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What is Ritalin, What does it do, High & Generic pills, Dosage, Side effects.

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What is Ritalin, What does it do, High & Generic pills, Dosage, Side effects. Smart Pill Wiki 8

There are many children who are diagnosed with ADHD disease which is a condition which affects their brain. This is a condition caused by various factors which can lead to various problems which include abuse of drugs. Many people don’t care about their health and start engaging in abuse of drugs without thinking what will be the consequences of what they will have to deal with. Whether its alcohol or other forms of drug they affect how your brain works and you can be sure that you will have a lot of memory issues sooner or later.

Children can get this disease from what their parents especially their mother engage into. For instance, a mother who is an alcoholic and at the same time they know that they are breastfeeding can pass this alcohol toxin to the baby through their milk. Such babies can get affected by this alcohol or even smoking that the mother engages into. When you are diagnosed with this problem, there are various drugs that you can be offered as the prescription which includes Ritalin. Therefore, you should not wonder and start asking what is Ritalin if you find that your child or even you can be given a prescription.

What are some of the characteristics of Ritalin high

When you are using Ritalin high, there is no doubt that you are going to improve the cognitive of your brain as it is used to help in memory enhancement. When you are using this drug, you will start being attentive to what you are doing and this is very important when it comes to doing your best in whatever you want to do. Just like Concerta or Adderall XR, this drug will help your brain to focus on whatever you are doing and therefore improve our ability to achieve whatever you want to accomplish. The drug will also help your mind to be alert and therefore, you will not need to be worried that some activities happened without you noticing.

Who can take a Ritalin Dosage?

  • Students who have recorded poor performance in their grades may go for a prescription so that they can take this drug which will help their brain to be clear and not foggy. This drug will help them to remember things easily especially those who have a problem in remembering things that they have learnt in the school.
  • Workers when you realize that your performance in work is low and you have a lower productivity then you will realize that by taking a Ritalin dosage, it will help you start seeing improvements in what you want to do.
  • For those who would like to have a good memory then this is a good drug that can help to improve one’s memory and you will never have to live with thinking of how you can remain without forgetting things so easily.

It is important to know exactly what Ritalin does and this is only through a visit to a doctor who will carry out some tests to know whether this is the right stimulant drug that you should use. In case you don’t qualify to use this drug then the doctor will have to prescribe alternative to Ritalin which can be any brain booster pills. There are several conditions that can prevent you from using this drug and it is very important that you don’t try to take this drug when you know very well that you are suffering from any of such conditions as it can lead to further complications rather than treatment that you were seeking for.

Here are some of the conditions that will make you not to use 30 mg Ritalin

  • When you have any heart problem then you should not use this drug since it can lead to complex heart problem that can even lead to death.
  • People who have had a problem with sudden death in their family should stay away from this drug. The reason is you never know whether you have the genes of this problem in you and by using this 30 mg Ritalin you can have this sudden death.
  • People with blood pressure are not supposed to use this drug as it can react to this situation and therefore leading to a deadly situation.
  • You should also not be under treatment with certain drugs which can react when mixed with Ritalin 20 mg.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Antidepressants.
  • People who are suffering from anxiety should also not be using this medication as it can lead to complications during treatment.
  • You should not also try this medication if you know you have depression or mental illness since this drug can worsen the situation and you should first get treated for these problems before you can go ahead to take this medication.
  • People with blood circulation problem should also not use this drug since it can make things worse than they are currently.
  • Never try to take alcohol while under treatment with Ritalin 10 mg since this will not work and instead it will react with this.

What are the ways that you can take Ritalin Medicine?

There are various ways that you can take this drug if you want to treat any brain problem that can cause brain fog and therefore makes you have some cognitive problem. The drug will actually come in three main forms which include pills. You can just walk into any chemist and ask for this drug and pills are the most common form of the drug. They are taken orally and it is only taken with a glass of water and the pills come with a certain dosage that you are required to take, for instance, if you have been prescribed a dosage of 30 mg then you will get pills which will be equivalent to that and take it every morning.

However, for starters, they are not supposed to take a huge dosage until when they can be sure that the low dosage is not working. For instance, you will start with a 5 mg dosage whenever you visit a doctor. After a week then the doctor will conduct some test to see whether there are meaningful changes. If there are no changes then you can start another higher dosage for another week and this will continue until when you have fully recovered from this problem.

Another form that this drug can be taken is through snorting and this is for the powdered form Ritalin. When you don’t want to add it to water and drink it then the other way of taking it is through the nostril by snorting. This is one of the most effective way that you can also take your dosage and get a good result after the end of this treatment.

What are some of the side effects of Ritalin Drugs?

When you have started the medication of this drug then you should know that there are certain side effects that you will start seeing. Some of these effects will be mild while others will be severe and therefore, it’s good to know what to expect after using this drug. One thing that you should, however, be prepared for is to visit a doctor if the effects get out of hand and in such a case then you should stop taking these drugs at once. Below are some of the side effects to expect:

  • One of the effects of this drug is stomach pain, this will slowly disappear as your body starts getting used to the drug.
  • Another effect is vomiting which can be experienced in few first days of using this drug.
  • Generic Ritalin can also result in loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss is another effect of this drug.
  • Seizures is one of the severe side effects of Ritalin that you should expect. If you experience this then you should stop taking this and consult a doctor for an alternative drug such as Strattera.
  • Some men will also have a penis erection that will last for more than four hours and it’s a side effect that should make you stop using this drug immediately.
  • You can also start experiencing muscle pains and tenderness and in case if it persists then you should stop using this medicine at once.
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