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What is White Tea – Benefits, Caffeine, Extracts

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What is White Tea - Benefits, Caffeine, Extracts

White tea (Yinzhen), like other varieties, share a common source, the Tea plant (Camillias sinensis). White tea is the buds and the top sheets of the tea bush, dried in the sun. This serves as the source of all the varieties of tea, odds which can be apparently seen in their color is mainly because of the sole processes of concoction. Once this tea was non-typical, as it was grown only in Fujian province. Until the end of the 19th century, it was made from simple tea leaves. And after they brought out a separate tea tree, cultivated exclusively for white tea.

What is white tea?

It is made from white color hairs on the unopened buds of tea plants, unlike other multiplicities, its processing is minimal. The immature leaves are plucked, dried with air, sun or mechanically.

White tea and some of its foredeals

It is almost impossible to state all the white tea pluses. It is precious in the management and preclusion of various diseases.

Dating as far back as Ming dynasty in China, white tea was being used for sundry purposes because of its medicinal concoction. They are Flavonoids, tannins, polyphenol and a high composition of various antioxidants. But how much caffeine in white tea? As against the common tenet, white tea contains a sundry concentration of white tea caffeine content, depending on the method of cultivation and the region of the crop.

Flavonoids functions to conserve normal blood pressure, this helps prevent cardiovascular maladies. It helps outpace magnification in blood pressure and hence return blood pressure to normal. Flavonoid is as well a known potent anti-mutagen. It handicaps the objectionable proliferation of cells.

White tea has a lower level of tannin as compared to black and green tea. Tannin is a substantial polyphenol that functions majorly as an astringent. That is agents that summon vessel retraction most especially in the control of bleeding. As we age, the concentration of free radicals, hazardous reactive radicals, an increase in our body. These radicals are deposited from the activity of the electron transport chain, the mechanism by which ATP is produced in the mitochondria. Increase in concentration of these radicals predisposes us to danger and early death.

White tea benefits

White tea benefits So, what is white tea good for?

1. Enhance lipolysis and deflect lipogenesis. By stimulating hormones which aid fat breakdown and inhibit the hormones that aids generation of fats.

2. Prevention of cancer. With its antimutagen and chemopreventive activity, it can preclude or manage cancer. It has successfully been used in combatting stomach and prostate cancers.

3. Fortify of bone and teeth. Due to the existence of fluoride and some agents that obstruct osteoporosis, white tea maintains healthy teeth, combat against gum exsanguination and bone weakening.

4. Debarment of diabetes: Epicatechin, which is an important constituent has an insulin-like activity by which it aids intake of glucose to cells and as well aid transmutation of surplus glucose to glucagon for storage. Type II diabetes, which is summoned by the lack of susceptibility of the cells to insulin causing glucose to amass in the blood, is well prevented and managed by intake of white tea.

5. Anti-aging properties. It precludes osteoporosis, aids eradication of free radicals, protects against Alzheimer and Parkinson disease and prevents skin wrinkles.

As you see, white tea health benefits are really worth trying it. And in the opposition green tea vs white tea, the last one is leading lately.

White tea and other varieties

White tea and other varietiesAs mentioned earlier, there are other multeity of tea. Major differences in these grades of tea exist in their color, flavor, the method of preparation and as well, price. The specific color of black tea is an aftermath of the complex zymosis processes. Whereas, green tea does not require ferment at all but instead, dried. This tea as you might foresee is not white but yellow.

White tea vs green tea: These two differ in their appearances but beyond that, white tea requires a less complex form of processing, as a result, withholding more concentration of antioxidant than green tea, white tea, therefore, is a more mighty anti-aging and anti-cancer tea.

White vs black tea: While black tea might have a comparatively lower amount of flavonoid than other varieties, it comprises more caffeine and is more effective for white tea weight loss.White vs oolong tea: it is not as operated as black but requires more proceeding than green. It also contains more caffeine than green but less in comparison to black tea. For this reason, oolong is carefully used when a temperate level of caffeine is required.

Does white tea have caffeine? It really does

The significative notion about the quantity of caffeine in white tea varying with regions where the plant is cultivated. So, if one wonders, is white tea caffeine free? White tea is not caffeine-free but has about 5mg to 10mg of caffeine in a cup.

Some important white tea extracts

Some important white tea extractsPrecise research has been made on white tea from which each of its constituents is discerned and studied. Veritable knowledge of these constituents has enhanced the use of each of them for specific purposes. Each of them is extracted from white tea and use specifically:

– Theanine: This is an important amino acid present in tea, it is used by patients with an anxiety problem, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s disease

– Gallic acid: It has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties; it functions as an anti-oxidant which protect the cell from oxidative damage.

– Epicatechin: It is an anti-oxidant and it has an insulin mimic activity. It helps reduce blood sugar level hence very important for the diabetic patient.

– Caffeine: This is an important central nervous system stimulant, aids alertness and prevent the onset of tiredness.

Organic white tea

For easy accessibility, the tea is being packaged by different companies with a diversity of fruit additives and flavors. Below is a list of the best white teas available in most parts of the world:

  • Tribute eyebrowo
  • White Peonyo
  • Silver needle

So, is white tea good for you? Undoubtedly, the health benefits of white tea have such medicinal significance that there might not need to take medications with apparent side effects. It proffers a natural cure for diseases with little or no adverse effect on the body systems.

You can purchase the various organic white tea on specialized sites or from Amazon. They offer free shipping so they seem to be the better option if you would like to economize some money.

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