulbutiamine, centrophenoxine and Adderall.
  • Another treatment which is available for this problem is psychotherapy. This is a treatment where the doctor will try to change a person distorted view of oneself and the environment causing this problem. The main aim of this treatment is identifying stressors in your environment and how to avoid them.
  • You can also treat this problem through therapy such as family therapy where your family shows a lot of support to you when you are undergoing this problem. This is a great way of dealing with this problem.
  • Another complex treatment for this problem is electroconvulsive therapy
  • There is also transcranial stimulation which is also used when dealing with this problem.

Ways to prevent mood disorder problems using organic methods

When you take care of your lifestyle then you will avoid making a visit to a health facility due to sickness. If you eat properly and take organic supplements then you can avoid getting some of the condition described above. There are many supplements that you can either buy in your area such as nootropics supplements which are available in different brands and are suitable for supplying your brain with the necessary nutrients required for its functionality.

There are other supplements that you can grow in your homestead and use it to make your brain healthy. They include Rhodiola rosea and Gotu kola to mention a few and these supplements have been used for many years by people even before the introduction of pills. It is also important to make sure that you have physical exercises that will help in blood circulation in the body. This is important as it helps to keep your brain fully supplied with necessary nutrient and oxygen while toxic substances are also carried away for excretion.

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