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White Tea Benefits – What Is It and Where to Buy the Best Weight Loss Organic Brand.

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White Tea Benefits – What Is It and Where to Buy the Best Weight Loss Organic Brand. Smart Pill Wiki 1

White tea is perhaps the second best tea after green tea. The fact that it is produced in lower volumes compared to other tea brands should not discourage you. It is not the typical limitless pill you might be looking for but can also enhance cognition in some ways.

White tea benefits range from cancer prevention to cardiovascular health even anti-aging benefits. By the end of this article, you will be surprised to learn many health benefits that can be contained in a single beverage.

White tea benefits; the best tea today:

Acts as an antioxidant
Free radicals in the body damage body organs and encourage cancer. White tea has compounds known as polyphenols. They help neutralize these free radicals, rendering them impotent. Reports suggest that white tea increases antioxidant effects of organs and plasma.

Helps in weight loss
With the current lifestyles, we are living today, adding unwanted weight is increasingly becoming a trend. But did you know that some white tea brands can help you shed off some pounds. This is especially when taken with the right meal plans and essential oils.

Promotes in longevity
Free radicals, again, contribute to accelerated aging. That brings all sorts of challenges. White tea with its antioxidant ability reduces the risk of premature aging. It also promotes a healthy skin. Use of this tea is recommended due to its anti-aging properties which repair damaged skin cells. It also protects the skin against UV light. L-Lysine products and vinpocetine supplements can also be effective in this case.

Prevents cancer
Who doesn’t shiver at the mention of this monstrous killer? Well, as it happens, the free radicals that encourage cancer can be neutralized by white tea, especially organic white tea.

Keeps your teeth healthy
White tea extract fights off the bacteria that cause teeth decay. It can be used in mouthwash or just in normal beverage, it doesn’t matter much. You can consider including a zinc supplement in your regime. The supplement can also promote oral health.

Helps in diabetes patients
White tea has been shown to ease the symptoms of diabetes including excessive thirst and low blood sugar. This is only a short-term management plan and should not replace diabetes medics.

Promotes cardiovascular health
White tea is rich in compounds known as flavonoids. These are the compounds that promote heart health. They can also be sourced from vegetables but are more concentrated in white tea extract.

White tea extract brands dosage and side effects

For ointments and creams, specific guidelines to follow will be provided in the manufacturer’s label. Ensure you look for them.

Just like any other OTC product like boron supplement, there is no official correct dosage for white tea. However, you are advised to take 2 or 3 cups of white tea per day. It will be for the better if you have brewed the tea yourself.

The known side effects of white tea revolve around the caffeine side effects you might be familiar with. The good thing is that the caffeine in white tea is greatly reduced. This means that the side effects such as headaches, jitters and dizziness will be greatly avoided.

Using white tea brands for weight loss

It is best that you buy and brew the tea on your own. This guarantees that you get all the nutrients in their initial state. Tea bags undergo processing and may lack some healthy nutrients present in organic white tea.

Brewing white tea is not that much different from other teas. Use clean water in brewing the tea. It should be hot enough though not to the extent of boiling. Boiling kills some of the essential chemicals needed to keep the tea potent. More steeping will mean more of the flavor.

2-4 cups of white tea have loads of health benefits as compared to a single cup. You can still use similar tea leaves more than once, as long as the flavor and concentration is to your liking. This is cost-effective and will ensure that you have benefited from all the healthy compounds contained in the leaves. However, ensure that you dedicate some more time to sequential brewing.

Different brands of white tea are there in the market. Try most of them to spice up your white tea weight loss experience.

Which are the best white tea extract brands?

Most of the available brands of white tea will do just fine. This is especially when you have purchased an organic brand.

You can try a different brand to see which one works the best for you. You find that some manufacturers have included different flavors to make their brands of a better experience.

There is about 28 mg of caffeine in a cup of white tea. In comparison, coffee contains almost 100 mg of caffeine in a cup. In simple terms, white tea is an energy booster, but not addicting and without withdrawal symptoms.

Where to buy organic white tea?

You can buy white tea extract in a grocery store or natural health stores. Tea is taken in large quantities around the globe, so finding it won’t be a major issue. Although white tea sees less production than other varieties, it is still widely available. You can buy it in stores like Walmart.

You can also buy organic white tea from an herbalist, a farmer or any other available source. Just make sure that you are being sold the correct product. It would be heartbreaking to buy a product without any of the amazing white tea benefits.

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